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K-9 ONE Search & Rescue of Michigan, USA
Animal Intelligence: Having Fun with Tools
The Amazing Animal Whisperer: Kim Malonie-Animal Telepathic Communicator
An Accomplished Vegan Veterinarian – Dr. Armaiti May
Shining World Compassion Award: Ms. Ruth Loughney-Mook – Strong with a Heart of Gold
"Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows" - An Interview with Dr. Melanie Joy
The Journey of a Costa Rican Farmer: From Dairy to Organic Vegetable Farming (In Spanish)
Nurturing Life-Saving Guardians: Los Angeles Search Dogs
Canine Devotion and Dedication: The ONCE Guide Dog Foundation
The Shining World Compassion Award: Savior of Seals - Francois Hugo, Founder of Seal Alert South Africa
The Friendly Tree-dwellers -Orangutans at the Nature Reserve in Sabah, Malaysia
Christiane Becker: Insights of a German Telepathic Animal Communicator
The Pig Farmer: An Excerpt from "The Food Revolution" by Best-selling Author and Vegan John Robbins
Towards a Greener Costa Rica: From Dairy to Organic Vegetable Farm (In Spanish)
Shining World Compassion Award: Brisbane Carers Group - Rescuers of Australian Wildlife
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