Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Environment: Save Our Planet: Eliminate the Production of Meat – P4/6 Compilation of Supreme Master Ching Hai's lectures    
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“Just leave the meat alone and we have everything else.” Even oil is fine. Even oil, if we have it we can use it until we have something better for our planet. But if we stop the animal raising, stop animal products, then we cut a big percentage, 80% of pollution to our planet, and stop 80% of global warming. So, we can continue to have oil and cars. I know people will be surprised hearing me saying this but, no, it is true like that.

Because we have not invented enough instruments for transportation and other uses, so we may continue to use the oil if we have it. Of course, all the better if we don’t use, but at the moment we must use it. And if we just leave all the meat, animal production alone, then we can use anything. And Mexico can make use of this advantage of oil to elevate the standard of living of the people. So, what I say is, “Stop the meat production,” which will bring great benefit to the environment of your country.

Since Mexico is also involved in the livestock industry there is also sustainable resource development as an alternative to oil as well, if we have it quick enough. You see, your country already has begun this with a large wind energy project near the city of La Ventosa, which I understand means “the windy”. Sustainable energy, in general, is also showing itself to be very profitable and job producing to people. So, there can be both economic and environmental benefit from developing sustainable energy, and the Earth will be protected. But the animal industry is the number one enemy of our survival.

We could change in order to help solve the climate problem. Just leave one piece of meat and we have everything else as it is right now, and more later on, as the forest will regain its strength and grow back to the lushness situation again and then attract more rain and protect the soil and cool the planet. As I’ve said already, CO2 will linger too long, up to 10,000 years in the atmosphere, but methane dissipates quickly. And the most factor that contributes to our global warming right now is methane, and methane comes from livestock raising. Do you see my logic? (Yes.) Yes, okay? Good.

So if we cut methane, the planet cools down quick. If we cut the CO2 and still keep the methane, then it doesn’t help much. Besides, we cannot cut CO2 that quick, because we don’t have other technological inventions right now to replace the one that we have. How many electric cars do you see running on your United States streets yet? How many? Maybe one, two, three. How much CO2 does that cut? Not much. But the methane pollution came from livestock raising, so if we stop that, no more heating! No more heating of the planet.

Because if we stop livestock raising, that means stop also forest clearance – it’s because most of the forest clearance is for planting stuff for animals. So, we water the plant from the root is the best. If we cut the meat diet, everything else cut: no more transportation for meat, no more deep freeze for meat, no more manure runoff into our rivers and contaminate our rivers – and because of that, we have to use more chemicals to clean it,

so we just give more and more chemical into our bodies. And then, if no more meat, then no more forest clearing. Then we don’t even need to plant trees that much; the forest will recover itself as we have seen in some areas. Just leave it alone: nature will take care, truly. All we do is just work with nature and nature will take care of everything. God doesn’t put us on this planet to die;

God provides everything already. It’s just we overspend, we do not heed the advice of the Bible. In the Bible, God says, “I made all the herbs in the field, plants that bear fruit. That shall be your food. I made also the plants for the animals; that shall be their food.” God never said, “I made animals for you to eat.” It’s so clear. I wonder why nobody saw it. God even says, “Do not kill all the she-goats and the he-bullocks to make offerings to me because your hands are full of innocent blood. Repent yourself. Do not kill any more innocent lives; otherwise if you pray, I’ll turn my head away from you.” No? Are there such things in the Bible?

Yes, it’s in the Bible. Reverend, tell me. I’m not making it up. I think it was Isaiah. Absolutely, you’ve quoted it absolutely. The Rabbi just told us it’s Isaiah. He knows it by heart. But I know it’s there because I read it when I was young. I was a kid, I read the Bible, I slept with it. I don’t probably remember as much as the Reverend there does, but I do know. I do know that God does not tell us to eat meat. Hes says, “Meat for the belly, belly for the meat, God shall destroy both meat and them.” “Do not be among meat eaters and alcohol drinkers.” Not to be among them even, not to talk about being one ourselves.

So, in all kinds of directions – religious, scientific, and health - meat is a no-no. So, from now on, we have to realize that. And please tell everybody else. I know you know it already. Please, just don’t be just a vegetarian. Be a heroic vegetarian! Be out there, tell people. Do something. I need your help. Thank you. The only way to avoid the “point of no return” climate catastrophe is to take action on the most climatically disastrous course of all – that is, meat production. By now we have all the evidence, all the information to safely say so. The livestock industry is the top greenhouse gas generator. The last published findings from the United Nations in 2006 told us that the livestock industry causes greenhouse gas emissions more than all the world’s transportation sectors combined - aeroplanes, trains, cars, motorcycles, etc., altogether. Updated calculations tell us that the livestock industry is responsible for at least 50% of the global warming. There are three reasons why the livestock industry is the first cause of global warming that we should focus on. First, livestock is the primary human-caused emitter of methane, and methane not only has 72 times the heat-trapping ability, it is a shorter-lived gas. This means that it will leave the atmosphere much faster than CO2, within just a decade as opposed to thousands of years for CO2. Therefore, eliminating methane by eliminating livestock breeding is the fastest way to cool the planet. Yes, we have to tackle the most important of emitters. Next, the pollutant known as aerosols, you already know, or particles released along with CO2 from burning fossil fuels, actually have a cooling effect. Some scientists say it is roughly canceling out the warming effect of CO2. Therefore, much of the warming we are seeing may actually be due to methane. In fact, it is due to methane, and its number one source, that is animal raising. Third, NASA scientists are paying increasing attention to another very serious source of global warming - that is black carbon. I’m sure you know that. This is the particulate matter known as soot, S-O-O-T, and it is 680 times more heat-trapping than CO2. Black carbon is landing on the ice in Antarctica, absorbing the sun’s heat and accelerating the ice melt. The majority of the black carbon particles in Antarctica are coming from where? South American rainforests that are burned for the livestock industry. Now we’re going somewhere! We must urgently address methane and black carbon – both outcomes of the meat industry. Immediately we have to tackle it. I pray all wise leaders will halt the lethal meat practice, which is the main force driving us to the point of no return right now. Otherwise, all other efforts to de-carbonize our economies may be cancelled out, or never have a chance to materialize in the first place. Is this latest news about NASA’s discovery of methane related to the Mars people living underground? Could be, could be Because they have to pump their toxic gases from their activities from underground to the surface of Mars so that they can detox and purify the air that they breathe. Thank you, Master. Next question: Since how long have Martians been living underground? Since after the mass destruction on Mars, they have begun to live underground, ever since then. I see. Thank you. And the Martians currently living underground, are they aware of what had happened in their planet’s history? They have been told. They passed on the knowledge of what happened of their planet to their children and grandchildren, even though it’s 40 million years ago. They retain the history of what happened so that the descendants know how to take care of what they have and not to be careless, and not to be so destructive anymore but more virtuous and spiritual. They must live like that. Yes. And Master, during the destruction of the planet, how did they die? Oh, terrible. Let me check. The mass extinction came, they died – not only human beings on there, but the animals also – they died by two main poisonous gases, namely hydrogen sulfide and nitrous oxide, plus methane as the third course. But hydrogen sulfide and methane from the livestock begun to warm the climate and then triggered more other gases from the ocean, from permafrost and glaciers around their planet. Just like what is happening to our planet right now. Let me see if anything else I need to… Okay, I check, okay? One moment. I’m checking… if anything else. They died an agonizing death. Not like quick death, but slow. It took man and animals around four days to die a very painful and suffocating slow death. As the destruction happened too fast, no one could help anyone. Ninety percent of the population, including the animals, they died and then some time later, another 5% also died. And then a while later, 3.8% also died. Only 0.2% of them escaped, around 2 million, into the underground caves and then they dug deeper, longer, and they lived next to the underground river, and that’s how they survived.
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