Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Environment: The Only Way to a Sustainable Planet: Be Vegan - P5/5 Compilation of Supreme Master Ching Hai's lectures    
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Refrain from killing each other and animals for any reason – for food, for profit, for gain, for anything at all. Refrain from killing. Produce and use sustainable energy, plant trees. We can have everything, we just do that. Yes. Not like we have to do big deal stuff. No, very simple. The sun is there for us to use forever, the wind is there forever, the waves in the ocean we can use forever. It will never be finished.

Compared to other energy that maybe you’ll have today, you don’t have tomorrow and maybe you’ll even have to make war to take it. The sun, you don’t have to. Nobody can possess the sun. Nobody can stop you from using it. So, very simple: vegetarian, sustainable energy, plant trees and, of course, we pray so that we be strong and Heaven will help us to choose the right way. That’s all, four solutions, very easy, everybody can do it.

If we want a peaceful life, a long life or whatever, healthy life, we must let live, must not eat the animals, must eat vegetarian. That’s it. The more vegetarian the better. Vegan is even better, organic vegan is even better because vegetables have less impact on the environment even, less pollution for the environment. Well, we have collected many of these information and put it on the Supreme Master Television for you to compare and know right away. Everything is logical.

Everything is scientifically proven, materially proven. It’s not like I ask you to believe something I said but, “Oh okay, you believe it or not, it’s up to you.” Oh no. We have proof. So now, we have to combine the spiritual aspect and the hard physical fact, then everybody will understand. But I just hope they act on it. I mean, not just understand but have to do action. If the world turns to vegetarian, we are saved, immediately – there is no problem at all. Just be vegetarian, truly, then the world will be saved.

There will be no more disaster, no disease – or very minimum, almost nothing. If everybody becomes vegetarian – vegan is even better – then no more disease, no more disaster, no more trouble at all. Everybody lives healthily and then, in turn, happily. When you’re healthy, you’re happy, and marriage also improves, everything improves, and then the mind improves and then we can invent many things that we could never imagine we could invent. You see, when we heard a lot about UFO and other extra-terrestrials where they’re intelligent and they make a lot of inventions and all that – that we cannot know. We just turn into vegan, clean our mind, purifying our being, then we can invent something like that or even better.

Right now people are eating too much meat and drinking too much alcohol and taking too much drugs and cigarettes and they clouded their intelligence. So, even if they want to use the whole brain capacity, it’s already difficult, not to talk about any other highly inventive method and/or apparatus. Because we don’t use the brain even, not to talk about spiritual, nothing yet. Don’t use enough brain. There’s a whole treasure of capacity within us. Even with the brain, we can use it more, but too busy eating, drinking, clouding the mind and making the body sick, cannot even think well – drinking the alcohol to even shrink the brain further.

Already don’t use a lot of it and shrink more the brain. Can you imagine? What kind of logic is this? I mean, any intelligent person would stop it. Right? Just like you’re burning your money in the bank. Like, you have money, you put it in a safe box. Not only you don’t take out to use it to benefit your body, make your life more comfortable and benefit your family, you burden it every day more! This is the life that many people live and they think that it’s okay with it. How okay? How can it be okay?

So, you are lucky people. You are smart. Yes, you’re smart enough. At least you don’t destroy yourself any further. And the body has a capacity of repairing itself. If you leave it alone, the body repairs, see? That’s why some people, after initiation and don’t eat meat anymore, their body repairs – even cancer disappears, heart disease stops, and lung disease, many things just stop because the body can repair. It’s just if you keep beating it up, how can it repair? Even the tree can repair itself, the little plant repairs itself – you saw it.

You plant a little peppermint, very small peppermint and then when he grows, you pluck a few leaves. Tomorrow he grows three, four more leaves. You see? Just a plant, so small like that and knows how to repair, how much more would our intelligent body, equipped with sophisticated system, repair itself? The Earth also can repair herself if we let her rest. If we just take what we need and not because of greed, then the Earth will be okay.

That’s why I’m telling you, if people are vegetarian and do not abuse the Earth anymore… because raising animals is abusive to the Earth. The Earth cannot supply enough. We take more than she can give and repair. We just keep digging into it and sooner or later, it’s depleted. So, it is logical that if you use a vegetarian or vegan diet, this is more sustainable for the Earth. I don’t even talk about the spiritual aspect. It’s just logic. So, if we stop all this killing of animals, and raising animals stops, then we will have no disaster, and that is for sure; and that is very normal and very logical. So, I hope people truly understand this and practice it, and then we’ll be saved, your children will be saved, their children will be saved, their great grand children will continue to live an even better life than what we have right now or what our great grandfather had.

Because the Earth will be better and their life will be better because they will have the beneficial diet, they will have the healthy diet and they become more healthy and then more intelligent and more happy than what we have been through or what we have been doing and what we have been experiencing. Our children will be better, will have a better Earth, better life, more intelligent than we are. If the whole Earthling population turns to the vegetarian diet, then the animals will also turn to the vegetarian diet. Mark my words.
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