“The Marvelous Daur” - Daur Wulanmuqi Troupe from Inner Mongolia P1/2 (In Inner Mongolian)    
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Today’s Enlightening Entertainment will be presented in Mongolian and Chinese, with subtitles in Arabic, Aulacese (Vietnamese), Chinese, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Mongolian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Thai.

Swing my baby Dedu, my baby In the cradle made of willow Dedu, my baby Sleep tight Dedu, my baby The moon smiles because of you Dedu, my baby

Greetings beautiful viewers, and welcome to Enlightening Entertainment. Wulanmuqi, meaning “red cultural working team” in Mongolian, refers to a traveling folk performance troupe who performs in grassland areas. Multi-talented, each of Wulanmuqi’s team members can sing, dance, and play musical instruments. They not only give brilliant performances on stage, but also do labor work helping out on farms.

Today, we are delighted to present part 1 of our 2-part program featuring the highly-acclaimed Daur Wulanmuqi Troupe and their beautiful dancing and singing performances.

Sleep tight Dedu, my baby The sun smiles because of you Dedu, my baby

The sun smiles because of you Baby, baby, baby Baby, baby

The Daur people are one of the three minority groups in Inner Mongolia, China. They reside to the south of the Greater Khingan Range, where lush mountains touch flowing rivers. On this beautiful land, they live together with various ethnic groups in harmony and peace. Besides their qualities of bravery, diligence, and endurance, the Daurs are best known for their musical and dancing talents.

There are about 56 ethnic groups in China. Daur is one of them. In Inner Mongolia, there are three other minority groups. Apart from Mongolian, there are three minority groups residing in Mongolia, which are the Daur, the Ewenki, and the Oroqen.

Where do the Daur people live? We live at the south of the Greater Khingan Range. The region is beautiful; there are many mountains and rivers. The most famous ones are the Morin Dawa Mountain and Nawen River. The whole Daur region is very, very beautiful. There are a lot of evergreen trees in the mountains. And in the fields, we plant a lot of soybeans. We are known as “the land of soybeans!”

Morin Dawa, the Daur region, is known as the land of the soybeans, the land of hockey, and the land of songs and dances. The Daur people are very good at singing, dancing,and story-telling. Our people have all these talents.

Today in Inner Mongolia, there are 46 Wulanmuqi Troupes that have sprung up from one small group since 1957. As one of the earliest Wulanmuqi Troupes, Daur Wulanmuqi Troupe is dedicated to promoting the Daur people’s culture and traditions through dancing and singing.

Our troupe is called Daur Wulanmuqi of Morin Dawa Autonomous Banner in Inner Mongolia. It was established in 1958. To this day, it’s been around for 52 years. Our troupe represents our ethnic culture.

Throughout the years, we have travelled to many places in China to perform, including Beijing, Hohhot - the capital city of Inner Mongolia, and other cities. We perform all-year-around. On average, our troupe gives about 200 shows each year in our local areas.

In June 2010, Daur Wulanmuqi Troupe was invited to Formosa (Taiwan) to perform the show, “The Marvelous Daur,” which consisted of a series of Daur people’s traditional songs and dances.

Halo, viewers around the world! We are very glad to come to this beautiful island of Formosa (Taiwan), to participate in this cultural exchange between the two sides of the strait. The show we brought here this time is called “The Marvelous Daur,” introducing the native culture of our Daur people.

As the Daur people have no written language, but only a spoken language, all our Daur dances and songs have been passed down verbally. We are the one and only Daur Dance Troupe in the whole country. That’s why we have the responsibility to introduce our ethnic group to more people. Through our songs, dances and costumes, we help people know more about us, the Daur people, so they will appreciate more.

Now, let us listen to a song titled “The Daur Girls,” performed by one of the singers of Daur Wulanmuqi Troupe. The song is sung both in Daur and Chinese.

The Daur girls are the most beautiful.

They use clouds to make clothes.

They wear red flowers in their hair.

Their sweet smiles melt your heart.

Their faces glow with youthful spirit.

Their long braids fly over the shoulders.

They dance the Lurigele Dance.

Mountains and waters all sing along.

The Daur girls are the most beautiful.

The Daur girls are the most beautiful.

The rain drizzles in the spring wind.

Falling on the ground and taking root.

Staying in your heart day and night.

The smart Daur,

The happy Daur

Sing the Zha’endalei Song.

You and me both sing along.

The Daur girls are the most beautiful.

In Hulunbuir City where the Daurs reside, the weather is cold even in May. However, before the Greater Khingan Range turns green, it is already the blossoming season of azalea flowers. Vibrant and red, azalea growing on snow-topped mountains is indeed the favorite flower of all the Daurs. Next, we will appreciate a dance called “The Red Azalea.”

It’s our hope that people will understand our ethnic group and appreciate our culture. The Daur people are very diligent and brave, and we are talented in singing and dancing. This evening’s programs include the Lurigele Dance. Our people like this dance very much and we dance after our harvest and farm work. We also have dances about things in nature, such as the flaming red azalea flower, also called Dazixiang in Manchu language. We have a dance about this flower.

Graceful viewers, we enjoyed your presence today. Join us again next Wednesday, January 19, on Enlightening Entertainment for the final part of our two-part program featuring performances by Daur Wulanmuqi Troupe. Coming up next is Words of Wisdom, after Noteworthy News, here on Supreme Master Television. May your days be filled with Divine love and light.
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