Interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai by El Quintanarroense Newspaper, P2/4 - Dec. 11, 2010 Cancun, Mexico    
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*Currently,what is the actual situation of the planet regarding global warming?

You can see  how many disastersmore frequent and more fierceeverywhere in the worldnot just in the poor countries.  Tens of islands are already under water,18at least,and others are sinking. Every hour,ten houses in Bangladesh,gone,to the rising water,for example. Yes.
Hundreds of thousands of people have to relocate because of rising water or because no water. Either the flood destroys all their houses and harvest so that they cannot live anymore and after that is drought,because no trees,nothing,to keep the water to distribute regularly and evenly,so all the water flushed it all down at one time and nothing keeps it; it's gone to the sea. And then the sea is warming because of methane and everything,and all the runoff chemicals,and then the sea warms more of the ice and the ice melts more and the sea keeps rising. So,people have to run either because of sinking island or rising sea level or flood or drought. It's all extreme.

Even Russia burned,the whole nation was in danger because everything was burning. They have to stop exporting their agricultural food. It burned it all and were worried not enough for people to eat,their own people. Export,they stop,all stop. Yes. And then that,of course,affects the other country who has no food from Russia to import. Recently Israel was burning. Wildfire,they'd never heard of such a thing - many disasters,and big earthquakes and big hurricanes and more often. I don't have all the information at hand,but I just tell you what I remember. It's too much to report to you. And Saudi Arabia,they have to drink seawater,but the seawater is full of oil leaks and other chemicals. Oil leaks,leaking oil. Oil. (*Of oil. Wow.) For example.

*And what repercussions does this have on people?Do they die?

Some,yes,or sick. Yes. It's not that only,but because the machine has to work harder to clean in the process of desalination,and the more they do that,the more toxicity they emit into the sea. They have chemicals also in the process,you understand?And then the more toxic and the more chemicals,etc.,into the seawater,the harder the machine has to work. And the harder they work,the more they emit substances,which is not good for health and not good for the sea. But many islands could not even afford a desalination system. It's very expensive,and they also don't have enough manpower to handle this technology. And the seawater just seeps into their island's land: they cannot cultivate anymore,they cannot plant anything.
Yes,and the African continent is just getting drier and drier. Millions of people move out of their country and become homeless. Not just one country,all continent. And your country,50% already are victims of desertification. More,more than that - this is just a conservative report. Yes,because mismanagement of the forest. Your president,your government,is reforesting,has a project of reforestation. But the main point is just not replanting the forest. Even if we plant the forest,it takes many years to grow into big and capable trees to absorb CO2and to conserve the water. Yes.  Everything's connected with each other.  

*Are there international entities where one can make known about the forest fires,the destroying of the forests?Where can you do that?Are there any entities for this?

You cannot just point finger at one or two organizations.  It's just all together because we are warming the climate by cutting the treesby raising the animals who do produce methane.  Yes,so the wildfire is easier to happen now. And  many dead ocean zonesmany zones as big as Texas are depleted of life - nothing there. Dead. They're called dead zones,』dead ocean,』because nothing in there. No fishnothing lives thereempty. All that because of animal and chemical runoffanimal waste.   The chemical runoff,because we don't cultivate organically. You see?So we kill the worms here to eat the fruit,but we also kill the fish down there,and we poison our streams and rivers because of chemicals that we spray on the farms produce. What did he say about...something vegetarian before?He wants to be a vegetarian because…

*That I already saw that it is very healthy.

*For sure!Everything in order to save ourselves.

*He said it's for real that he's becoming vegetarian because he know it's so healthy.

For real!Love you. Look at this - vegan. Vegan. Vegano. Look how tall he is. He's taller than you,healthy. He did not put makeup. No,it's real. Pinky cheeks.

*Yes,he looks fresh.

Yes,and he works very hard. Normally he works in swimming pools,building and maintaining swimming pools with his brother. Works very hard. Yes,earns honest money. We all do. That's what I tell my people,『We have to earn our own money,』yes?I also earn: I make jewelry to earn money,design clothes. Of course he has to 『Be Veg,Go Green,2Save The Planet.』So I also earn money. I don't take it from my disciples,not at all. If I sometimes need to borrow because I forget or something or don't have enough money to give to the children,I borrow,but I return every penny. Have to walk the talk.


See,so we're not just eating. Look at how much cookies they baked - all vegan. You can bring some home for your girlfriend or friend. I've prepared a bag,but,some more. Cookies are nice.

*I'm happy!

Champagne is good?Good?

*Very fresh.

See?No need alcohol. We have beer without alcohol; it tastes good,good,good. So we don't give up anything. Ah yes,this is vegan fish,yes?It's vegan couscous. Yes,everything here is vegan. Vegan ham... Whatever you eat there is vegan: vegan egg soup,vegan bread,vegan fruits,vegan cookies,cupcakes. Do you lack anything?You feel like you're suffering because no meat on the table?(No.) No. You see?

*No,nothing's lacking.


I have to confess that I eat a lot of meat.

*I have to confess to you I'm a really big meat eater.

I can see it on your face,you don't have to tell me.

*Sorry,I insist. I won't do it anymore. I promise.

I believe you.

*Starting today.

Yes. Go to Gopal and eat there and buy the food that they sell there,the ready-made,and come home and cook just like this. Yes,and we'll give you a book- simple,basic vegan cooking book.


And you log on to for more recipes,international - even Mexican food. It's in the book. Or write it for him or give him a card. We'll give you a card. I like that one.

*It's delicious.


*Fruits,thank you.

You want something more?Different?Okay.


Fruits?Yes,yes. I also like fruits. Encore. Soup?You want soup?A bit of soup.

*I will taste it in a minute. Yes,a bit of soup,sure.

You taste,taste. There is a bowl. The bowl is there.

*And you don't eat any meat?(No.)

* No?(No. Vegan,hundred percent.)

*Now you've made me feel bad.

*No,not at all. Not at all.

*No meat at all?Neither chicken nor fish?


He asked if you are vegan,right?
*Yes,he asked me if I'm vegan,if I eat meat,I said,『No,no,no. One hundred percent vegan,all.


*All of us are vegans.

*Wow,I feel strange.

Even my dogs are vegan,my birds are vegan.

*I feel a little bit strange.

It's okay. Yes,you think people don't exist like this. You can see my dogs on Supreme Master TV. They're very strong vegans,healthy. Love me so much,all vegan. If I give them meat they don't eat even. I mean,I don't give but sometimes go to doctor,check up,and he gives meat - don't eat. Yes,thank you. It's very good,I like that.

*The soup is very delicious.

Okay,I know,I know. I like it also,very much.

*Compared to meat,how long does it take for the body to process vegetables?

Meat can stay very long,it depends on what meat. Maybe stay maybe 10hours in your body. But this is very fast,a couple of hours. And this will give you more energy than meat,and less energy to digest. You gain many,many benefits. And healthy: prevent heart disease,prevent heart stroke,prevent cancer,all kinds of cancers,all kinds of heart diseases,all kinds of other sicknesses that I can't remember it all. You look on the,and we have it,all the things that you want,different blog for different topic,and it stays there forever.
You can look back at the three years before,four years before,all the information is still there,and every day we have more research for the audience to report what's good for them and what's not good for them,what is happening to our planet and what can we do to help. Everything,all is for humans,animals,and the planet. We don't take commercial money for it. All the commercials are also about vegetarian restaurants,vegetarian cafés,or vegetarian food supplies. It's all that,but it's all free. We do it free for them; we don't take anything. Yes. So it's also free for the public,information for the public. Some more soup?

*I'm fine,thank you.

We eat like the French today,many hours. In Mexico it's also the same,right?Eat and talk,right?The more eat,the more talk,the more talk,the more eat.

*In Mexico,a cup of coffee can last ten hours.

Can I invite you for a cup of coffee?Yes,give me the white. I like that white thing. I haven't eaten this for a long,long time. It's the extreme here,extreme. At home I just eat sometime just bread and apple,once a day,and here extreme. Yes,I profit from the situation because when I come home,lazy cooking. Just bread and something,yes,and when I travel alone,just bread,apple,and soya sauce,or not soya sauce,because it's easy to buy; they last for a long time.

*What immediate plans do you have?

No plan. Go home,meditate to recharge.

*Any conference?Any publication?

Maybe. First I have to refuel my 『bank,』spiritual bank. A lot of people worry about their money bank,I'm much more worried about my spiritual bank.

*Me too,I share the same idea.


*What kind of literature do you like?

Literature?I enjoy poetry,good novels,good scientific discovery book,discovery stuff,scientific invention stuff,and UFO stuff.


And spiritual books of course. I really like this.

*I'm glad you're enjoying,Master. It's nice to see you eating like this.

Yes,nice for me. No idea,you have no idea. The first time I've ever enjoyed it since I came here. Also,before they cooked a lot also but I did not enjoy much. Today I enjoy. Maybe because COP16is finished. So now cup of coffee,『COP coffee.』COP number one. I don't know,I really enjoy very much. I take him with me so I can enjoy food.


Normally,this time I don't enjoy food. Even if I eat,I don't enjoy it. I remember… but last night I also did not enjoy. You can ask my assistant,she brought it in and she brought it out. I just nipped a little bit and didn't taste much. We've been all day at the Moon Palace,all day until we came home about midnight,you know?and that was my first meal ever,first taste of drink ever. They did buy me some chips,but I did not eat,yes,and then nothing tastes... tastes nothing. And today,eat early,tastes so good.

*Well,I am honored that you are enjoying it.

Truly,you can see. I'm not saying that to please him. I have no reason. Good?Tasty,tasty.


Normally I don't even look at these things. Tastes so good. You like?

*Yes,I like it a lot.

I'm glad. Maybe he's hungry,that's why. Yes,running all day. Maybe today he is relaxed,because sometimes he runs. What newspaper?

*It's called the Quintanarroense.

*Today I'm going to write. Tomorrow it will be published,and it has statewide circulation and it has a website.

Big one.

*Yes,in the state of Quintana Roo.

*And there is the site on the internet.

Also Internet.

*Also Internet,yes,yes.


*Tomorrow you will be able to read it.

*I hope you'll like it.

Okay,I'm sure I will,knowing you.

*Thank you.

You seem a sensible man,so I think he will write sensible. Thank you for doing that.

*Thank you for that idea.

Because you will help your countrymen by doing that also,to understand some basics of the cause of global warming,and the solution. I'm talking scientific evidence,you know?Because  according to the latest reportanimals is responsible for 51%at leastof all the greenhouse gas emissions that heat up the planet. So if we stop animal industrywe cut out 51% of the heat.  Yes?Of course,no?


And then, if we use all the land for animalsall the tillable landall the cultivable landto plant organic vegetables and fruitsthen we cut off another 40%at leastof carbon dioxide that exists

The planet cools off in a few years. I mean
when the animals all die naturally in a few years and all the organic vegetables come ina few years timewe don't have any two degrees.Thenwe have the planet still.   You see what I mean?We still have all that,all the comfort. Yes Just stop the animal industry and become vegan,like this.

*I will do my part.

Yes. How difficult?No. You miss nothing.

*Yes,it's delicious and healthy.

Yes,tasty. So I don't understand... some people told me it's hard to change. It's not hard.

*NowI am going to eat a chocolate.

Yes. It's the vegan chocolate,pure and very… From England. It's a rare one,expensive. Exotic,yes. Try one. I'm sorry,we had some cakes,big,gateaux,but they removed it. Yes,because normally I don't eat it. And today I eat
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