Interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai by El Quintanarroense Newspaper, P4/4 - Dec. 11, 2010 Cancun, Mexico    
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*And how long are you staying here in Quintana Roo?

I think a week already, no? Yes, maybe more, a little bit more, eight days. But I came before that, two weeks before the COP16. I was here for a few days, four days, to clean the air, make it more smooth - smooth and peaceful. And then I went back, and now I come back here.
At that time, I didn't know I would be invited, and only when I came back home and they gave me the invitation, I said, “Oh no! I just left! Now I have to go back.” I love Cancún, I just don't love travel too much. Yes, I love it. And when I'm here, I don't want to go. It was difficult to leave my dogs. They know I'm going away, and sometimes I can go away a long time, like one month, two months.
Normally, I walk in and out of the room, they don't say anything, but this time I walked out... Whenever I walk out to go away, far, they cry together. Not barking, not barking, crying. Like arooooo! Like that! Aroooooo! Together, seven dogs. Imagine! It's very difficult every time I leave my dogs, very difficult. Yes, it hurts me.
Because they're so loving, they're so sticky. They just know when I'm leaving, even if I don't say anything. But I know, so I have to say something. I said, “Please, I have to go, but I love you. I have to go to help the world, including you.” And I tell them, “You take care of this, you take care of that, you take care of that.” Give them jobs to do, but they still...
They sit quiet and listen, all of them sit quiet and listen, and as soon as I walk out of the door…aroooooo! They're all crying like that, like babies, and heartbroken. At the same time, like orchestra. It's really hard for me. My birds are not too bad. They quack a little bit, but they don't cry like that. Like somebody tells them, “Now, we're going to cry now: one, two, three - arooooo!”
Together, big and small cry at the same time, together. Not only that, when I'm not home now, they cry also, every day. My assistants will tell me when I come back. All the time. Now and then or at night, they cry. Maybe they don't cry together like when I left, but they will cry; maybe two together, or one, or three together.
And they, my assistants, sometimes have to come and sit with them, say, “It's okay, she will come back. You're okay, don't worry.” Sometimes I have to leave the tapes that I sing every night, like singing to sleep. I leave the tapes, and it's still not enough. They know it's not the same.
Still cry sometimes in the night, and daytime. It's the hardest part about travelling.
*Sure, I can imagine.
Every day I talk to them also, telepathically also, but still, they know it; they just still cry. Hard, very hard. If you think you leave your girlfriend, it's very difficult, leaving a dog is more difficult, and leaving seven dogs, more difficult. Okay, any more questions?
*Well, no, no, really.
*It's enough, well, it would never be enough, but with the information that you have given me, that is very valuable to write a good report.
Yes, and there are more on You take it out whenever you feel the need to write an article about climate.
*I mainly write about culture and the environment. Then I have several reports that I can add to the page.
Yes, yes, yes. Just include some in some articles that you write. Use whatever's suitable. All of them are free. Free condition, just download and use. Very, very valuable information.
*Yes, I will use it.
Yes, and we have programs and shows, also different cultures.
*Wow! I can imagine it must be a very rich site.
Very, and people love it. People love it so much. Even I love it. Even though I work with it and work for it, I love it. I mean, very valued channel - not just talking. It's all the very useful and valuable information for people's life, and for peace.
*Master, he says he really likes your loving philosophy because it is full of love, and the way you say it, it's truly like that: when you harm, you harm yourself, and when you do good, you heal yourself.
Yes, yes, yes. The thing is all creation, it's just like our body.  If you cut your finger, it's yours. Even if you don't see it with your vision - if you don't meditate and if you don't see it through vision - you still can understand that. People are just blinded, deluded, cheated, deluded. People are just victims of delusion.
Everything in this world tries to cheat them. Like, okay, they give them love for example, a beautiful girl, and after married maybe she doesn't even cook for him anymore. And if you want to get rid of her, you have to give half of your property, and work all life to pay. For what? For love, so-called love. And if have children, pay more. Anything costs so much that humans don't have time to even think where he comes from and what else he can do. So busy, busy, busy. Working 10 hours a day and still don't have enough money to use.
*That part is very absurd - you have to sign a document to make sure that “I love you.”
No, to make sure that he'll pay later. That's the only reason. Because, what else?
*But if people are wrong… There's no bigger commitment than the feeling.
Yes. But the thing is they know the feeling also maybe not true, so they have to make sure that later he'll pay, make sure she has half of the house. For example. I don't mean it's a bad thing, but it is good for the woman and the children, okay. But what I mean is, it's just an illusion, even love. People trapped inside and thinking, “Oh we're in love though,” and then one day wake up, “Oh I'm not in love anymore, what to do?”
Now it's time to pay, pay the whole life. Even later, if she or he is in love with somebody else - doesn't matter, still pay. And then the poor guy who works all his life, now he has no wife, maybe no house, go pay a visit, and no children, because the wife has the right to take it and he's just working now, working, working to pay. Yes, in many situations like that, no?
*Yes. (*Yes.)
*I have a question in reference to… What is it called... to grow vegetables on the rooftops? The vegetables on the rooftops in the cities, how beneficial is that? Are the products as good as in the field?
Yes, yes. If you do organically.
*Because in some cities they grow vegetables on the rooftops.
Yes, yes, yes. It's fine. We can keep nourishing it or adding more soil, or different soil or more soil or change soil sometimes. But it's not just the soil that makes the vegetables - the sun, the air, the love. You remember the story about a Scottish farmer in Scotland?
He plants vegetables with love every day. He loves the vegetables. The potato was so big; same land with other farmers but his potatoes - big, big. And my association members, the zucchini… You know normally zucchini is about this big - my hand, my arm like this big - she plants zucchini as big as your head.
I eat them, I know it. So big like this, zucchini, like a watermelon - long. Big, big! Yes, and so good, so good, and she doesn't do much. Yes, not even cut the grass. Just puts in there and covers with the dry grass that she cuts from the garden. Yes, just covers with grass, that's it, and some little compost from the garden and then just cover it. Don't water much even. No water. Because when you cover with dry grass, the earth is always moist.
Organic farming is like that. You don't need much water, you don't need chemical fertilizer. It's not only good for your health, but good for the insects and for birds, the bees, so they continue to pollinate.  Because many chemicals kill the bees. Recently we have the global collapse of bee colonies, and without bees, we will have nothing.
We cannot pollinate the way nature does. We cannot go from one flower and put… can do, but forever. They do it better. Birds and little flies, they pollinate the fruits, vegetables. At one time, the farmers were so worried because they said, “If the bees are all gone. We will have no fruit, no vegetables, no pollination, no natural way.” Human power cannot do that, cannot pollinate the way the bees do. So they were very worried.
I hope they're regaining population now. Maybe, but slowly. So I was also worried, “Maybe this is the last orange I eat.” If no more bees, it may be like that. Yes, our planet is beautiful and has a lot of varieties of fruits and animals, because we cooperate together.
But if we start killing this and killing that, either to eat purposely or by accident, because of chemicals, fertilizers or anything else, then we are killing ourselves slowly, or quickly. Yes. Very, very sorry for the human race.
*I read yesterday, that we are a failed species.
Yes, but we can change that. We can change that by going back to our God power because we have God in us. We are all mini-Gods, yes, and the whole human race put together - big God.  We are powerful and precious.
*Albert Einstein said that the problem of humankind is not in the atomic bomb but inside his heart.
Yes. And he was a vegetarian. We have a list of all the brainpower of humankind. They are all vegetarian. If he likes poems, Rabindranath Tagore, he is vegetarian. Albert Einstein, vegetarian. Who else? So much. You look on the Supreme Master TV, we have a list, a scroll. Who else?
Mahatma Gandhi, Leo Tolstoy. Who can be more famous and brainy? See? Told you. And it is proven, scientifically proven, that people who choose to be vegetarian have at least 5 points higher IQ than average.
*I need those points.
They say that the people who are five points or more above average, finally would choose vegetarian, even if their parents give them meat before. They would, at least, when they are about 30, they would choose, themselves, to become vegetarian. They will choose, and all these people are above-average IQ.  
They have studied from birth, 8,000 people of various backgrounds in England, and they found out that whoever had chosen to be vegetarian, maximum about 30 years old or before that, they have all higher IQ than the average. Five points or more, would choose vegetarian.
So, it's about time to choose.
*Yes, yes, yes. Well, I wish everyone would have access to this kind of conversation, that mindset.
I know.
*Because without any doubt, it would influence them in their habits.
Yes, I know. That's why I put all our power into the Supreme Master Television - energy, finance, time, precious time.
*In the report, I'm going to dedicate a part to the TV channel.
(Thank you.)
*So that people can watch it, so that people can access it.
You did a great job for humankind and for your country.
*And I will put it on my Facebook wall.
We're also on Youtube, and Facebook also, Twitter. We have many websites. Outside people, outside website, they take our television, put on their website so people can watch also, automatic. And then many television, many cable companies, they also take our television, put in their program, yes, automatic. Yes, they do it; sometimes we don't pay.
Of course we pay in beginning, many, but some of them, they just do it for us because they feel they should, like you say, give more information to people. That's why we all work together to do this, try to inform people. I'm happy you help. Media is very powerful, after government, second; second to the United Nations.
*After the women.
You are right, you are right. You are right. Many of the newspapers are also like you, they also come to us. Then they help to advertise it. They don't even take money from us. Originally, many we advertised, we paid with our money to advertise about vegetarian and all that, but some of them don't take money, they just do it.
That's why I said people are very pitiful. Because of money, they are cheated out of their time. They have to work for 8, 10 hours a day, no time, and they have to take care of family and children and other things. On top of that, not all the information is available widely because nobody helps to spread the information. And then on top of that, just everything, the whole society, is not conducive to human well-feeling, wellness.
For example, you see like even meat and all that, it's not conducive to our wellbeing. But the truths are kept away from people. That's why they even know people are sensitive, they don't like killing, so all the factory farms, the killing houses, for-animal killing houses, all very, far, far away from the city. Nobody can go in and look. Mostly hidden, big wall and gate. So, people don't know. and come home and tired and just grab a piece of meat and eat it - don't even think. See? First, work very hard, no time to look, and tired; and second, come home, nothing else but meat.
See, when you're hungry and tired and cannot think, just eat anything. And then eat that and get sick. More tired, time for hospital - have to earn more money after for doctors and hospital. Truly, no time, no energy to think much. You understand what I am saying? People are very pitiful. They're really cheated from all sides, all sides. That is the difficult part for them to change. But the society as a whole doesn't help this: 5no information, habit, brainwashed into thinking meat is good, all their life. 5 From baby already, poison the body.
And babies are not healthy when they're born also. Because of meat, cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, the parents already are not healthy, born children are not healthy. People who smoke harm their baby already in the stomach, so they're born with defects sometimes, with cleft palate and many other diseases already born with.
For example. Or drugs, alcohol are no good for the baby - in the stomach already. And the DNA, the unhealthy DNA, from the parents is passed on to the DNA of the child. And when they are born already, parents smoke - even harm the baby while they are growing. Even if a child is living in a household where parents smoke, they have their problem with their lung and bronchi until after they are 50 or something, that even come on them.
Even if they don't have it before, after 40, 50, they will have it because of the secondhand smoke when they were young. It takes so many years to even work; don't have to be immediate effect. Yes, just secondhand smoke. Everything is bad for the human, everything we do here. We truly don't love life. We really don't love health.
We don't love peace. We say we want to live long, we want health, we want peace, but it's not true. We cannot want health when we smoke, drink, and eat meat, and drugs, yes. We cannot say we want peace when we live with violence every day, even indirectly, by eating meat. That's violence. And all the things we eat shorten our life, when we say we want to live long. Eat and smoke and drink, all that, it shortens lives.
And we want to be intelligent, but we poison our brain. So we truly do everything opposite to what we want. That's why we have trouble, we have sickness, we have war.  Yes, the consequence of that. Because when we raise too many animals, then we have shortage of water, we're short of food. Then war also breaks out sometimes because of water, because of food shortage. Yes, not just one thing.
And then also we poison our brain. We could not think very well, so we think war is okay. It's not. See what I mean? Everything - one thing leads to another. People are very poorly, poorly deluded, cruelly cheated. So your job is very important: you disseminate information. Put on your website, put on your newspaper, do whatever. Tell people, tell your friends, tell other newspapers, syndicate your articles.
*I will do it.
If all journalists do what you do, people will get informed. We do all kinds of things, but we need the help of the media and the governments. Many newspapers help us, television helps, radio helps. They do help. Yes, we thank all these newspapers' names on the TV. Every month we have a “thank you” list.
You look, you will see how many support we have. But still not enough because they don't do it every day; they support us, but they don't inform every day. My opinion, all the newspapers, all the TV, all the radio must have at least one article every day, or one show, one program, to inform people about climate change and the solution of the vegan diet.  They have to inform themselves first and then inform the public every day.
And the governments must disseminate all this information. It's doable. You see the smoking, forbidden smoking, and now it's less. People don't smoke in the restaurants, don't smoke in cafés, on airplanes, buses - no. See? Governments can do it! Yes, cigarette is more difficult to quit than meat because cigarette is addictive and cannot have anything to replace it. Y
es, but you don't have meat, then you have vegetarian meat, you're satisfied. You see? You're happy; it's a replacement. You see? So cigarettes and drugs, more difficult, alcohol, more difficult to quit. And we always criticize them and tell them they have to quit, they're bad, “So easy, why don't quit?” We cannot quit the meat! Today you do the first part already.
It's a lot anyway. You can write a month with all the information today.
*I'm sure of that.
*But, yes, I'm going to see both parts. I start today, prepare the first part for tomorrow, and on Monday I publish another part.
Anything he wants, okay? ♥ VEG CH. Okay?  That's my name, signed.
*Thank you. Okay.
*Thank you very much.
You are saving the world in your part.
*Yes. Thank you very much.
You're welcome.
*Good-bye. Thanks for everything.
Ciao. Thanks for being vegetarian, okay?
*Thanks for everything. It was a pleasure.
You're welcome. God bless you, God bless you. The animals love you.
Prior to the interview on that beautiful day in sunny Cancún, being visited by many local birds who came to love her for her kindness and generosity, Supreme Master Ching Hai and Mr. Ballesteros had a friendly conversation about a surprise visit by a feathered friend, a zopilote (black vulture), earlier that day.
Zoom in. That's good enough. Not too near. He might be scared because…the cameras. Okay, let's go in inside. Come on. I've never seen this bird before in my life. I was sitting on the balcony and he came just right next to me, about this… Yes!
And then I said, “Oh, I'll bring the bread,” and then I stood up so quickly, he was scared, he went there. But he was next to my chair over here. And not just one time, two times! He came and then I went out and got the bread and then I came back.
And then I sat here and he came back again, next door, about this. He was not afraid. Look at that! Now he stands over there. He's so beautiful. I've never seen such a bird before in my life. Do you? Did you? It's a lot in Mexico?
* I have seen, but not this close.
It just comes here, visiting. I sat here and he came on the balcony…
* The balcony. But from what I see, it's already their home. They feel good.
Yes. I put a little water there and some bread. Maybe he is not hungry, but it's okay. Can eat later. I discovered that the bird, the smaller bird with the blue on the back, they prefer cookies than bread.
* Cookies over bread.
Homemade cookies. You know what? When I first came, they didn't buy any bread here for me. I just had some cookies, so I said, “Oh, sorry. I don't have. Is cookies all right?” They said, “We will try.” And they like it. Every day they come. If I put cookies and bread, they eat the cookies first. Yes, and they went away, and later when they came back. No more cookies, then they ate the bread.
After the interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai on December 11, 2010, Mr. Ballesteros published two news articles - “[Supreme Master] Ching Hai Speaks About the Climate Benefits of Being Veg” and “National and International Young Advocates Raise Their Voice in Favor of Plant-based Food” - in the December 12 and December 13 edition of the daily “El Quintanarroense,” respectively. The following is an excerpt from the article “[Supreme Master] Ching Hai Speaks About the Climate Benefits of Being Veg.”
“After having been invited as a guest to some sessions of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Summit [Supreme Master] Ching Hai spoke about the importance of avoiding the continuation of the global temperature increase. She emphasized that the elimination of the animal industry for human consumption would significantly benefit the environment…
The environmentalist, writer, musician, and spiritual teacher highlighted the consumption of plant-based foods as a way to reverse temperature increase across in the globe. She mentioned that all human beings can be part of the solution, by supporting vegan foods and stopping animal product consumption …
In reference to her participation as defender of the planet, she mentioned that she has urged world leaders and governments to participate in animal-free lifestyles… The humanist said that each individual has the elements necessary to revert the alarming situation of the warming that endangers cities and countries with submergence by oceans.”
The second article by Mr. Ballesteros, “National and International Young Advocates Raise Their Voice in Favor of Plant-based Food,” covered the activities of the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association as encouraged by Supreme Master Ching Hai, to support decision makers toward organic vegan policies.
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