Connecting Yourself with God - P3/3 May 7, 1999 Lisbon, Portugal (In Portuguese)    
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I belive that the first phase of meditation comes with intuition, and the answers through the dreams. Is that correct?

Well, each one is different. Everyone is not alike,so every person's experience about meditation is not the same. But the correct way is almost the same to everyone. It's very scientific. For example, there are many levels of the universe, and when you pass through the First Level, you will all see what,what,what. And then you pass through Second Level; you all will see what,what. Not that you see all the things in the First or Second Level at the same time, but whatever's in the Second Level, we can see it. The same.

Before we reach the highest,the most high,we go through some coarse levels. Like,this is physical level, and then we go to a little bit finer level, and more finer level, and more finer level, more finer level,until we become like formless, one with God. And in each level there are certain landmarks, certain signs so that we know where we are. So it's very scientific. The way of God is scientific because God is a scientist, scientific. Hes creates everything. Hes makes everything. Okay?

What's the inspiration in meditation? To see God and to know how to have it truly and feel Hirm in our heart?

Yes,of course. To know God and to have fulfillment in our heart, that's our aim,yes, and you will have fulfillment of your heart. That I promise,because I have experienced myself. There's nothing better.

In the Bible it is said that,"What is the use of a man who gains the whole world but loses his own soul?" I can attest to that. I would rather lose the whole world than lose God again. But it's me. You have to choose between.

But actually, you don't have to choose, you still have the whole world but have God at the same time,and that's the way it should be. Now we only have the world and we don't have God, and that's a pity,because we can have both.

Not that we have to forsake the world in order to know God. No,no. God made everything for us to enjoy, makes beautiful woman be your wife so that you can love, gives you beautiful, wonderful children, so you know how to love them, to protect them and sacrifice, and know what unconditional love is, and know what sacrifice love is.

So all this God wants you to have. But if we have only the world and don't have God,then we have only half of it. We don't even have half of it,we have only a little bit because we will lose them all. But once we have God, we have everything. Seek you first the Kingdom of God and everything else will come to you.

And that's the promise that God made to us before we were even born. We forgot that, and that's a pity for us. We should reclaim our right, reclaim our glory, reclaim everything that we have because we own the whole universe.

Yes,be a saint and enjoy the world at the same time. Be a beautiful,rich saint. Yes. When I was a little bit enlightened, I followed the steps of many ancient saints. I renounced everything. I don't care about anything, I don't want anything because they don't appeal to me anymore.

But then God said to me, "You must have everything, must have everything. I am going to give you everything. Everything more than you ever want, more than you need. You have to show the world that I am the Father and I can give you anything, anything,as well as spiritual awakening.

You don't have to forsake anything in order to love Me because I love you whatever you are." Hes told me I have to do it. I have to do it the glorious way. I said,"All right,Father, whatever you want." But I would rather be more simple. It's less work, but Hes likes it that way. I said to Hirm,“But Father,the ancient saints, like Buddha,Jesus, they walked bare feet.

They wore simple clothes and they'd go begging for food. And why you want me to have all the things? Will that work?” Because people,most of the people of the world, they expect or they are used to it with the kind of saintly life,who renounce everything, who don't have anything, who look poor, and who walk bare feet.

Hes said,“No,no! Different time! Modernize! You have to be up-to-date, up to the times.” Yes. So I have all the things that I don't even care for. If you see me on the street,you'll see me very simple. But I would have walkie-talkie,telephone, fax,e-mail- all kinds of spiritual equipment.

One hand a phone and another hand phone, and another fax and an e-mail,whatever. Yes,it's fun. I have at least six phones myself. Different country, different number. Sometimes one doesn't work, I have to grab the other. One broke down,okay, I have another,stand by, otherwise I cannot run this job the way Hes wants.

Why not eat eggs?

Yes,I will tell you. Eggs sometimes have a baby in it. Eggs sometimes contain life. That's number one. Number two: eggs are not good for your spiritual energy, and it tends to attract more negative vibration,  even if it is a not fertilized egg.

Eggs symbolize life and death, and if you don't want to be reborn again- I mean physically speaking- stay away from that. If you are familiar with, like,witchcraft,you will know that people who do witchcraft, they use eggs sometimes to attract the possessive spirit out of some possessed persons. Exorcism. And some magicians or witchcraft people,they feed eggs to the spirits. They put it outside in the plant,or...

You know it well. Oh yes,that's good. So you don't want the spirit to come to your body and eat those eggs inside,no? No,I wouldn't. To put egg in your body is means to attract directly the negative power,and you wouldn't like that. I don't want to scare you. These are the things I know. I have to tell you if you ask. If you don't ask, I don't say anything.

Is your method similar to Raja Yoga?

In the ancient times,yes. The original Raja Yoga, yes. The real one.

I practice Reiki to help others. Reiki is the vital universal energy. Does it come into conflict with meditation?

That is spiritual healing, and we do not advise that in our group. You want to stay there, it's fine. We do not use our ego or our body or our physical anything at all to heal anybody. We just let God do whatever Hes wants to do with whomever comes into contact to us and even whomever we think of.

After enlightenment, after we have sufficient power, we don't even have to be near a person to heal him. We just let God do it. And Hes can use us to heal anybody Hes wants without having to show that we are the ones who do it. We don't do that anymore.

And if you feel that you still need to use your physical body or hand or kind of astral energy to heal people, then be welcome to stay where you are. But we want to go a little bit higher, we let God do everything. We don't move.

Yes,wherever you walk, people are healed. Whomever you think of, they benefit. You don't even have to know about it because there is no ego anymore to play with. That's the best way. You see,when Jesus healed somebody, he said, "Your faith healed you,” and“Not I do it,it's my Father who does it." He never claimed anything. That's the way of love, that's the way of egoless, that's the way of God. We do without doing.

So that's why we advise our brothers and sisters: do not play with your ego,do not let your ego trick you, because God is the doer. You don't even have to put hand or feet or do anything.

Don't even recite mantra for anybody. Don't need even pray for them. When you think... you feel sorry for some, you feel sympathy for somebody, God works right away. Hes knows what you want after connection. It's a direct line, you know? Yes.

And if you still want to play with ego after the initiation,then your spiritual progress will slow down. That's all. Nothing forbidden! It's just a pity, because God does it better. Okay?

Jesus Christ, when he was on Earth, said that "No one goes..."

"To the Father except through me." Right?

No one goes to the Father without going through him. How do you explain the fact that there are different religions, some Christian, some not Christian? And within Christianity, some have different uses and practices. Some believe in going to Heaven; others don't. If Jesus spoke of resurrection when he was on Earth,if a person,when he dies, goes to Heaven as explained, then what is the purpose of this resurrection once you go to Heaven?

Yes,good question. The master, when he's alive, he is the living pole. So anyone who comes to him will be accepted by the Father because the Father has chosen him to be the living pole at that moment. But when he is gone, someone else will come, replacing his work. And this is the greatest misunderstanding of us  humankind,because we think there is only one.

The Buddhists believe there is only Buddha and no one else, everybody else is atheist. And the Christians believe there is only one Jesus; no one else is up to his standard, he is the only one Son of God.

Also,the Muslims believe in Muhammad, and so onand so on. And that's why we had a lot of bloodshed and a lot of war about religions already. I want to clear this misunderstanding for you; that you could,any time if God choose, become like Jesus.

If you clean yourself enough for Hirm to use you. If Hes deems that it's your destiny, Hes will pick you up and make you become as great as Jesus. And God knows that I am speaking the truth. Because I know it is the truth. God always sends Hiers beloved son here, one after another, to save mankind. Otherwise, Hes is so miserly.

Hes sends only one? And how about us who don't even know Jesus? How about the people before him who don't know Jesus? Will they all go to hell? Understand? Every generation, there is at least one master in this planet as great as Jesus. I will speak the truth all the time, and the truth that I know, and God knows it.

Raja Yogis are vegetarians, but they forbid the use of garlic and onions. Is it advisable or not? They say that it delays spiritual development.

Well,you can eat them now and again, or you can avoid them. It's okay. Up to you. It says that onions and garlic provoke more sexual desire and that,probably, you do not like any extra when you want to calm your mind down. That's all.

But it's up to you. If you're married and you don't care,it's fine. You have to test it yourself. We are not going to fanaticism,and forbid too many things so people are scared and they cannot meditate. Let them meditate first, and then they'll choose themselves what is best for them. We only advise them to refrain some certain Really serious detrimental substances, like meat and alcohol, you know,drugs. That's it.

Could it be that we have reincarnation or only one life? If we have several lives, is this a development process until we reach perfection and God?

Right,right. The question is the answer. That's right.

How do you see death?

I see it every day. I see it every day when I leave my body to go up, and I come back again. I am reborn every day, resurrected every day. No big deal! Just leave a dirty sack behind and then,reluctant to come back sometimes.

You focus on the direct connection with God. How do you see the great cosmic hierarchy with potential mediators such as angels, archangels,cherubims, seraphims,etc.?

They are our friends. No problem! They all stand by while you're going up. I'll teach you how to say hallo to them and bypass them quickly. It is true that if you don't know how,and if you are not introduced to them by a teacher, then they might make trouble sometimes.

But we will introduce you to them and tell them to take care of you. They are our servants sometimes; the angels. The higher you go, the more they worship you. Sometimes you go into a higher dimension, and all the angels,all the beings in that planet line up to worship you. They are so happy to serve you; they call themselves servants.

During initiation, is there any difference between staying close to the master or far away from the master?

No,no! Who is the master anyway? You yourself! There is no need for any master, physical one. Suppose,suppose,yes, for example only, even if I am a Master, you don't need my presence. Because the so-called master must only be present in this planet so as to be connected with the physical atmosphere only.

But the master not necessarily be right in front of your nose in order to help you to be enlightened, because the way of God is omnipresent.  You don't need to ask me all these questions; you have all the answers.

All you have to do is just awaken your own wisdom. And I can show you in no time and no cost and no obligation, at my expense. So why don't you try it? You lose nothing! Later all answers will be clear to you like crystal, because you are the Master. You have the soul exactly as my soul and our Father, exactly the same one. Yes, don't make me a teacher.

Make yourself a teacher. Don't make me look good and look noble and look all wise and intelligent. Be yourself one. You can! I am here to remind you that you are great, and you can be great from today if you want to try it.

In order to meditate, is it necessary or convenient to make the astral voyage? The spiritual guides, do they exist? Can we contact them?

Yes,yes, during meditation. You can see Jesus too, and talk to him. You can see Buddha, you can see Muhammad, you can see whomever is your master in the past; you can see them. But we just have to show you how to distinguish between a fake one and a real one later in the initiation process. That's why we need time to tell all these people. We cannot just teach you here like that.

There are so many things to tell you because you will meditate alone, you have to know everything, later,and then you can meditate at home,understand?

Enlightenment is immediate,but every day you have to renew it,and then you have to know what is good for you and what is not so good.  Because we forgot Heaven already,so we have to be reacquainted, and there are so many things to know about Heaven before you visit, so we have to tell you everything

because during meditation, you will visit all these places and then you have to know what to do. And if you are serious that much,you'll probably need to contact me sometimes later by writing a question, until you can stand on your own feet and be your own master.

The initiation is just a beginning, therefore,you cannot just ask me to teach you at random like that and so irresponsibly, even though you can try that at your own risk. Okay?

But you should know my address in case you need any question, even if you don't want to give yours. Because you might run into problems if you meditate alone without a guide. Because you are only beginning. You forgot everything; you have to relearn again.

The question is, someone who makes Reiki initiations, and he is intending to have initiation here.

Then you have to forget Reiki, or else you stay there and wait until you are ready and you come to us. Whatever you practice, you have to put your whole heart in it. Otherwise,you don't have the result from both.

Can the diet and meditation be initiated at any age, or is there a limit to when you can begin this vegetarian regime?

From six to sixty. Too small, you don't understand. Too old,too great change is not so good sometimes for your body and your mind. But there are some exceptions. There are some exceptions.

A very quick question. Do you believe it is convenient to know the Kabbalah? -
because there are so many people now studying the Kabbalah.

Kabbalah? So many people start everything. Well,you have to know which one you feel that is best for you because there are so many things, there are so many levels of understanding. I can only tell you that I have tried so many things, and this is the one. Immediate! With immediate and lasting result. Everything else, I am not responsible.

Yes,try at your own risk.

In meditation, I believe there are images or symbols. I would like to know what is the meaning of an "infinite narrow corridor?"

Too many things to tell you. That's just nothing! We have a million things to know, so why don't you just get initiation and then there are more things to learn about. Okay? There are thousands, thousands,millions more things. Later you want to leave that corridor immediately, because there are more interesting things to see and to know.

If meditation provides this serenity and good mood vis-à-vis adversity, will this mean that we lose emotions? Before war and so much injustice, should we be sad or not?

Should. We will be sad. We become just more true. When we cry, we truly cry. When we feel sorry for someone, we truly feel sorry. Not that we lose anything. We just gain,we just become more Truth.

You see, I don't lose anything. I still have to earn money in order to help all the people. I feel sorry for people in the war. That's one of the reasons why I came to Europe and tour Europe this time,hoping that the good energy of all of us,the same-minded; will minimize the suffering of the people that I don't even know.

How can you ask the question? How can you think that we even lose anything? We just become more deep,more truthful.

When I meditate, sometimes I see a light in the direction of my third eye or third vision, a small light like a star. Could it be the manifestation of God?

Yes,yes,yes! Yes. That's the lowest level after the physical level. One glimpse of the eternity; but there are more to learn,so be careful. Better follow a vegetarian diet, live a more pure life. And so,if you go to a higher dimension, there is not too much obstruction to you and there's not too much suffering to the body.

If you carry more pure energy, you go up;is better. But of course, those who are initiated, the ones who we initiate, we will tell you everything. But this is just to answer this casual question, to whomever that is. Whatever method he meditates. Like everything else in life,you have to learn properly to avoid side-effects and to have the best result.

Can we become vegetariansand accept that our children eat meat at school? How can we overcome these social limitations, or perhaps, should we not interfere?

If the children still want to remain in the meat diet, or the husband, that's okay,let them. Everyone is free. Even the children are free. If you can tell them how good the vegetarian diet is and they accept your advice, it's okay. If not, you just cook for them.

Be normal. Get initiation and you'll know more, okay? What you know is very little. And I cannot tell you all because I have to protect you. You cannot know too much,and if you continue meditation without guidance, you will be in trouble. Just like you go into the jungle of Africa, you have never been there,and no guide, you will be in danger.

The universe is not always benign. Look at the world around us, just a small planet and so many tricks, so many traps, so many dangers around already. If you go into the spiritual field, there will be also danger there if you don't have a guide to protect you and to tell you how.

Being an army officer, is that in any way not good for the spiritual evolution?

No,no,no! Anybody!

What is the role of the mystic organizations which operate very discreetly in society?

Which one? We are open, we are not discreet, so I don't know. I don't know why it should be discreet. Good things should be open,shared with everybody,no?

Apple's good. Everybody should eat. I am just sorry that I couldn't be more open and have more time, more money, more energy, more people come here and learn good things. Good.

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