Experience Heaven on Earth - P1/3 May 9, 1999 Amsterdam, Netherlands (In Dutch)    
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Let me share with you how I came to practice this method. A friend of mine who already followed Master Ching Hai spoke to me about it. In the beginning,I was a bit skeptical because there were so many things that I was told.

After I visited him he gave me something to read,which I did. The teachings moved me so deeply,that I decided to watch a video at his place. After that,I had the feeling that I the real Truth and real love.
At that moment,I had the feeling that whatever I had been searching for in my life,though I never knew what,I had finally found it!This is what I do now,for four years,and some wonderful experiences have come to me.

At first,in the relationship with your spouse in your marriage,everything becomes smoother,more fluid. You will feel much more love for each other.

There will still be little quarrels,that's part of it,but they are easier to get over with. When you look each other in the eyes again,you know it's good,it's over,and that there are such beautiful experiences because you know What you are doing.

Also in business,it will be better,just like Master Ching Hai says. In fact,after beginning this method,everything became better and better.

And you will also notice that by meditating you get,each time,more results. Not only will things turn out to be better in your family relationships,but it is indeed also much better in your job. People and their reactions,and your business associates,everything goes easier and comes easier to you. You don't ask for it,but it is given to you.

And that is,in fact,unusual especially if you realize that everything what Master Ching Hai gives is free of charge. There is no other master who in fact gives free lectures,free initiation-nothing has to be paid for. That is the most beautiful thing,what a true Master can give. That's all for now,thank you!

Hereby I would like to tell you my experiences before and after Master Ching Hai came into my life. As a child,I already saw the Light and I asked people around me whether they saw that too when they closed their eyes. No one knew anything about this,and my question was never answered.

Whenever I asked them that question,they told me not to fantasize so much. As I grew older I had even more questions,which were also unanswered,like,『Why am I so confused?』『Why do I feel so unhappy?』and 『Why am I always so scared of everything that happened to me,I often cried and prayed to God for an answer.

The worst was that I maligned the people around me,the people I loved most. Often,I thought,"Is this it?Is the only reason for being here is to be sad?Is there nothing else?"

And then on a certain day,a very good friend brought me in contact with Master through her videos and books. Seeing her videotapes

I felt attracted to her. Her way of speaking gave me the feeling of warmth and love. I wanted to know more about this wise woman. After seeing a video - Master spoke about the Light,yes,the Light - and from that moment on I knew that all of my questions would be answered.

I also knew that this was,for me,the way to go,the right way. I was taught the Convenient Method,which meant that I had to be vegetarian ten days a month and meditate half an hour a day. I must say that from that moment on,my life has changed enormously,in the good direction; from one day to the next.

I quit smoking,which had been such a problem for me. For years I had tried to stop,but I had never succeeded,and now,from one day to the next,if someone offered me a cigarette,I would say,"No,thank you. I've quit smoking." I stopped with other senseless things in my life. One of the most important lessons which she taught me is to accept myself as I am,and to love myself,and if I can do that I can love everybody and accept them as they are.
Thank you,Master Ching Hai. Two weeks after my Initiation I had a dream,and this dream was about Supreme Master Ching Hai. I dreamt that I knew that she was going to give a lecture which I wanted to attend. On the way to meet her,I was confronted by all kinds of obstacles,but nevertheless I reached the place where I needed to be.
When I arrived I could hear her voice but was not able to see her. I went on a platform and finally I could see her surrounded by women,beautiful women with long hair. The women were dancing. At that moment,I thought to myself,『What a fantastic human being. She does everything that is possible to make us happy.』
At that moment,she looked at me and asked me to come to her. I felt myself floating above the crowd to her. At that moment,there were thousands of circles of lights around me,yes,that Light,and I knew I was blessed. While I approached her,she brought me to places so beautiful,of which I had only dreamt or heard about from others.
Sitting on her lap,I could smell the fragrance,the love and feel the warmth. Thanks to this fragrance,warmth,and love,I felt like a child again. I started to sing a song so beautiful in a language I had neither spoken nor known.
Master complimented me,and together we sang this song. Coming back to the Earth,she put me down at the place I needed to be,"Now you may go home," she said. And she went back to the place she had come from. At that moment,I saw myself coming back into my own body,I opened my eyes and what I then felt,I have never felt before,so much warmth and love. Thank you,Supreme Master Ching Hai,for giving me this experience.

Master Ching Hai,in Holland we call this Mother's Day,and we hope that you feel very happy on Mother's Day in Holland. This is for us a very special day. Thank you!So it means double that you are here,Mother of the Earth. Thank you. I wish to make a very special,precious loving prayer to all the mothers in the Netherlands. And thank you for coming. Would you please distribute these to all the mothers later?Okay. Now I am going to shock you I am going to speak Dutch.

How are you?That's all. Did you transfer my wish of Mother's Day to all the mothers in the hall?I forgot that today is Mother's Day. Traveling too much,I forgot the time. But it is very nice that we have such a celebration so we can remember our mothers sometimes. Yes,poor mothers. So,how are you?Are you comfortable in your chairs?I think my brother and sister have introduced to you somewhat about the meditation way that we can share with you,so I am just kind of explaining a little further,in case you would like to know.

I would like to share some very good,important news to the Holland brothers and sisters. Because there is not much else I can bring to offer your great country since your country is already very,very great,very prosperous and very intelligent in many ways. So,since I am invited here I think the only thing that maybe I could offer is the thing that I know of,the thing that I have; that is,spiritual knowledge.

There are two ways that we can live our life in this world,and you all know that. One way is the normal way that we accept everything that happens to us as destiny. And there is another way,that we know God's Grace and we can live a much happier,a much smoother,and more peaceful life.
Most of the people in the world,we choose to live the first way of life because we do not know the second way. We would like to know the second way,but it is,most of the time,hidden from us even though it is very,very simple,as if taking something out of your pocket.
We just don't know how,so we live a mostly unfulfilled,most of the time very frustrated,unhappy life. Once we know the grace of God,life begins to change. Life begins to be the way it should be. Life begins to be like Heaven. So today,we will talk about the second way of living,which will bring us happiness,which will bring us Heaven,which will bring us peace inside and outside.
The way to contact with the grace of God,people call that the way of enlightenment,the way of Jesus,the way of Buddha,the way of Muhammad,the way of those great masters in the ancient times and in the present and in the future.
I am not trying to say the way of religions,because religion has two essences. One is the theory that we read the Bible,we become pious,we keep the commandments of God,and we fast or we be a good person,we help one another.
That is one way. And there is another way,the spiritual way; it's much,much deeper. The spiritual way is the way we can contact directly to God and tell Hirm everything that we want to tell,and Hes will tell us how we are going to solve the problems,or Hes is going to bless us so that our life will become exactly the way we want to live.

Because in the Bibles or in many of the spiritual,religious scriptures,they don't mention how to contact God. They just mention that in the ancient times,like Saint John,or whomever had contacted God,or Moses had seen God,and then he got blessed and then he had wisdom,etc.,etc.,but the Bible or the scriptures do not tell us how to get the wisdom the way Moses did.
Jesus has meditated in the desert for 40 days; similar with Muhammad and similar with the Buddha,etc.,etc. There are endless masters since ancient times,I cannot mention them all,but they all had to go through a process of contemplating for a long time and every day in life in order to contact God inside of us. Is that it?So short!Is that okay?It reminds me of a Japanese joke. It is a little bit out of the theme,but you want to hear?(Yes.) Okay.

Just to brighten it up because we are in spring and flowers everywhere. Okay. There was a Chinese tour guide. He took a bunch of Japanese tourists to go around Amsterdam and looking everywhere,and then they went into a comedy club.

And then the comedian was standing on the stage and talked and made a lot,a lot of gestures,
a lot of things and everybody laughed. All the Hollanders laughed,laughed,laughed,and all the Japanese tour group kept waiting for the guide to translate. And after the comedian had finished and everybody had laughed already,they said,"What,what?What was it?"
And then the guide told them,"The comedian has just told a great joke,so now please clap your hands and laugh." Then suddenly all the Japanese laughed. And the comedian said,"Why I talked so long and you talked only one sentence and they laugh?" Yes,yes. I think he is trying to do the same job.

Now in the ancient times,the communication system was not very efficient,the transportation system was almost non-existent. So,to find someone who could show us the way to achieve the grace of God or the way to return to our Kingdom of God within ourselves was almost impossible.

And that's why most of the scriptures of the religions mention about these spiritual subjects in a very precious way,in a very mysterious way,in a very,kind of,very hard to find subject,and very hard to achieve. And they don't even write down the method for us.
But nowadays,because of all the convenience of scientific discovery,we can share with each other anything that we know in a matter of hours or minutes. Anytime that we can see each other,anytime we want to see each other or want to see someone who knows the way,we can always fly over there or go by car,by bus.
It's just a matter of a few hours or a few days,then we can know whatever we want to know about spiritual practice. And even if we could not see the person who knows it,we can also see the person who is delegated from this so-called spiritual guide or spiritual friend,and we waste no time; we can always learn anywhere in the world.
And this is very lucky for us. I did not know that. I thought I had to go to the Himalayas; but that was my destiny. I had to go there in order to come back and tell you that you don't have to go there. So,it wasn't a waste of time; it was the way of the working of God.
But it's not the Himalayas that makes us enlightened; it is a spiritual power that is transmitted to us through a living,chosen station,a living chosen kind of like spiritual pole,yes. If God has chosen you as an electric pole,Hes will transmit the power through you and then to another person.
That's very simple. Because God is nameless,God is invisible in some way,so it is difficult for us to know Hirm. But if Hes has chosen someone to transmit this power from Hirm,then it's easier for us to relate,and then we can assimilate this gradually until we become one with God,until we know God completely,and that is the process of complete enlightenment.
The person who is chosen to be a transmitting pole for God power is no better than anybody else on this planet. It's just that in order to light a torch,another torch has to be alighted,and then you use that torch to light another and then light another and light another.
So,in order to light many torches,one torch,one fire,must be made in the beginning,and that is just a chosen pole. Someone has to begin first,and everything else comes from there. So,in my experience that God has shown me,there is no mystery about how to know God. It's very,very simple; even children can have the experience of God,exactly the experience that is written in the Bible.
Like,if Moses has seen God as a big bush of flames,if other saints have heard God like the sound of many waters,we can experience exactly the same like that,and more. That's why Jesus has told us that whatever he can do,we can do also. Because it's not him that was doing,it was the Father. Similar to us,if we will be transmitted this God power or we get rekindled this existing power within us again,then we can also experience Heaven while we are living on this planet.
We can also have the healing power,we can also have the blessing from God so we can share it with others,we can also be successful in spiritual life as well as material life at the same time. We can have both Heaven and Earth at the same time and enjoy both.
Because most of us enjoy only the world and do not know there is another world that exists,that is,Heaven. We've heard that Heaven Exists and we can see it after we die,but it is not so: we can see it right now. We can see it in two ways.
One way is more materialized,like after the process of transmission,we become happier,we become more intelligent,more quick reacting,more tolerant,more loving,and more successful in many ways.
And sometimes we can even see the future and the past,and we can know how to solve the present problems,etc. And all the people around us,family and friends,become better and better also. And that is one materialized way of the grace of God.
But there is another way that we can see Heaven truly,with our heavenly eye,and that is,literally speaking,we can enter Heaven as a place. And we enter it not by the physical body,but by a spiritual body,and then we can come back again to the physical body and continue our daily activities- and nobody ever suspects that we are a saint.
That saves a lot of problems. People don't come and flock to our house and start worshipping the dirt at our feet and make our home become a free 『kostenlos』hotel. Because you know very well throughout history,any saint who became well-known,then he is finished. He has no privacy,no time for himself,no home,no rest,no anonymity - nothing.
He has become a servant of the public. You see,in the old times,if you read the Bible,any Bible,even the Qur'an,the Christian,the Buddhist,they state,some saints in the past,the way they see Heaven - they come up to Heaven and they hear the trumpetand they see the flame of God- you know,it's God- and they hear God speaking and all that. Just a few experiences,and they have been so famous that even it's written in the record of the Bible.
And we can have all this experience,but we keep quiet; nobody knows. It's better. Yes,we can see angels,we can see all the saints in the past and Present and the future. We can talk to God also,in one way or another,in heavenly language or even in human language - in Portuguese,in Dutch,in Deutsch,in French - in every language you can communicate with God directly - and still no one will know anything about your inner development.

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