Miracles on the Path: Soothed under Strife & To Realms Beyond    
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A blind man is restored to sight. The deceased is raised to life. Mortals see Heaven before their eyes. The holy scriptures are full of wonders

witnessed in the presence of great enlightened Masters. Do unexplainable events we call miracles still happen? Through Supreme Master Ching Hai’s loving guidance in the Quan Yin practice of meditation, members of our Association worldwide have encountered their own extraordinary incidents in their daily lives. Such privileged moments are a true Master’s grace manifested. Supreme Master Ching Hai has often accredited her students’ miracles to their own reawakened greatness, natural outcomes of daily contact with the Divine.

Every time you pray, miracles will happen all the time because you are in the direction of benevolence and miracles. We are also the miracles. If we know how to tap into this miraculous power within ourselves, then we are in full power, empowered with all miracles and all the mighty power that we can imagine.

We now invite you to this presentation about our Association members’ modern day miracles on the path.

Our first story comes from our Association member from Chile who found herself suddenly soothed under strife.

I was robbed at my company. We had come from a presentation and guys came to our company with guns. I came with my son, one of them was underage. They put guns to my head, to my back. At that moment, my only thought was to remember Master and say, “Master, please help me,” because the truth is that all my family depends on me.

At the moment, I was scared. But when I said Master’s name, I felt a calm, something so special that I cannot describe it. Even the robbers said something laughable like, “Madam, you are very quiet, you are too calm.” And they did nothing to us. Then, when the police arrived also, they wondered why I was so calm when I could have lost my life. These attackers had done harm in other places and they did nothing to us. They thought that I had insurance, that that was why I was calm. But the truth is my tranquility was because I knew at that moment Master was with us and was protecting us.

Next, we’ll listen to the true stories of our Aulacese (Vietnamese) Association member.

In 1974, when my friend and I climbed on a tree to play, to pick fruits, suddenly, the branch beneath my feet got broken. So when I fell to the ground, the whole left side of my head and shoulder fell to the ground first, and after that I passed out. But I remember, when I was about to fall off the tree, I remember very clearly, there was a beautiful, young lady holding my hand and she pulled me [my soul] up to the tree branch, then up to many higher dimensions.

At that time, I didn’t know what it was and thought that they were just some different locations that looked so beautiful, with bright lights and sounds, it was just beautiful. After being in those realms for a while, the lady brought me back to my physical body. And when my soul entered my physical body, the lady bid me farewell and left. When I woke up and opened my eyes and looked around in the room, I didn’t see anything there but my mother and my elder brother. And I asked my mother where am I, and she said I was in the hospital and was unconscious for three days and three nights.

The doctor checked my pulse and said everything seems to function normally, that I only had a minor trauma. But they didn’t understand why I did not wake up for three days and three nights. Then I told my mother about what had happened, the moment I fell to the ground and passed out, and this beautiful lady, with bright light covering all over her body, came and took my hand and we flew up to many beautiful dimensions. In those realms, the light is so tender and the sounds are very dainty.

Two, three years ago before this accident, my mother took me to see a fortune teller in Âu Lạc (Vietnam). The fortune teller told my mother, “Your son is protected by a noble person. This person is highly spiritual and is always following your son to help him.” Therefore, I thought then, “Oh, it must be a coincidence that it is the same person who is protecting me.”

Ever since the wondrous experience with the mysterious lovely Lady, our Association member was unable to forget her. Then, many years later in 1993, he moved to Canada. He had already been initiated into the Quan Yin Method of practice. One day, while browsing through the meditation center’s library, he was drawn by a photograph of Supreme Master Ching Hai.

And next I saw one picture and that picture was very beautiful, very gentle with Master’s eyes so compassionate, so I stopped in front of that picture. And when I saw that picture of Master I remembered that it was exactly the image from the past… and that the lady was actually Master, who took my hand and brought me up to those realms, to see those realms above, to enjoy those fond moments as well as to hear the sounds which were so… so wonderful.

Then Master [in transcendental form] invisibly whispered into my ear and said that the lady that I have been and am still searching for is actually Master. Then automatically, I felt so happy, and my tears started falling down my face and I felt so proud. And I thought – Master is the path, the Truth, the immense Love in the universe.

Our Aulacese (Vietnamese) Association member has since had more miraculous encounters, such as communicating with Supreme Master Ching Hai’s transcendental body. But this next experience was a physical one, nonetheless astonishing.

I was going to the ashram to work every day. I had to climb the mountain and go through many small winding mountainous pathways. I had a skin itching problem on my thighs. The doctor calls it eczema. And this skin problem at that time had no medicine to cure it. And I’d use many different medicines but none of them helped.

Then suddenly I thought of Master, that you could possibly grant me some sort of medicines, or methods, to show me how to cure my eczema, because it made me feel so uncomfortable, and I felt irritated all the time. Then, after walking for some distances into the forest, suddenly, I saw a tube of medicine, a small tube of medicine, the tube was small like this. And when I saw that medicine tube I snatched it right away. I looked at it and thought right away that it must be a special favor, a special blessing from Master. In the middle of the jungle like that, who would bring that medicine tube and put it there?

And it looked very new. So I put it in my pocket. After finishing my work that day, I went home, took a shower, then applied the medicine just three times, and the itching was gone. The itching has never come back since.

During a 2008 international seminar, our Association member had the opportunity to share this and other experiences with Supreme Master Ching Hai.

So I said, “Oh, Master, you can do anything. Maybe you fix for me this one.” On the way up is a forest, I just prayed around ten minutes before that. And suddenly I saw one tube of medication, brand new. And I ran up and caught it. I said, “Thank you, Master. This medication is the treatment for me, for sure, 100%.” I put it in my pocket. I put it on for just five days and all is gone until now, it never came back again.

What kind of medicine is that? Everybody wants to know! Maybe from the Heaven it came down, I don’t know, but I got that. I talked to the people, they said, “No, you’re crazy! In the forest, how come there is a tube of medication there?” In front of you, yes?

Yes. But they didn’t understand me. So Master can do anything, anything. It’s your faith that manifests the medicine.

Thank you, Master. (You’re welcome.) I love you very much! You are so beautiful, my Master. I love you too! Purity of the heart can do everything. He has been with me before, so it’s easier. And the purity of the heart can create many miracles.

We respectfully thank Supreme Master Ching Hai for her loving care in all aspects of our lives. We also thank our Association members who have shared their stories that show us the wondrous joy and blessing of spiritual practice as guided by a true enlightened Master.

Kind viewers, thank you for joining us today on A Journey through Aesthetic Realms. Now, please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for Our Noble Lineage, next after Noteworthy News. May Heaven bless your pure-hearted dreams.
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