Aulacese (Vietnamese) Film: Lady Xuân Hương (In Aulacese)    
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Today’s Enlightening Entertainment will be presented in Aulacese (Vietnamese), with subtitles in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Mongolian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Thai.

Filmmaking was introduced to Âu Lạc (Vietnam) at the end of 1890s. It began to thrive in 1923 with the first movie co-produced by the French and the Aulacese based on the masterpiece “The Tale of Kiều” by literary great Nguyễn Du. Embracing the modern technology of our world's civilization and combining it with a diverse artistic foundation inherent in the country's traditions, Aulacese filmmaking nowadays continues to develop to enhance the nation's cultural landscape.

On Enlightening Entertainment, Supreme Master Television is pleased to introduce different forms of arts from Âu Lạc (Vietnam), as well as from other countries in the world, in order to share the beauty and cultures of the peoples on our planet.

The film “Lady Xuân Hương” is based on an Aulacese folk tale about a beautiful, intelligent, and spirited young woman, and a district chief who was neither talented nor moral. On the side was human love built upon a foundation of noble characters and loyalty.

We now invite you to enjoy the film “Lady Xuân Hương,” written by screenwriter Nguyễn Đông Thức, directed by Nguyễn Minh Chung, and produced by Phương Nam Films, with performances by Hồng Ánh as Xuân Hương, Nguyễn Thanh as Tống Như Mai, Lê Hoàng as Attendant, Kiến Anh as District Chief Thạch, Ngọc Lan as the Matchmaker, Uyên Trinh as Xuân Hương’s mother, and other artists.

While enjoying the film “Lady Xuân Hương,” one couldn’t help but admire an Aulacese young woman who was not only beautiful and exceptionally intelligent, but also filial and loyal. Determined and courageous, Xuân Hương wouldn’t exchange the moral values she believed in for wealth, prestige, or personal security. Before tyrannical power, she neither feared nor surrendered, but bravely preserved her dignity.

Indeed, the Aulacese greatly esteem self-respect and have a saying, “One would rather die in honor than live in disgrace.” Due to the influence of Buddhism, Aulacese people are often reminded of the spirit of “compassion, wisdom, courage,” of which courage is one of the three qualities encouraged to cultivate.

Lady Xuân Hương with her noble nature rooted in love, wisdom and courage, symbolizes the greatness of women in particular, and of us all in general. In a public lecture in London, the United Kingdom, on June 8, 1999, Supreme Master Ching Hai affirmed that the “courageous way of life is the only way of life.” She explained that “fear is the opposite of God.”

Courageous way of life is the only way of life. Fear is the opposite of God. If we truly believe in God, we don't have fear.

Supreme Master Ching Hai lovingly sent gifts to the artists contributing to the modern folk opera “The Legend of Quan Yin’s Bridge Building,” broadcast on Supreme Master Television in previous weeks. They expressed their gratitude toward Master’s caring concern.

Actor Minh Béo as Tấn Hỉ: Respectful greetings, Master! I’ve received the gift Master sent me. Thank you Master very much and I respectfully wish Master abounding health and success. Farewell, Master! Minh Béo

Actor Hiếu Hiền as the Son of the Rich Man: Buddha be praised! I’m Hiếu Hiền. I would like to thank Master for your love for me as well as for my mother Kim Ngọc. I’m very grateful to Master because Master has thought of my mother and me, and then sent us gifts of encouragement. Although now my mother already passed on, but the gifts Master sent last time to my mother, I still keep. Now I also received Master’s gifts for me. I received a lucky red envelope. Thank you, Master, very much.

I respectfully wish Master great health. I didn’t pray or anything, but I suddenly craved for vegetarian food in such an unusual way. Suddenly I lost all appetite with meat and fish. I can eat vegetarian food without craving for animal-based food. And I find that Master’s informing everyone to use vegan food to protect the environment and nature is a very good idea.

I also wish that everyone in the world join in being veg. It is one of the constructive actions to protect the environment as well. My respectful greetings to Supreme Master Television viewers worldwide. Let’s be veg and go green for a green and beautiful environment!

Traditional musician Khải Hoàn: Respectful greetings, Master. Master has sent me a gift and I, musician Khải Hoàn, wish to thank Master sincerely. I also have a couple of Buddhist screenplays. I’d like to offer to Master for airing or any other purpose , because I’m also very devout. Eating vegetarian has many benefits.

First, by eating vegetarian, we change our body’s daily habit. For example, if we’ve been eating meat and fish, now we just stop eating those. Instead we eat vegetables. It is good to avoid killing. First, being vegetarian is good for you. No need to say: “I’ll eat vegetarian when I practice spiritually.” No need to wait for that.

We eat vegetarian is to save ourselves from illnesses. Nowadays everything contains toxic chemicals. If we eat vegetarian, it’s easier on our digestion. That’s what I think about being veg. And spiritual practice means that we’re kind and gentle, and fulfill our duty as a human being.

Playwright Thanh Kim Huệ, director Xuân Phước, artists Thanh Điền as Lữ Đồng Tân, Quế Trân as Bạch Liên, Hoàng Nhất as Vi Đà, Trinh Trinh as Tiểu Mai, Hữu Tài as the Boatman; vegan musician Thái An, and cameramen Lê Trí and Nguyễn Hùng, all of whom participated previously on Supreme Master Television, have also received gifts and loving wishes from Supreme Master Ching Hai.

Supreme Master Television sincerely thanks Hoằng Pháp Temple, all the artists and professionals who contributed to the modern folk opera “The Legend of Quan Yin’s Bridge Building” which reminds humankind to pursue a virtuous life and noble ideals. We wish you blessings in your daily lives as well as in your endeavors to uphold spiritual and artistic values and to bring peace and goodness to the public at large.

Thank you for your presence on Enlightening Entertainment. Words of Wisdom is coming up next. Please tune in on Supreme Master Television next Thursday for the Aulacese chèo traditional opera entitled “A Hundred-section Bamboo Tree” by playwright Phan Tất Quang. Farewell for now.

Once upon a time, in Hạ District, there lived an intelligent and beautiful girl. Her name was Xuân Hương. Her father was a poor teacher who passed away long ago. She lived with her mother and studied with an aged teacher in the village. One day, a student whose name was Tống Như Mai, passed by Hạ District on his way to the capital for the royal exam.

Master! Master, follow this direction, not that one. Master! Master!

Greetings, Miss Hương! You just came back from school?

Greetings, Your Honor.

What a pity! You’re not allowed to take the exam.

Why bother yourself with studying?

Respected sir, one who studies without taking the exam is still better than the one who takes the exam without studying.

Look! Don’t you know who I am that you have such an arrogant tone?

Respected sir, since you came to preside over this Hạ District, your name has been put up everywhere, such as this pier Thạch, for example. Famous as you are, everyone knows you’re the District Chief.

Then from now on, you’d better watch your words, you hear?

Yes. I’d like to go home now.

Wait! I heard that you’re very intelligent. So, compose a parallel sentence to this verse of mine. If you come up with a good match, I’ll let you go home. What do you think?

Please say your first sentence.

All right. Listen! “District Chief Thạch crosses the Thạch Pier.” How is it?

If only you allow me, then I’d dare to match it.

Go ahead!

Sir: “The yellow dog licks the yellow poop.” Good bye, sir.


You startled me!

Are you sick?

Nonsense. I’m just fine. What are you doing?

You could get past someone else, but not this close attendant. You’re thinking of the girl in blue this evening, right?

You’re very good! How can there be someone so beautiful, intelligent, and sharp- witted like that in this world? She proved to have strong will as well and dared use the word dog to match the mandarin. Such a fantastic young lady!

O master!


There are only two days until the exam. Don’t ruin an important matter, master.

I know. There are two days left. It takes one day to reach the capital from here. I still have one day. How can I become acquainted with her in just one day?

O Heaven and Earth! Woe to you! You just met her briefly but you already became dazed like that. If your father knows about this, he’d chop you and me into three pieces.

Don’t tell my father.


You’re my most trusted attendant. You must help me.

Oh god!

I promise to be at the exam ground on time. I’ll be the First Laureate in this examination. But I’m not going to lose her because of this. She must be mine.


Within this evening, you must bring back to me all information about her. You hear?

Are you dreaming or what?

You’re really too much! Even the District Chief, you treated with no respect.

What kind of a mandarin that flirts with women in broad daylight? How shameless!

Regardless, he’s head of this district. You should show him some respect. Otherwise, we may end up in jail some day.

We have nothing to be afraid of. Jail is a place for him, not for decent folks like us. He’s illiterate but likes to play on words – that’s what I dislike the most. You will see, Mom. An arrogant person like him will sooner or later rot in jail.

O Heaven and Earth! You dare talk like that? It’s truly a tiger giving birth to a tiger.

Isn’t it good that a daughter takes after her father, Mom?

That’s right. Good, so good! You’re so good that no one dares marry you for my sake.

Mom, why do you discredit me like that? There were 4, 5 famous and noble families who have come to talk to you already, weren’t there?

But you weren’t interested in any of them. Look! You shouldn’t be so choosy. You want to remain single for the rest of your life or what?

I prefer to stay with you.

Are you home, Sister?

Greetings, sister Matchmaker!


Greetings, Auntie.

You’re not selling hats today?

Have a seat!

Thank you.

Later I must attend a death anniversary banquet at my mother’s house in Châu District.


She has to stay home to look after it.


And she has to finish the hats on order. But you’re here to visit us or what is it that you come here so early for?

Goodness! I have no time to visit for fun anyway. Wow, it’s a long distance to Châu District!

It’ll take half a day.

Half a day? So you won’t be back until the day after tomorrow?

Probably so. But is there something, Sister?

It’s all right. I’m just anxious.

What are you anxious about?

Just good news.

Good news?

Yes. This time you will have no excuse to turn it down.

You have... some place?

Handsome, good manner, owner of a brick kiln, rich, and the most influential in this area. It’s lucky that she rejected the previous marriage proposals. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have this golden opportunity.

But whose son is he?

Whose son? It’s District Chief Thạch.

What? District Chief Thạch?

You see? I knew for sure you’d be very surprised. It’s a blessing from three generations of your family.

This is very funny, Mom. O Auntie! (Yes?) You go tell the District Chief that my mom agrees to marry me off to him.

Come on!


So you’ve agreed?

But with one small condition.

You see? I told you. She’ll agree immediately anyhow. But... You have only one condition? (Yes.) Don’t be foolish, child! They’re wealthy. We must ask a lot. Gold, silver, houses, paddies, orchards, jewelries, you’re free to demand. Demand as much as you can, so you can share with me.

Don’t worry, Auntie. If he can respond to my condition, you’d be very rich, Auntie.

But what’s the condition?

Let me see. Well, you tell him to find for my mom a five-flavored dish. The more one eats it, the more he feels intoxicated. One can eat it all day long without getting full.

This is such a strange dish!

Now I’d like to see you off. (But I...) May I, Auntie? My mom has a very important thing to do.

Really? But I…

Good bye, Auntie.

I’m leaving then. I’ll stop by another time, all right? I’m going now. (Yes.) Goodbye!

Come back early, Mom.

I’ll go back right after the banquet. Leaving you home alone, I feel quite uneasy.

I’m grown up. Besides, we have our neighbors. I’m not alone in the jungle that you should be so worried!

I know. But I’m still worried. I already told the neighbors. Should there be anything, just shout. (Yes.) All right, go back. Remember to finish knitting all the hats for Mrs. Tú, okay? Then you can do whatever you want. Give it to me.

Don’t worry, Mom.

Look, child! Remember to lock the door carefully at night. (Yes.)

Mrs. Teacher, let me take it!

Have a safe trip, Mother.

Xuân Hương! O Xuân Hương, you must be mine. Tomorrow, I have to set out for the capital city, I have too little time left.

I must go to her house now. Hurry up!

Don't be impatient and ruin everything.

I can’t wait any longer. I must go ask for her hand and have an engagement made within today.

Master! Stay calm. Everything is still there.


In studying, this attendant can’t be your match. But in the love arena, you have a lot to learn from me. I assure you that within today, your wish will be fulfilled.

But what can it be if you don’t let me go to her place?

You will, but not in an ordinary way like an ordinary person.

What do you mean?

Five wealthy young men have been thrown out by her without any pity because those young men proposed to her in a very ordinary way.

Five young men have been turned down?

Yes. To a very extraordinary young lady like Miss Xuân Hương, you must propose to her in a very extraordinary style.

So difficult to understand.

Tonight, she’s home all alone.


Your Honor! O sir, we’ll find a way. Everything is still there.

What way? She frustrated me on purpose. How can there be such a weird dish?

Your Honor, it’s not difficult to have five flavors. We just need a handful of bitter lettuce, then add lemon juice, hot pepper, sugar, salt, and we’d have a five-flavored raw salad.

Bitter lettuce has the bitter taste.

That’s one.

Lemon has the sour taste.

That’s two.

Sugar has the sweet taste.


Salt has the salty taste.


Hot pepper has the hot taste.

There it is.

Mixing up these five ingredients, we’ll have the bitter lettuce raw salad. This dish sounds tasty.

Yes. You’ll find it sooner or later.

But this dish can’t make one feel drunk. No. It’s not workable.

Your Honor. It’s not that difficult to get drunk.

The more one eats, the more he feels intoxicated. (Yes.) Great!

There it is. You’ll find it sooner or later.

But if so, the dish would have six flavors. No. It’s impossible.

Oh gosh! Well, then we take out the bitter lettuce.

That’s right. So there will be five flavors left. (Yes.) Lemon, salt, sugar, hot pepper to be mixed with wine. (Yes.) This dish sounds exotic!

See? You’ll find it sooner or later.

But, it’s not possible.


It’d become a medicinal recipe steeped in four spices, not a food anyway. No. That won’t work.

Your Honor, it’s not that difficult! Just remove hot pepper and keep the bitter lettuce. Because it’s hot already, no need for hot pepper.

Does this dish make you full?

It sure does. Just one chopstick worth will fill you up.

Well then, you can take it home to eat it yourself.

Your Honor, in this world, there’s no food that won’t make us full if we keep eating it. Even tiny sesame seeds would fill you up if you keep eating them. Indeed, she’s just making it difficult for you. Let me find you another match then.

No other! By all means I must marry her to be my second wife.

You love her that much?

Love? It’s the opposite, actually. She humiliated me in front of people. I abhor her to the bone. That’s why I must marry her to have her serve me in bitterness.

Your Honor, if so, I have this great idea. I don’t know if you’d go with it?


She’ll be home alone tonight? (Yes.)

There’s nothing to spit out.

Excuse me, anyone home?

Who is it?

May I bother you for just a moment?

Greetings, head of household.

Greetings, head of household.

Who are you young ladies? Can you come back in the morning?

We’re stranded on the road without a place to spend the night. Will you kindly let us spend the night?

That’s our plight, indeed.

Where are you heading to get into such a trouble?

I miss my husband who is studying in the capital city, so I take pains to travel a long distance. Please let us stay for the night. We sisters are deeply grateful to you.

Please have compassion.

All right, please come in.

Thank you so much. You’re very kind-hearted!

Thank you very much.

Make yourselves at home, sisters.


I’m lucky, otherwise I’ll be spending the night all alone. It’d be so sad!

You’re all alone?

Our family has only my mother and me, but today my mother had to be away for some business. Please have some drink, sister.

Thank you.

Please have some, sister.

Yes, thank you.

Please have a seat.

Yes, thank you.

What is your name?

I’m Như Mai. And this is Nguyệt Hoa, my younger sister.

I’d like to introduce myself.

I’m Xuân Hương. Let’s just call one another “sisters” for closeness. Have you two eaten anything? Let me go prepare some food for you.

It’s all right. We brought along our dried food and already had our dinner.

Then go have a bath, okay?

We did already.

Don’t be shy. Go take your bath! Where can you get a bath in the middle of the road?

Well, we took advantage of the darkness at night, without passers-by, to jump into a pond at the village entrance already.

Really? You two are really bold!

You make hats?

My mother and I have been earning a living by doing this for a long time.

I’ve never seen such a beautiful one like that before.

You’re just overpraising.

Goodness, what a lovely hat! Let me borrow it, please.

Why don’t we buy a pair? One for you, one for me, okay?

Yes. Remember to save us a pair of the best quality.


Earlier, I heard the sound of the lute in the house.

I heard it too. Did you play it, sister Xuân Hương? Oh, here’s the lute! Will you play it for us? My sister Như Mai also knows how to play. I saw a 16-chord zither in the house. How about you two play a duet?

Breezy moonlit night in springtime The moon is imbued in flower’s hue. The wind wafts in exotic fragrance. Fragrance and beauty follow each other. Fragrance and beauty permeate spring night. The lovelorn longs for the lovesick.

Playing the lute and composing poems in summer days Poetry portrays my affection. Music harmonizes hearts and minds. The mind bends with love, love bends with the mind. Savor a summer day to one heart’s content. Kindred friends understand each other.


I’m so sleepy, sister Như Mai. I’ll go to bed first.


I’ve found a kindred soul tonight, unexpectedly. Your husband must be the most talented poet to be able to marry you.

What would your type be?

My husband? Let me see. He must be talented and faithful like you.

If I were a man, would you... be my wife?

What? If you were a man? (Yes.) Very interesting! If you were a man, I wouldn’t let you go.

Remember that! One word uttered is gems and gold cast.

Why not?


I swear with Heaven and Earth as my witnesses that if you’re a man, I’ll be your gentle wife.

Don’t swear! If it’s truly so, you must put it in writing for me to believe you.

What? Really? (Yes.) No problem. I have nothing to be afraid of.

What are you doing? A thief? Here you go, thief!

Beat him up. Here you go, thief.

How dare you!

Ouch! Woe to me!

Who is it?

Ouch! Who is it?



The thief, I beat him up... He ran away already.

He... he ran away already.

My god! I’ve been tricked by an old gang.


Who are you? How dare you come here to trick me!

Miss, Miss... Don’t be afraid. I...

I asked you: Who are you?


Tell her, master!

I’m Tống Như Mai, the Province Chief’s son.


And this is my attendant.

That’s right.

What do I have against you that you devised this game to harm me?

I didn’t mean to harm you. Please be calm and listen to me. Yesterday, on my way to the capital city for the exam, I met you at Thạch Pier. At that moment, it was as if my heart stopped beating. That whole day, I went crazy because of you. I... I want you to be my wife.

That’s right.

But because I have to be at the exam tomorrow, so my attendant told me to disguise as a girl to meet you. And...

Is something going on, Miss Xuân Hương?

O Xuân Hương, are you awake?

Nothing at all. Nothing at all. Don’t worry, Aunties and Uncles.

We thought you were in trouble, so we rushed over.

No. Nothing at all. Thank you very much.

All right. Then we go back home. Just shout. We’ll come over to help.


Woe to me now! I’m an unmarried girl who slept with an unmarried man. How will I be able to look at my mother?

Don’t cry, Miss. It was out of my love for you that I was so bold. Please forgive me. I and my attendant aimed not for a short-lived unchaste conduct, but aspire for a lifelong marital union. Please trust me.

No, I can’t. You’d cast me off like changing a shirt or removing a wattle. How is it possible for me, a commoner, to marry a mandarin’s son?

Let Heaven above, the Earth below, and the lamp before me witness my vow: Even if my parents obstruct me, I will not desert you.

Then have it in writing.

Get me a piece of paper.

Here’s the paper, master.

Your Honor, I have special news.

Is your information reliable anymore?

It sure is. I saw it with my own eyes and touched it with my own hands.

Last time, it was your own ears that heard, your own eyes that saw her staying home alone. Yet, I was attacked by a dozen of women who beat me up like a jackfruit. Luckily, no one recognized me. Otherwise, I’d have no face to look at people.

Your Honor, your beating me wasn’t any different from how they beat you. But that’s old story now. Please forgive me, Your Honor. Your Honor, now I have this news, very exciting. It’s all right if you don’t want to hear. Then I will take leave.

Stop! Tell me!

O sir. Stop walking, please.

How long has it been?

It’s been almost a month. Everyone saw it.

How valuable is it?

Only someone as rich as you can afford to buy it.

Where did she get it?

I don’t know. I asked, but she only smiled and said nothing.

What is her attitude?

She’s always happy, but she’s not as pretty as before. Wearing tattered, dirty clothes, she seems to try to make herself ugly on purpose.

This sounds interesting!

I’m still chewing.

O Mom, I’m going out to sell the hats now.

You look like a beggar. It really bothers my eyes.

Don’t worry, Mom. When I get married later, I’ll turn into a fairy for you to see.

I also long for that day. All right, go! Come home early, child.

Yes, Mom. I’m leaving now.



Take care of the bracelet, if you don’t want to lose your husband.

If I lose the husband, it’s also fun to stay with you.

Remember, don’t tell anyone about it. (Yes.) If things don’t materialize later on, we’d have to dig a hole to hide away. (Yes.)

Young woman, stop!

What are you doing?

I heard that you’re keeping my wife’s jade bracelet. Is it true?

Why do you say that?

Search her!

Yes. Move!

What are you doing? Let me go! Don’t touch me. Let go! This bracelet is mine. Let go!

Where did you get this bracelet from?

Where I got it is my business, as long as it’s not yours.

What an insolent girl! You stole it and still talk back. Guards! (Yes.) Take her to the district court!

Yes. Quickly! Hurry up!

Let me go! You have no right to arrest me.

Be quiet!

Let me go! Let me go!

Release me! If not, I’ll appeal to the Three Judicial Court. This is not a joke. Release me!

O god, Xuân Hương! How on Earth did you end up like this?

How did you know to come here?

Such sensational news, the whole village knows about it. As soon as I heard of it, I rushed here to visit you. My poor child! Why are you so foolish, dear?

Enough! You think I stole the District Chief’s jade bracelet?

Well... That’s the rumor. I have no idea what’s going on. But never mind. Everything is still there. We’ll solve it sooner or later. Look, I brought you some cake. It’s very tasty. Try it! Try to eat to recover your strength, then you and I will work it out.

Work out what?

Working on clearing your offense, what else?

But what offense did I commit that needs clearance?

Poor you! How come you’re so naive? Whether you’re guilty or not is a moot point. Remember that you’re detained in the district’s jail. And the District Chief is the most powerful man here. Guilty or not guilty is all judged by him. Even we’re innocent, but if he says we’re guilty, then that’s the way it is. Poor and helpless people like us, how much can we do, dear? Xuân Hương! Come, come here! Let me tell my plan.

I know what your plan is already. You’ll tell me to accept to be his second wife, right?

My niece is too bright! Yes.

All it takes from you is a nod, then not only will you be acquitted, but you will also enjoy wealth and prestige, with servants waiting on you. Your mother will have a big house and will be provided for till the end of her life. She will not have to work long hours at this penniless hat-making job anymore. All the girls in this district couldn’t even dream of it.

I must say you’re smooth-talking. No wonder the District Chief has to rely on you.

Of course!

I’ll let you have the mandarin. If necessary, I could be the matchmaker for you. Do you want it?

Come on, girl!

He seems to like you a lot.

Really? You...

Such a small thing and you couldn’t handle!

Your Honor, I’ve said all I could say and tried every tactic, but she wouldn’t listen. You know what? This girl is so mean-mouthed. She slandered you left and right. She said that you like me and I like you, that we like each other. She even dared say that you and I are well matched. You see? This girl is terrible. But I think what she said makes sense.

Tomorrow, drag her out to the communal house for a trial.

I wasn’t chewing anything.

How unjust! I’m so upset! What offense did my daughter commit to be arrested by the District Chief? Oh god! The bracelet is hers. Where she got it, that’s her business. Why did he wrongly accuse and arrest her? He thought that being a mandarin, he could arrest anyone at will? Just think about it, folks. There’s more than one jade bracelet in this world. This is not the only one. (That’s right!)

Who knows what size or color his wife’s bracelet is anyhow? Rich woman Đông has a hundred bracelets. Why didn’t he go there to arrest her? Instead he arrested my daughter. How frustrating! How unjust! I’m so upset! Oh god!

Old woman!

The mandarin’s coming. The mandarin’s coming.

If you feel something is unjustly done, then go to the district to report it. Why go around to talk to people and cause chaos?

Your Honor, I’ve been to the district court three times, but I was never once allowed to go in. Nothing should be tried more than three times. So I don’t care to go there anymore. I don’t care to go there anymore. When I have free time, I go out to the street to scream and shout for fun. What did I do to you that you’re afraid of?

You’re a teacher’s wife and you don’t know how to get in the mandarin’s gate?

Your Honor, I do. I have a way. I know you’ve always highly regarded your friends. So I told a guard to report to Her Lady, your wife, that my son is your old classmate. He asked me to tell you something very important.

Wait. Who is that man?

But your wife wouldn’t let me in.

But why didn’t my wife let you in?

She said that I was telling a lie.

Telling a lie? But what is it?

She said you’ve never been to school, how can you have an old classmate?

What are you people laughing at? What are you laughing about? Be quiet! Guards, arrest her!

Arrest me? For what crime? For telling a lie? What crime?

Acting in complicity with the offendant.

You see that, folks?

Take her in.

Oh god! It’s so unjust! He arrested me. He arrested my daughter and arrested me as well. Let me go!

O Mom!

Let go of me!


Let me go!

Stay away. Xuân Hương! Reconsider it, dear. Sister Teacher, are you not afraid of death? Goodness, aren’t you two listening to me at all? How stubborn of you!

Take that girl over here!


Let me go!

Kneel down!

All right, I give up. But tell me: what is that weird five-flavored dish that the more you eat, the more you’re intoxicated and never get full?

That’s the thing you are chewing in your mouth, Mr. Mandarin.

In my mouth? The betel?

The betel leaf is hot, that’s the first flavor. The areca is sweet, which is the second. The lime is strong, which is third. The areca’s skin is acrid, which is fourth. The leaf has a bitter taste, which is fifth. The more betel one chews, the more he feels intoxicated, One can keep eating betel without getting full because no one ever swallows the betel.

I’ve swallowed it already. Guards! (Yes.) Whip both of them for me.

Let me go!

You can’t beat my mother.

Release my daughter. You can’t beat my daughter.

Let me go!

Kneel down.

Mom! Mom!

Hold it!

What’s going on? The King’s Special Envoy is here. His Excellency has arrived.

The King’s Special Envoy is here!


Tống Như Mai!

Unlock the chains!


Dear villagers of Hạ District! I’m the King’s Special Envoy. Before coming here, I sent someone for a secret investigation and I’ve learned that District Chief Thạch is an illiterate, corrupted, power-abusing, arrogant man, who is plotting to harm innocent people. The person being harmed is my fiancée.

What a wise ruling!

This bracelet is my betrothal gift to her. I now declare that Xuân Hương and her mother are innocent. Guards! (Yes.) Take this mandarin back for a trial.

Please pardon me, Your Excellency! Please pardon me, Your Excellency! Please pardon me, Your Excellency!
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