International campaign to rescue race dogs - 24 Dec 2011  
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The greyhound protection organization GREY2K USA has been working to end the cruel industry of dog racing worldwide. Mr. Carey Theil is GREY2K USA’s executive director and a vegan.

Carey Theil – Executive director, GREY2K USA; vegan (M): Greyhound racing is very cruel and inhumane. Thousands of dogs all over the world endure lives of terrible confinement. They suffer serious injuries on the race track. And dogs are killed when they’re no longer profitable.

VOICE: One of GREY2K USA’s current campaigns is aiming to save greyhounds at China’s only dog track, located in Macau, where all its 600 canines, imported from Australia, are eventually killed.

With no adoption program in place to rehome the dogs after they are removed from racing, on average 30 greyhounds per month, or about 400 per year, are reportedly killed at the Macau race stadium.

In efforts to save them, GREY2K USA has rallied the support of international animal protection groups including Animals Australia, Animals Asia, and Sydney, Australia-based Greyhound Rescue, to preserve one of the dogs' lives first.

Carey Theil (M): Brooklyn is a 3-year-old greyhound. He now sadly lives in a cage at the racetrack in Macau. And when he stops winning races, unless we’re able to help him, he will be killed.

VOICE: The groups are urgently asking the stadium to allow Brooklyn to be brought back to Australia and given a home, in the hope that this would symbolize an initial case toward the rescue of all greyhounds there on death row.

Carey Theil (M): The entire world is watching now to see how they’re going to respond. They now have a choice. They can either do the right thing and they can allow us to rescue Brooklyn, or they can send a terrible message to the rest of the world that they’re going to continue killing these gentle dogs.

Greyhounds in particular are especially sweet and gentle animals, and for the racetrack to simply allow these dogs to die without any adoption program whatsoever is outrageous and needs to stop.

Upon hearing this news, Supreme Master Ching Hai immediately made the humane and symbolic gesture of offering US$10,000 toward the purchase of racing greyhound Brooklyn.

She also conveyed the wish of the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association to adopt Brooklyn and provide him with a forever loving home.

VOICE: For more information on Brooklyn the greyhound and GREY2K USA’s endeavors, please visit

With a grateful salute to Mr. Carey Theil, and GREY2K USA, as well as Animals Australia, Animals Asia, Greyhound Rescue and supportive others, we, thank Supreme Master Ching Hai for her kindhearted care as we join in solidarity for the rescue of Brooklyn as well as all innocent canines in the racing industry.

May the day come soon when such inhumane practices end worldwide and animal co-inhabitants everywhere live in the freedom and dignity they so deserve.
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