Swine flu vaccinations not enough to help most countries - 8 Aug 2009  
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Swine flu vaccinations not enough to help most countries.

The World Health Organization has announced that the first swine flu vaccines are expected to be available in some countries this September. Egypt is ordering five million doses. However, heated discussions continue on the anticipated shortage of vaccines, especially in non vaccine-producing countries where the afflicted are unable to afford diagnosis testing or treatment.

To protect children from further spread of the disease, the Aulacese (Vietnamese) government has ordered the closure of all schools in Hà Nội. In response to the country’s first swine flu death, some 1,000 alarmed citizens in Pune, India overwhelmed hospitals to be tested for the virus.

Globally, 168 countries and territories have collectively reported 205,783 cases with officially documented fatalities now reaching 1,569, although many times more than these have gone unreported. Furthermore, Welsh health experts warned against complacency, stating that although cases have dipped to the levels of a normal winter flu, they expect infection rates to increase in the future.

Recently published studies have also found that the inexpensive rapid tests are producing false negatives, potentially endangering the lives of those not given adequate medical care following such a reading.

We thank all health officials for your dedicated efforts to protect public health. Our condolences and prayers for those who are grieving or suffering from this virus at large. With Heaven’s grace, may all people and governments adopt and promote the organic vegan diet as the best protection from this and the danger of future zoonotic diseases.