Swine flu fatalities and afflictions continue rising worldwide - 2 Oct 2009  
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Currently circulating swine flu strains have claimed 51 more lives in the past 24 hours, or a total death toll of 4,385Thailand reported five new deaths, bringing the total to 165, and Bulgaria and Barbados each reported a first fatality. New Zealand authorities reported 77 new hospitalizations in the past one week, as a 67-year-old woman without any of the typically associated health complications became the country’s 18th to perish.

Meanwhile, Wales, United Kingdom has detected the start of a second wave of the pandemic as cases steeply rose to 1,002 as of Tuesday night in a 50 percent jump from the prior week. Indeed, throughout Europe nearly 350 new swine flu cases were reported within a 24-hour period, with 210 being in the UK, followed by 60 new cases in Italy.

We send our condolences to the loved ones of those who have lost someone to the swine flu, and we pray for this tragic pandemic to end. Through the adoption of a compassionate, vegan diet, may we eliminate the risk of further dangerous viruses in both humans and animals.