Vegetarian Diet Sustains Life  
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Caroline Lucas, Member of the European Parliament and vegan (f): We are very concerned about the impact of livestock production on climate change. Very much our message is and always has been that we think people should be eating less meat; that is actually good for people’s health to do that.

But it is clear that we need to be eating less meat and so I think the message is to go out there and discover some more vegetables and to really understand that we don’t need to be eating meat 3 times a day. We really do not.

Live Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai
2008 Critical Moments to Save the Earth: What Can I Do? Seminar June 29, 2008 – Formosa (Taiwan)

Supreme Master Ching Hai: A vegetarian lifestyle is almost all that we need right now to stop the global warming, to balance the scale of the negative consequences. Even physically speaking, most of the pollution will be stopped by being vegetarian, by all the people on the planet being vegetarian. 80% of the pollution will be stopped. 80% of the global warming will be stopped if all people begin to be vegetarian. It will only do us good, it helps the world, it saves the planet and it saves our children. If we really love our children, this is what we must do.