Swine flu virus jumps the species barrier again - 5 May 2009  
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A report from Canada indicates that this latest swine flu virus has jumped from a farm worker to pigs, causing infection in more than 200 pigs,or 10 percent of thatporcine population. United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization animal health expert Juan Lubroth states that this could lead to the virus crossing back into humans as either a milder or more virulent form.

Supreme Master Television interviewed Professor Beda Stadler at University of Berne’s Institute of Immunology in Switzerland to hear more about the further evolution of this virus.

Professor Beda Stadler – Immunologist at University of Berne, Switzerland (M):
Such influenza viruses have two possibilities; either they become more virulent, so it means more aggressive, or they adapt to humans, so that they can grow better.

The virus doesn’t want to kill the human being in the first place, it wants to propagate, and if the virus kills its hosts too quickly, it cannot propagate.

So it looks like it’s already adapting to humans. That’s, in my view, the first wave that we have now. There could now be a second wave, and that’s an anxiety that’s around.

VOICE: Professor Stadler explained that when viruses become less potent, they sometimes then last longer and harm a person slowly over time. In addition, it is difficult to tell what kind of path a virus will take, even if its history is known.   

Supreme Master TV : The virus we have now has been linked back to a virus in pigs in the US that they had over 10 years ago when the first triple virus combination began in North Carolina in 1998, and it has mutated ever since. How does this mutation occur?

Prof Stadler(m): If you are infected at the same time by two types of influenza viruses, for example, one from birds or pigs and one from humans, at the same time you have both infections, you suffer only from the human one of course, the bird one is not attacking you, but it’s also in your body at the same time.

Then if this happens that those viruses are in the same identical cell, then the genomes could get mixed up, and then, these cells make mixture viruses, and the new virus that arises, thereby, could have totally new properties. It could have a greater virulence, greater mobility, and mortality. So that’s the great danger, that this new virus all of a sudden affects somebody who has already a normal flu.

VOICE: With the number of countries reporting confirmed cases of the virus increasing to 18 and cases in Mexico up to 487, the United Kingdom has also just reported two confirmed cases of people who have caught the flu without having been to Mexico, demonstrating that the virus is being transmitted from human-to-human.

We express our sincere thanks, Professor Stadler, World Health Organization, Robert Koch Institute and all other researchers for your unified efforts to investigate and protect the people across the globe.May this saddening trend be eliminated soon and people realize the benefits of relinquishing animal-raising practices in favor of the nutritious and humane plant-based diet