Preventing swine flu with vegan diet, not just vaccine - 23 May 2009  
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The swine flu infection rate has continued to rise across the globe, with over 11,100 total cases, 86 confirmed fatalities, and newly confirmed cases in Australia, Central and South America, Asia, and Europe. In the United States, over 5,700 people have been diagnosed with the virus, with confirmed fatalities increasing to 9. The WHO has also stated that the recent onset of the flu season in the southern hemisphere could make it easier for the swine flu virus to spread.

Meanwhile, swine flu and its connection to factory farming is causing a growing awareness of mass-scale farm conditions, from the inhumane treatment of animals to the threat of new pandemics. American wellness expert Kathy Freston believes we should consider a solution beyond vaccines and even an end to factory farming. Ms. Freston is a New York Times best selling author who has been featured on popular US talk shows, including The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Martha Stewart Living, and Oprah. She explained to Supreme Master Television why reducing meat consumption would reduce the threat of swine flu.

Kathy Freston (F): For a whole host of reasons, it’s a good idea to get off meat. But particularly with swine flu and bird flu and salmonella, you can treat it as it shows up, or you can look at why it’s happening in the first place, go, trace back and find out why is this happening? And what they’re finding is that flu viruses and the like are actually being born and bred in today’s factory farms. So rather than just consider symptomatic small steps, maybe really consider cutting back on meat or going vegan altogether, it seems like a smarter choice all around.

VOICE: Kathy Freston’s bestselling book, “Quantum Wellness,” inspired American talk show host Oprah Winfrey to embark on a 21-Day Vegan Diet Cleanse.

Supreme Master TV(F): One of the things that I really loved about her 21-day cleanse, was she wrote, “Wow, who ever knew that vegan food could be so great! Who knew there were so much left. And it's just really wonderful.”

Kathy Freston (F): Yeah, it's funny how there's so many different foods that we don't think about when we stick to our normal diet. I’ve discovered more food, more colorful interesting tasty ethnic food than I ever used to eat before. So I'm actually quite quite satisfied in that diverse choice out there.

VOICE: Many thanks, Ms. Kathy Freston, for your concerned efforts to help bring society greater health through an animal-free diet. We send our sincere prayers for the soon recovery of all those afflicted with the swine flu virus and our deep sympathies for any who have suffered loss of loved ones to this disease. May we find refuge in knowing that better alternatives are within our reach, as we choose plant-based fare to safeguard and enhance the welfare of all.