Videokonferencia Ching Hai Legfelsőbb Mesterrel és Fidel Ramos korábbi fülöp-szigeteki elnökkel Cselekedj most! - Egy békésebb és biztonságosabb világért - 1/2 rész 2009 febr. 21 - Formoza    1. rész
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Fidel Valdez Ramos,born on March 18,1928 in Lingayen,the Philippines,is the 12th President of the Philippines and Chairman of the Ramos Peace and Development Foundation.
He won a government scholarship to the United States Military Academy at West Point,and later studied engineering at the University of Illinois. He held prominent positions under both Marcos’ and Aquino’s administration. Under Mr. Ramos’ administration,the Philippines enjoyed economic growth and stability. The Philippines Stock Exchange in the mid-1990's was among the best in the world. 

He is considered one of the most effective presidents in the Philippines’ history.Mr. Ramos has received several military awards including the Philippine Legion of Honor,the Gold Cross,Philippine Military Merit Medal,the United States Legion of Merit,the French Legion of Honor and the U.S. Military Academy Distinguished Award.

He is perhaps the most decorated Philippine soldier in history and one of the most decorated people of the Philippines of all time.                                                                                                                           

During his time as President of the Philippines Supreme Master Ching Hai.went to the presidential palace Malacañang to ask for his assistance on behalf of the Aulacese (Vietnamese) refugees who were at that time refused refugee status by other countries,thus would face repatriation.

In response,the president issued an order granting permanent residency to some 5,000 Aulacese (Vietnamese) refugees. For this great act of compassion and courage,in February 2007 Supreme Master Ching Hai presented the Shining World Leadership Award to Fidel Ramos,and often spoke of him
with respect and tears of gratitude.  She said: 『He is a great man,kind and loving leader to his people and strangers.  On his birthday,he’d spend his wealth and time with the poor.』The former president has always expressed his appreciation for Supreme Master Ching Hai,as well as his admiration for her own work for peace.

In his retirement from public service,which spans over 50 years,Mr. Ramos established the Ramos Foundation for Peace and Development (RPDEV) in 1999. With the motto of『Caring,sharing,and daring,』the Foundation’s extend throughout the Philippines and the larger Asia-Pacific region to empower youth,support sustainable development and poverty alleviation,and develop democratic governance. Up to date,Supreme Master Ching Hai made several donations to support the noble endeavors of his organization.

Prior to his planned visit to Formosa (Taiwan),Mr. Ramos expressed his wish to visit the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association’s center in Taipei. Thus,on Saturday,February 21,2009 Mr. Ramos was warmly welcome from the time of his arrival at the Taipei airport to his formal reception at our Association’s Taipei Center in Formosa.

Hundreds of our Association members were honored to hail the arrival of a hero of peace and recipient of the Shining World Leadership Award from Supreme Master Ching Hai.

Although she was not able to receive His Excellency personally,Supreme Master Ching Hai had asked our Association members to extend her warmest welcome.Some of the 50 distinguished guests also present from the Philippines and Formosa included MECO Taiwan’s Managing Director and Resident Representative,
Antonio I. Basilio; Chairman of the Clark Economic Zone,Rizalino S. Navarro; Executive Director of Ramos Peace and Development Foundation,Frumencio A. Lagustan; Allison Chao,Secretary of Department of East Asia and Pacific Affairs of the Formosan (Taiwanese) Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Formosa’s Director-general Karl Min Ku.

During his time in Formosa,the former president was asked to participate as a special and most honored guest in the conference entitled 『Act Now! – for a More Peaceful and Safer World!』Supreme Master Ching Hai also had been invited as the guest of honor to speak at the conference,and His Excellency Mr. Ramos was delighted that she was able to speak with him via videoconference to discuss their shared ideals for a more caring,sustainable world. 

We now invite you to join us for the rebroadcast of the『Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai and Former Philippine President Fidel Ramos:Act Now! – For a More Peaceful and Safer World,』held on February 21,2009 in Taipei,Formosa (Taiwan).

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