World No Tobacco Day:Live Smoke-free!  
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Patrick (m): Sixty percent of people who smoke in America today started before the age of 14 and 90 percent, 9 out of every 10 smokers in America, became addicted before their 19th birthday.

HOST: Hallo, insightful friends, and welcome to this week’s edition of Healthy Living.  The World Health Organization has designated May 31st of each year as World No Tobacco Day.

In commemoration of this important global public health event, we’ll discuss the hazards of tobacco and how the tobacco industry misleads the public.

Tobacco companies never give up their efforts to find new customers for their poisonous products, making use of various media for advertising and other methods to attract people, especially youth and women, to try smoking, get addicted and eventually become regular consumers of the deadly intoxicant they sell.

Alice Chen, a former smoker and famous Formosan (Taiwanese) actress, now explains one of the tricks used by the tobacco industry.

Alice Chen (f): For example, the famous Mangrove Expedition is actually financed by the tobacco industry.  When the fifth or sixth graders join the tour, they get to know the name of the company.

One day when they grow up a little, they will find out, 『Ah! This company sounds familiar! It’s the one who took us for the beautiful nature tour.』 Then very naturally they would pick up the cigarette.

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