Dirk Schröder: Expanding Limits - Living Full of Light P1/5   

We now invite you to join us for part 1 of our 5-part series entitled “Dirk Schröder: Expanding Limits – Living Full of Light” on Between Master and Disciples.

A travel journalist, author, photographer, and lecturer, Dirk Schröder has been experimenting with
and conducting research into living food-free since 2004. He is the author of the book “Nourished by Light, Expanding Limits- Living Full of Light,” as well as the recently completed  “Good-bye to Eating, Nibbling is OK.”  In these books, he documents his personal journey, including discussions with spiritual healers, medical doctors, fasting specialists, and pranic living experts, Dr. Michael Werner and Jasmuheen. Born in Altena/Northrhine-Westfalia, Germany in 1954, Dirk Schröder has always been interested
in expanding the limits of the human mind and body.  In fact, it was this interest that led him to resign
from his first job.

Herr Schröder(m):
I studied electrical engineering and am an engineer. I have always wanted to do something that benefits other people. I landed at Siemens and had an employee who had been there since his apprenticeship. I worked with him until he went on retirement. I saw what had happened to this man. It was such a negative model that I said to myself, “No, Dirk, you do not want to end up this way.” And then my career changed rapidly. I resigned. I decided to write travel guides, and no one would have believed this because I always got a 4 or 5 in my German language. And my parents, the people around me,
threw their hands up in dismay, saying, “What is the matter with him?”But I got such a joy from this idea. To travel around a country for weeks and months, exploring down to the smallest detail. At that time, I had a girlfriend who was good in languages and so she could correct my grammar and I said,
“Okay, we’ll do it.”And since then my life had really changed. I have done things that gave me pleasure.
In the beginning I made no money, but I was just happy with what I was doing.
And so I have realized that it is important to do what is right and consistent for me.

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