Tehran announces first No Tobacco City Festival - 16 Jan 2011  
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Tehran announces first No Tobacco City Festival. The municipal government of the Iranian capital city Tehran has announced that it will host an event on February 14 and 15 to raise knowledge and awareness of the potentially devastating health consequences of tobacco products. The No Tobacco City Festival hopes to promote greater interaction between the media and the health community while also garnering community input and support for effective solutions to quitting tobacco, bringing a healthier atmosphere for all residents of the city. Sponsored by the Eastern Mediterranean branch of the World Health Organization (WHO), activities for this special event are part of a pioneering, multifaceted program created under the leadership of Tehran’s 18th District Mayor, Ebrahim Madahi, and will include engaging community members in creating their own films, animations and books.

Honorable Mayor Madahi, Tehran city government, and World Health Organization, we laud your creative and forward-thinking efforts to safeguard the public from this harmful substance. Wishing you abundant participation in the upcoming festival and actions that lead to a vibrant, tobacco-free city.

For its initiatives to ensure the public's well-being, Supreme Master Ching Hai is honoring the city of Tehran, Iran with the Shining World Leadership Award.


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