Un incontro con i Nelson, creatori di VegSource e Processed People: The Documentary - P1/2    Parte 2

Dr. Jay Gordan: The lives we want to live are right at the tips of our fingers. It's not up to the government, your parents, your favorite restaurant, your supermarket, to make the lifestyle changes critical to good health.
It's up to you. Educate yourself. Don't be a processed person.

SupremeMasterTV : Hi, today we are here with Jeff and Sabrina Nelson, the makers of the new DVD, "Processed People" and also "Get Healthy Now." And they also have a great website: VegSource.com. And we're going to talk with them today about how they got started. Thanks so much for joining us.

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please visit www.VegSource.com

Don't be a processed person!
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