Feline restores faith and lives at California vet clinic - 8 Sep 2010  
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When Christopher the tabby cat was first found on the road with a severe pelvic injury, chief veterinarian Dr. Monica Thompson of Nine Lives Foundation thought he would not walk again.

However, his condition at the clinic improved so rapidly that even a scheduled surgery became unnecessary, as he got up himself and walked just after six weeks. Since then, Christopher has become known among clinic staff and volunteers as a guardian angel. He senses when a cat is in pain or in need of comfort, finding his way to those who are terminally ill, for example.

Just last month he became known as the “feral kitten tamer” for socializing two wild kittens after visiting their cage for two weeks. And most recently, he saved a tiny black kitten from life-threatening anemia when his behavior suggested to Dr. Thompson that he was volunteering himself for a blood transfusion.It turned out that both the kitten and Christopher had a rare B blood type.

Dr. Thompson said, "I don't even have another type B in the hospital, (but) … it was as if Christopher knew it would work.” She further stated, “It's like he's a really intelligent person reincarnated as a cat… In my 12 years as a veterinarian, I have never been so deeply touched by a single animal that shows such compassion and love.” 

Feline Christopher, we join in thankfulness to the Divine for your gifted abilities and care. May we all be inspired by such unconditional sharing to treat our treasured animal companions with only the highest respect and love.

Along with lots of hugs and kisses, Supreme Master Ching Hai is sending Christopher toys, vegan treats, and vegan cat food. She is also honoring the Nine Lives Foundation with the Shining World Compassion Award, as well as a US$10,000 donation to further their life-saving work.


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