We thank the following and those unknown persons, groups, agencies, organizations and governments for their loving and selfless actions that bring meaningful comfort and assistance to others.

May your lives be graced by the Divine with evermore joy and fulfilling reward.



Christopher Ejiofor

Nigerian businessman Christopher Ejiofor returns after 40 years to be crowned as king in his home province of Ezeagu.

Polish Prime Minister Dr. Donald Tusk

Polish Prime Minister Dr. Donald Tusk is awarded the 2010 Charlemagne prize for his work in promoting liberty and democracy in Europe.

Former Prime Minister Helen Clark, New Zealand

Former Prime Minister Helen Clark of New Zealand is honored with membership to the Order of New Zealand for her outstanding service to the nation.

Saudi Mayor Abdulaziz Al Husein

Saudi Mayor Abdulaziz Al Husein of Al Madinah Municipality receives the UN-HABITAT Scroll of Honor Award for improving the lives of fellow citizens.

Queen Rania of Jordan and Argentine Lionel Messi

Queen Rania of Jordan’s work in education is honored with the International Federation of Association Football’s Presidential Award, while Argentine Lionel Messi of team Barcelona receives Player of the Year.

Janet Adama Mohammed, Ghana

Janet Adama Mohammed of Ghana is awarded the 2010 Martin Luther King Jr. Award for Peace and Social Justice for her 20 years of promoting peace through dialog. 

Dr. Vicky Thảo D. Nguyễn, USA

Aulacese (Vietnamese)-born researcher Dr. Vicky Thảo D. Nguyễn receives the 2009 US Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers.

Moroccan poet Abdesslam Bouhjar

Moroccan poet Abdesslam Bouhjar wins the Al Quds Capital of Arab Culture 2009 international poetry award for the best poem to honor the holy city of Jerusalem. 

Scotsman Don Paterson

Scotsman Don Paterson is awarded the Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry for his outstanding poetic body of work.

Clara Sanchez, Spain

Writer Clara Sanchez is honored with the renowned Nadal Prize, Spain’s most revered literature award.

Kevin Bacon, USA

Hollywood actor Kevin Bacon receives the Joel Siegel Award for his sixdegrees.org website that connects donors with charitable organizations.

21 2009 National Bravery Awards winners, India

India’s 2009 National Bravery Awards are presented to 21 children for their outstanding acts of courage and service.

Caroline Colclough, Damian Coles, Mike Davis, Kirstie Greenslade, Andrew Hunt, Robert Marsh, Stephen Marshall, Mark Rosevear, Joseph Slade, Kerena Smith,

Shane Tew, and Hannah Walker

Twelve UK Scouts receive the Bravery Award for their heroic acts.

The 67th  Golden Globe winners

Acting achievements honored at the 67th Golden Globe awards include: “Avatar” for Best Motion Picture; James Cameron as Best Director; Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep, Best Actress; Jeff Bridges and Robert Downey, Jr., Best Actor; the Disney-Pixar film “Up!” received Best Animation award; comedienne Mo’Nique, Best Supporting Actress; Julianna Margulies, Best Actress in television; and Michael C. Hall, Best Actor in television.

Marco Calasan, Macedonia

Nine-year-old Macedonian Marco Calasan becomes the world's youngest Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. 

Wendy Radford, UK

Wendy Radford is given Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust’s Environmentalist of the Year Award for her 20-plus years of dedicated service to animals.




Turkey and Lebanon

Turkey and Lebanon agree to waive visa requirements for residents traveling between their countries. 

Yemeni officials

Yemeni officials announce that women comprise nearly 95% of the 177,000 enrollees in adult education and literacy classes. 

USA and Mexico

The US and Mexico open a new border crossing connecting the United States with Reynosa, a major Mexican industrial hub.

Vinita Chopra

Vinita Chopra launches a Meatless Monday campaign in Australia to improve personal and environmental health.


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