Spain's Canary Islands provides role model with long banned bullfighting - 28 Jul 2010  
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With the nation’s Canary Islands having voted to prohibit the horrendous practice of bullfighting nearly two decades ago, the Spain’s northeastern Catalonia region is considering a similar ban.
Most recently,the anti-bullfighting campaign “Enough!” collected 180,000 signatures calling for an end to Catalan bullfighting, and the regional government responded by scheduling a vote for Wednesday, July 28.  
In the Canary Islands, bullfights and most other activities that involve cruelty, abuse or suffering to animals has been formally banned since 1991.

Bullfighting events have also declined in popularity and occurrence, from 1000 in 2008 to 800 or less this year across Spain. And according to a Gallup poll of Spanish citizens, 72% say they have no interest in bullfighting, with over 80% in Catalonia saying they have no interest at all.

Kudos Canary Islands for your noble and humane example in banning bullfighting. We look forward to the promising outcome of a similar prohibition in Catalonia as the region is graced with wisdom to enter a new chapter of kindness and love for all beings.

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