More Afghan Taliban members pledge to work for peace - 21 Dec 2010  
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More Afghan Taliban members pledge to work for peace. A total of 20 members of the Taliban in the northern province of Baghlan have now disarmed and voluntarily surrendered to the central government. The relinquishing of arms occurred in two groups of 10, first on Thursday, December 16, followed by 10 more on Saturday. All of those who disarmed had been working under the leadership of Mullah Mahtab, who himself joined the second group. During a brief speech, Mr. Mahtab stated, “From now on, I would work for peace and defend the government.” Approximately 200 members of the Taliban across Baghlan province have voluntarily come forward over the past few months in moves that are seen as helping to stabilize the province’s security.

Our appreciation, Mr. Mahtab, other members, Afghan government and all those working to restore harmonious relations across the land. May Allah grace all the people of Afghanistan to prosper in wholesome lives of lasting peace.

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