US support for Afghan war dips to lowest level since presidential election - 20 Jan 2011  
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US support for Afghan war dips to lowest level since presidential election. A new poll by Quinnipiac University in Connecticut, USA has revealed that support by US voters for the war in Afghanistan went down to 41% in January 2011, which is the lowest since President Barack Obama assumed office in 2008. A poll conducted by the Washington DC-based Afghan Study Group also found support diminishing even among conservative voters, who are now more concerned about escalating war costs.

American Citizen (F): I don’t believe war is ever the answer; you can’t make peace with war.

American Citizen 2 (F): The American people don’t support this and there really is no military answer to this problem in Afghanistan. US Congressman Dennis Kucinich: There is a time for clear thinking. And it’s not clear thinking when people are talking about war and peace in the same breath, battle and negotiations in the same breath. If we are going to be consistent, we should turn to negations right now and not be escalating. If we really are concerned about the people of Afghanistan, we’ll stop the war, we’ll negotiate a settlement, we’ll bring our troops home.

VOICE: Speaking to the press, Republican Senator Richard Lugar, a ranking committee member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, also indicated a growing dissatisfaction among Americans at the idea of spending billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money in Afghanistan for years to come. He stated, “For ordinary Americans looking at all this, they wonder, ‘Where does this stop?’”

Our thanks, Quinnipiac University, Afghan Study Group and Senator Lugar for highlighting the growing feeling of American citizens for the need to change from the ways of war. May such findings help leaders and individuals alike realize a new priority of bringing improvement to people’s lives through only peaceful means.,,

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