Equatorial rain band moving north due to global warming - 29 Aug 2009  
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Scientists at the University of Washington School of Oceanography in the USA have observed a climate-related northward shift in a band of weather, also known as a rainfall feature, that brings up to 4 meters of precipitation each year to a region circling the equator.

As this rainfall feature is pushed further north, regions closer to the equator are drying, with the scientists
forecasting that places like the Pacific Islands will run out of fresh water by the middle of this century, or even sooner.

The study’s lead author, Dr. Julian Sachs, said, “We're talking about the most prominent rainfall feature on the planet, one that many people depend on as the source of their fresh water because there is no groundwater to speak of where they live.

In addition, many other people who live.. farther afield from the Pacific could be affected because this band of rain shapes atmospheric circulation patterns throughout the world.”

Dr. Sachs and associates, our sincere thanks for these detailed observations that warn of such a potentially devastating trend.

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