2009 World Water Week Conference concludes in Stockholm - 29 Aug 2009  
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Bringing together over 2,500 scientists, dignitaries, and officials from 130 nations, this year’s discussions focused on water’s connection to climate change. Organized by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), other topics included water’s role in agriculture, biodiversity, sanitation, technology and resource management.

Participants also unanimously agreed that water must be a key part of the climate change negotiations in Copenhagen this December.

In a concluding statement, SIWI Executive Director Anders Berntell said, “Water is a fundamental element in economies, communities and public health.

We know that it is the medium through which climate change manifests its most serious effects.
To be effective, climate negotiations must factor in the impact and importance of water for the world and, indeed, human well-being.”

Anders Berntell, SIWI Executive Director:The message that comes out of here is that water is not just another sector; water is the prerequisite of life on our planet. Water is the bloodstream.

Professor John Anthony Allan, 2008 Stockholm Water Prize winner and Professor at King's College London:With my water specialization, the benefit of people being more vegetarian is that they reduce their water footprint; so…water footprint benefit, human health benefit, environmental health benefit. Regarding what we eat, it’s very important we understand that we have a big impact on the planet. And so, Be Veg, Go Green, Save the Planet.

We thank Executive Director Berntell, Stockholm International Water Institute and all World Water Week Conference participants for your commitment to resolving water management issues.Let us join in sustainable lifestyles to conserve and share this precious resource with all global neighbors.