Water shortages loom around the globe - 30 Aug 2009  
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Data from sources worldwide highlight ever-growing concerns about water supplies. US-based journalist association Circle of Blue surveyed people in 15 different countries and found that water pollution and shortages were the public’s biggest environmental concerns.

In Wyoming, United States, two glaciers of the Teton Mountains have lost over 20 percent of their surface area,
affecting water supplies in three states.

In Europe, a report from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) found that only half of Germany’s total water footprint
comes from within the country, illustrating the dependency of industrialized nations on other countries for water sourced in imported goods.

And in Asia, the UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) along with the International Water Management Institute in Sri Lanka are calling for irrigation reform to help supply food and water for an additional 1.5 billion people by 2050.

Our thanks, Circle of Blue, World Wildlife Fund, UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), International Water Management Institute and all others for sharing this vital information.

Let us unite to implement lifestyles of sustainable consideration that bring about water security for all.
During a March 2009 Juice Fast For Peace videoconference in California, USA, Supreme Master Ching Hai reminded that the quickest way to return to plentiful water stores is to halt livestock raising.

Supreme Master Ching Hai : At a time when we have water shortage and all the reservoirs are dwindling at such an alarming rate, we are truly afraid that even if we don’t take shower at all, it will not do much help because all the human uses and everything comes together is only 30% of water around the world.

Everything else is mostly used for meat industry, 70% of it. Meat industry should be cut. That will help the planet. That will help to reserve our water, to refill our lakes and our rivers again.