Meat diet depletes water resources in China - 3 Sep 2009  
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A study by the International Water Management Institute and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) found that China’s per capita water usage for food production has almost doubled since 1985, a trend that is already unsustainable and would prove even more so if continued.

Dr. Junguo Liu of the Beijing Forestry University explained that food consumption patterns are the main reason for the worsening water situation, saying, “A switch from traditional rice and noodles to a meatier diet is behind the change.”

He cautioned other developing countries about similar water shortages induced by such disadvantageous changes in diet.

Our heartfelt thanks, Dr. Junguo Liu and associates for calling attention to the eco-damaging effects of meat consumption. To restore the balance of precious resources and the environment, let us all turn toward the many benefits of the plant-based diet.