Hundreds of thousands of Somalis seek drought relief - 6 Sep 2009  
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Prolonged dry conditions attributed to global warming have threatened the lives of 700,000 residents, causing many to abandon their homes and flee to the country’s urban centers.

However, cities are also in a precarious situation with some food prices having risen as much as 70%. Recent rains have not provided relief, as explained by Deputy Minister at the Somaliland Ministry of Resettlement, Reintegration and Rehabilitation, Mr. Abdihakim Garaad Mohamoud.

He said, “Some rain has started, but animals and people are so weak and [may not be] able to survivethe wet situation.” He also called on the international community to help the drought-affected people.

Other leaders are also highlighting the need for united efforts in solving the global water crisis.
Mr. Samuel Nkomo, Zimbabwe Minister of Water Resources Development and Management (M): Global warming is reality.  If we don’t manage our water resources Properly worldwide, around the globe, we are going to fight a war for water. The world must come together.

VOICE: Minister Nkomo of Zimbabwe and Somali Deputy Minister Mohamoud, we thank you for bringing to our attention the serious situations facing brethren in Somalia and other parts of the world.

May Heaven watch over them as we quickly adopt such sustainable practices as the plant based diet to restore balance to all life on Earth. Concerned for humanity’s well being, Supreme Master Ching Hai addressed the issue of environmental refugees during a November 2008 interview with Ireland’s East Coast Radio FM.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: If we don’t have global warming, then no one would be a climate refugee. I ask everyone to please ,imagine if that were yourself in the refugee’s situation, experiencing all these troubles – insecurities, hunger, lacking all comfort, humiliation, undignified situation, uncertain of the morrows of your future and the future of your helpless children. Just imagine it. Then try to solve this tragedy by helping in whatever way we can. And above all, and most urgently of all, be veg, go green to save the planet, to prevent such trauma and to build a bright future for the world, for our co-citizens.