Groundwater over-pumping linked to sea level rise. - 20 Nov 2010  
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Published in the Geophysical Review Letters, a new study by researchers in the Netherlands has shown that runoff and evaporation from worldwide depletion of groundwater accounts for about 25% of today’s rising sea levels.

The scientists reported that volumes of groundwater removal have more than doubled, from 99.7 million acre-feet in 1960 to 229.4 million in 2000. However, at the same time that groundwater use is contributing to sea level rise, it is also creating water shortages due to a general inability for water tables to be quickly

Dr. Peter H. Gleick, leading expert on water issues and president of the Oakland-based Pacific Institute in California, USA highlighted the inevitable dwindling of such sources as he said, “Forty percent of our groundwater withdrawals are coming from unsustainable sources of water. By definition, unsustainable means it can’t continue forever.”

The researchers concluded by stating that the effect on sea level rise is expected to diminish, but that is only because continued use at this rate will run the underground basins dry.

Dutch researchers and Dr. Gleick, we appreciate your highlighting the multitude of problems arising from unsustainable resource use. May we all strive for greater consciousness of our water footprint to live more harmoniously with nature.

During a February 2009 videoconference in Formosa (Taiwan), Supreme Master Ching Hai addressed the urgent need for humanity to tread more lightly on our fragile planet.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: We do hope we do something so that we can stop the rising sea level the way it is right now and not getting worse so that other nations can still help the already sinking nations.

Being frugal is the key. Being frugal meaning also we go organic and vegan because this method will help to eliminate the excessive use of natural resources for producing meat and dairy products. And in that case, we will have enough to feed everybody.

Organic farming actually restores the topsoil and cleans the air and water supplies even. And if we go organic vegan, then everything will be back to normal as before and even better, more lushful, more plentiful, more abundant for all to enjoy in clean air, peace, love, good health, and long life.