Thirty-year study reveals US Gulf bays at risk of severe flooding. - 7 Oct 2008  
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Researchers reporting on the flooding risks facing the United States Gulf Coast, from Alabama to Texas, point to rising sea levels as a key risk factor. Dr. John Anderson, a professor in oceanography and earth science at Rice University, explained that the ocean bays are close to experiencing flood levels last seen in the Holocene era some 9,600 years ago. Of particular concern is the observation from several recent studies that sea level increase along the Gulf Coast has doubled in the past century. This is due to global warming as well as dam construction that has restricted the natural flow of sediment into the bays, thus jeopardizing protective wetlands.

Our sincere appreciation, Dr. Anderson and colleagues, for helping us to understand the climate change-related risks to the Gulf Coast. Let’s all join in quickly taking action to recover the natural balance of our biosphere.