Be Noble, Think Noble, and Want Only God
Sep 15, 2014 -- Los Angeles, California, USA
We invite you to watch a new videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai, which took place on Monday, September 15, 2014.
Supreme Master Ching Hai answered spiritual questions on topics such as:
  • What it will take to have a peaceful, vegan world
  • Why the negative Shadow Universe spreads so quickly
  • Why thinking about someone causes us to share their karma (retribution)
  • Islam, which some misunderstand that it encourages violence
  • What Supreme Master ...
From the Original Universe to Our World: True Love Never Changes
May 29, 2014 -- Los Angeles, California, USA
Since the previous conference about her amazing rediscovery of the Original Universe, Supreme Master Ching Hai has many new updates! In this new videoconference, she shared more about the Original Universe and our universe, how they're different and similar, who created the Original Universe, etc. When asked if anything exists above the Original Universe, her answer was a surprising revelation!

Furthermore, her words touched us deeply when she spoke at length regarding unconditional lo...
The Joy of Homecoming: Master's Rediscovery of the Original Universe
Jan 26, 2014 LA, USA
To ring in the Year of the Horse, Supreme Master Ching Hai shared some very exciting news for the 2014 New Year and Lunar New Year!

She joyfully expressed, “A lot of new news. I left the journey in the Extreme Cosmic Sphere already behind. I’m now in a different region. I’m now in the Original Universe.”

In a four-hour long conference, Supreme Master Ching Hai revealed her rediscovery of this incredibly wondrous region, unlike any other before, through her intensive medi...
International Gathering in Europe / Jul-Aug 2013
From July to August 2013, Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association members joined an international gathering with Supreme Master Ching Hai in Europe, to meditate and pray for world peace.
In a series of discussions, Supreme Master Ching Hai shared a wide range of insights on topics including:
  • connections to higher spiritual realms
  • the various cosmic powers brought to the planet for humans' use
  • the growing global vegan population
  • the accelerated peace trend in the world
  • practical ways to improve our lives
  • plus delightful news and beneficial messages for all!
Master's Journey to the Higher Regions of the Cosmos
June 16, 2013
On June 16, 2013, Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke in a new teleconference with Supreme Master Television staff, once more setting aside precious time from her intensive meditation retreat to answer spiritual questions.
Some of the topics discussed:
  • Supreme Master Ching Hai’s experiences during her intensive meditation retreat
  • The guardians of the higher levels
  • Qualities of the various high levels Master has reached
  • Why we cannot get along with certain people
  • The world’s progress toward World Vegan, World Peace
  • More about Heaven and hellish beings on Earth
  • Plus other updates since the previous conference