Evidence of link between ice melt and earthquakes - 21 Aug 2010  
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Evidence of link between ice melt and earthquakes.
A team of US scientists have identified climate change and ice sheet melt as the likely causes of several massive 7 to 7.5-magnitude quakes that occurred in 1811 and 1812 along the New Madrid fault in the middle of the North American continent in an area not typically prone to quake activity.

After studying the fault for a decade, the researchers found no evidence of growing pressure that might have ordinarily predicted a future quake. They instead concluded that the pressure was likely built through a geologic event such as the uplift of the Rocky Mountains. Then, at the end of the last Ice Age, when melting sheets flowed down the Mississippi River, the additional water flow washed vast amounts of sediment away, relieving pressure that had been weighing down on the Earth’s crust. This would create conditions for the fault to move, thus releasing the stored pressure and creating the quakes that occurred at that time.

Professor Eric Calais of University of Purdue stated, “We understand why earthquakes happen at the contact between tectonic plates, like in California, but it has always been a puzzle as to why earthquakes occur in the middle of the continent as well, and with no visible surface deformation.

Our theory links an external climate-driven process, the melting of the ice sheet, and earthquakes.”Thank you Professor Calais and colleagues for helping us to understand more about the link between global warming and disruptions like earthquakes.

May we heed this research and act to avoid future disasters by restoring the balance in our ecosphere. During an October 2009 videoconference in Indonesia, Supreme Master Ching Hai addressed similar scientific findings regarding temblors in a warming world, and suggested a holistic way to re-stabilize the planet.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Scientists have discovered that earthquakes are linked to global warming. Because, as the ice melts at the poles - you know North and South poles – beneath Greenland, pressure shifts on the Earth's plates that could trigger movement to cause earthquakes.

So, we create the atmosphere we live in. If everyone creates the harmonious atmosphere, our planet will be in peace This will also help protect us.

And also, we should pray to Heavens, to the great mercy of Allah, and the angels, to all divine beings, to help awaken humankind – awaken us so that we understand right from wrong. We understand that we must walk the way of God’s children.

So, please help us, help your loved ones and those around you, to all be veg, and do good deeds.


Earth’s resources run out on August 21.
Saying that humans are using more natural reserves than nature can give, environmental advocacy group, Global Footprint Network, has calculated that our resources are being used at a rate more than 30% higher than what nature has available.

As such, all global resources have been consumed as of August 21, with everything used after today such as water, crops and products from the forests leaving an Earthly deficit.

The scientists estimate that at this rate, reserves will be 100% depleted by 2040, which would be catastrophic. Italian scientist Roberto Brambilla, who is affiliated with the research, has stated that the keys to a better balance include eating less meat, riding a bicycle and using sustainable energy sources.

Our appreciation Dr. Brambilla and Global Footprint Network for this unique view of our current dis-harmony with the planet. Let us all act quickly to preserve both resources and lives by finding ways to live in balance with the Earth.


Extra News
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