Relief news update from Haiti - 7 Feb 2010  
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Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association relief news update from Haiti.
With over a million Haitians still struggling in the aftermath of the severe 7.0 January 12 earthquake, doctors fear an outbreak of another type of medical problem.

Doctor, Haiti (m):  the hospital and the doctors for the last couple of weeks have been doing a great job. They are doing cases that are so tremendously large in a small setting with minimal supplies, and doing a great job. But just the nature of what we are seeing, we are going to see another wave of surgical complications, which are going to be infections.

VOICE: Conveying her deep concern and sorrowful prayers, Supreme Master Ching Hai had immediately made funds available and donated US$60,000, calling for our Association members to go help the desperate, especially in providing medical and surgical care as well as quality pain medications.

Combined with donations from our global Association members, the contributions currently total US$269,000, an amount that could purchase US$9.6 million in emergency aid in the United States, based on Haiti’s cost of living.

Covering most of their own travel expenses, our international Association members are offering much-needed services as physicians with skills in wound care as well as nurses, dentists and cooks.

Supreme Master Television Correspondent, Port-au-Prince, Haiti (f): We are here in the streets of Port-au-Prince in Haiti.

Relief recipient, Port-au-Prince, Haiti (m): All the Haitian people are at the street now. They have nowhere to go, they have no foods, they have no drinking, they have nothing for living now. And we need that, we need to find more doctors for other persons who are alive. I congratulate you for your work because it is not an easy work for doing.

Our Association’s doctor (f): So this one month old baby has been having the fever and vomiting. And the best way to keep the baby healthy and alive is to keep hydrating.

VOICE: Our Association members have also been graciously assisted in packing and transporting food supplies by groups like the Civil Defense of the Dominican Republic.

Augusto Moreta Peña, Regional Director of the Civil Defense, Barahona, Dominican Republic (M): We are helping to pack these foods to be distributed in Haiti.

As Civil Defense, we are satisfied, happy because your non-profit organization has done selflessly what many agencies have not done, that is, to share and above all to personally deliver the aids to each of the affected in Haiti.

Therefore I urge you to continue forward, keep on! Thanks to Master for the aid and to take us into consideration to collaborate regarding the packaging of these foods to be brought to the affected in Haiti.

VOICE: In addition to food and medicine, more items are on the way such as toys and art utensils as individual gifts for children, as well as rubber balls, frisbees, card decks, and sets of dice to be given to small groups and communities.

Doctor (F): Do you have parents, mama, papa?

Translator for girl (M):  She doesn’t have any mother, because her mother had died since the earthquake.

Doctor (F): What happened to her arms?

Translator (M): She says that a higher building fell on her arms.

Doctor (F): Do you have enough medicine to help the pain?

Translator (M): Yes.

Doctor (F): I have a teddy bear here, and I want to give it to her. This is from Master Ching Hai.

VOICE: Through each endeavor of our Association’s relief team, the people they encounter all express their deep appreciation for Supreme Master Ching Hai’s caring support.

Mr. David Canther, President and Founder of Active Community Teams Serving (ACTS) World Relief (M): We want to unitedly thank Supreme Master Ching Hai for being a spearhead in encouraging and supporting others to come out as doctors and physicians, and the cook team, to be able to help the hurting people of Haiti. I just want to thank you personally for teaching that spirit of humility and serving. Thank you again.

Reporting for Supreme Master Television from the streets of Port-au-Prince in Haiti.

VOICE: We are grateful to all governments, organizations and volunteers rendering assistance to the quake-stricken in Haiti. We also thank Supreme Master Ching Hai for her loving aid, as well as our Association’s relief team for their sincere endeavors. Our prayers for the protection and swift recuperation of the Haitian people, and that such devastations soon subside through humanity’s gentler regard for the ecosphere.