Relief news update for Haiti - 14 Feb 2010  
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Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association relief news update from Haiti.
Starting on Friday, February 12, the Haitian people gathered for three days of mourning for the more than 230,000 people who perished in the January 12 earthquake.

Haitian President René Préval joined fellow co-citizens to honor them in prayer. Deeply concerned for the survivors since the initial disaster, Supreme Master Ching Hai had responded with donations totaling US$60,000 as she urged the medical professionals of our Association to help with such needs as emergency surgeries.

Later she asked for the purchase of effective pain medicines, followed by a most recent request to provide the victims with tents to shelter from rain.

Combined with funds from our worldwide Association members, the current US$293,000 contribution could acquire US$10.5 million in supplies in the United States, based on Haiti’s cost of living.

Covering most of their own travel expenses, our Association’s relief teams in Haiti have been reaching out to orphanages and remote areas with much-needed food.

Meanwhile, at the major Adventist hospital in Carrefour, our medically trained relief team members continue to see an endless line of injured and sick patients.

Association member, Pediatric physician (F): A 19-day-old girl after the earthquake hasn’t been fed anything. The mother has no milk, mom had no money. She didn’t even drink water, she is so malnourished. We have fortunately saved many babies that we couldn’t believe they were alive.
(Treating baby; speaking with baby’s father in French)
He ate?

Association member (F): And now they’re really happy and smiling and awake, and you pass by and they blow kisses at you, and that’s great!

Association member (F): There are many children, many sick people, they need help, and we have been able to do that for them. It’s such a great feeling. Everything is worth being here.

Not being able to sleep, not being able sometimes to bathe, but you don’t care. I really have to thank Master for this great opportunity that she has given me.

Father (M): Thank you.

VOICE: We appreciate the world governments, groups and volunteers for all your efforts to help the quake-affected people. Our gratefulness as well for Supreme Master Ching Hai’s ongoing concern for the victims, and for our Association’s diligent relief team. May Heaven’s grace be with the faithful Haitians
as they recover and we pray that such tragedies are eased through humanity’s care for all beings.