Master, a solar flare is a natural phenomenon in which parts of the Sun’s atmosphere
explode and release a powerful amount of magnetic energy. Scientists have informed us
of the potential physical risks and effects of a powerful solar flare.
Master mentioned that the sSun, of course, is a Fifth Level being, so do these solar flares
have any spiritual meaning or effect on humans’ spirituality, Master?

SM: If it has devastating effects, then what do you think? What will happen?
What do the scientists say? If the flare was bigger and has very big, effect, then what would happen? Do you know? (Q(m): No.)

SM: Okay. Fine. It could be worse; you know already. We have been fortunate because other
planetary beings – you know, those you call “aliens” – have tried to help us. It could have been worse. Okay, That’s why it’s not so bad. All right?
The Fifth Level beings are only there to give us spiritual benefit and upliftment and happiness,
but unfortunately, we sometimes abuse it. We are not making ourselves worthy of all this help, you see? So we have all this violent atmosphere – because of war, because of hatred,
because of mass murdering of animals, etc., etc., yes and abusing the environment, yes. We are killing too much, so we attract this kind of a flare., you understand?
It’s us, the humans, who attract it, the flare, okay? (Q(m): Yes, Master.)
And if we continue, it could be worse than that. It’s just a warning only. Just a warning. It could be worse. All right? (Q(m): Yes, Master.) I always tell everybody, “Please, pay more attention
to moral standard. Please be more compassionate. Please be more virtuous.
yeah? Love each other. Peace. No war. No killing. Vegan.” – that is to protect everybody.