Supreme Master Television recently had the honor to meet Ms. Miyuki Hatoyama, who served as spouse of the former Japanese prime minister from September 2009 to June 2010.

We feel honored to have such an opportunity of talking with you in person today.

Ms. Miyuki Hatoyama:
The pleasure is mine.

We knew that you had written a book titled 『The Most Marvelous Events I Have Encountered in the World』 and that you had mentioned, 『My soul was taken to the Venus on a UFO.』
Would you share what kind of experience you had at that time with our world viewers?

Ms. Miyuki Hatoyama:
If you think such a way, your life is fun, right?
(SMTV: Sure.) So that’s the way I think. Some people say that  you must be dreaming. It is perfectly fine with me. Every person can think freely. I believe that I have been to Venus where
it is full of greenery, and the colors of green are very beautiful.
And everyone over there is studying earnestly. Those are my impressions. When I came back to the Earth, I found myself in my bed. My husband sleeping next to me asked if I had a nice dream.