Greetings, friendly viewers, and welcome to Good People, Good Works on Supreme Master Television. In light of the growing global trend toward compassion, many people are redefining their life’s missions and goals to bring about constructive change for our planet.

These kind-hearted souls are combining their time, resources and talents with other like-minded individuals and groups to help protect the environment.

Today we will meet Susan Lenman Gottlieb and Dan Gottleib, founders of the G2 Gallery in Venice, California, USA who are using their mutual love of nature photography to help unite the world through art.

The Gallery encourages people to recognize their oneness with all creation and thus join their hearts and spirits to preserve the natural wonders and beauty of our precious planet.

The G2 Gallery, which opened in March 2008, is dedicated to promoting awareness and inspiring positive action to care for and safeguard the natural environment. Let’s visit the Gottleibs’ to learn more about how their common love of nature and art has sparked their conservation efforts.