On today’s show, we would like to introduce Medicines Global, a unique, non-profit organization that helps benevolent travelers give back to the communities they visit.

Janice Belson, Executive Director of Medicines Global, explains more about the organization.

Janice (f): What if every adventure traveler became a carrier of much-needed medical supplies to the far corners of the globe?

What impact would that simple act of kindness and care have on the state of health care across the globe?

For nine years, I’ve had this dream and have reached out to people who adventure travel. Because where people adventure travel, Âu Lạc (Vietnam), Laos, Cambodia, Nepal, Tibet, to those countries that people travel to hike, to trek, to bike, to find their love of nature, their love of adventure, which is the fastest growing segment of the travel industry, they always are in areas that people are impacted with health problems.

And I came up with this idea more than nine years ago that travelers could so easily take a box of Band-Aids, a tube of anti-bacterial cream, basic humanitarian first aid supplies.

HOST: Medicines Global is always looking for new ways to encourage individuals and groups to make a difference in the lives of others by participating in the Give Back (GB) program.