Greetings, enlightened viewers, to Science and Spirituality for part one of a two-part program on American author and Gnostic Gospels expert Peter Canova. After an extraordinary career as an international businessman and luxury hotel developer, Mr. Canova began studying ancient
mystical teachings, quantum physics and psychology. Today he’ll discuss his perspective on the mysteries of creation and the meaning of the Gnostic Gospels as well as other spiritual
insights he’s gained from his research.

In Judaism, you have the Kabala, which is the mystical core of Judaism. In Islam, you have Sufism, which is the mystical core of Islam, and Gnosticism was the mystical core of Christianity.

Mr. Canova is author of the 『 First Souls』 novel trilogy. Book one is called 『 Pope Annalisa』 and has won seven national book awards in the US including the prestigious Nautilus Gold Medal Award and the Independent Publishers Award.

My name is Peter Canova.
I’m from the United States and I’m an author. I had a series of, I guess what you call psychic experiences when I was younger. And it put me on the quest to understand the whole basis of how
these types of phenomena happen to us. I sensed that we must all be connected in some sort of matrix or energy field. So just trying to really understand and answer those questions set the course
of my later life. 

Peter Canova(m):
I think what has been missing in organized religions for a long time is a flexibility that allows a person to determine their own spiritual experiences, their own images, their own dreams and
things like that without being channeled into what is accepted by the particular religious group. When you have a spiritual perspective, but you don’t lock it into any particular type of creed, your ability
to experience that spirit is a lot broader.