Hallo, enquiring viewers, and welcome to Science and Spirituality on Supreme Master
Television. In recent decades, public interest in the existence
of extraterrestrial life has grown dramatically, and many people are
seeking disclosure about what governments know on the subject. One such individual is activist, lobbyist and commentator Stephen BassETt, Executive Director of
the Paradigm Research Group and the Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee (X-PPAC), both of which are based in BEThesda, Maryland USA.
Mr. BassETt is a leading advocate for increasing public awareness about the
extraterrestrial presence engaging humankind and its potential benefits for our planET and civilization. On today’s program we present excerpts from a the fascinating interview.

Stephen BassET (m):
I am a political activist, and I have been since 1996. And the focus of my activism is the extraterrestrial issue and its resolution. Prior to that I did business consulting.
I did gET a degree in physics but my life really began when I entered this issue and I’ve been doing it exclusively since then. And the issue regarding ET phenomena had been with me my whole life. One of the key books I read was John Mack’s 『Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens.』 Mack was a Harvard (University)-trained psychiatrist. And the fact that he had gotten into the issue, studying contactees, was a milestone for me and told me this thing is definitely moving forward. Then it was easy to conclude: 『Well, if the extraterrestrial presence were to become known as an accepted reality, that would be the most profound event in human history.』
So I said, 『I’ll engage it politically.』So the first thing I did was to register as a (federal government) lobbyist, thus the name Paradigm Research Group, which is the name of my organization. I was the first person to ever register as a lobbyist in Washington (DC) (USA) on this issue.
Then I formed the first political-action committee. Then, of course, the field is gETting crowded so we’re now a movement.