Nuclear disarmament milestone in the US - 27 Oct 2011  
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On Tuesday, October 25, a final nuclear weapon was dismantled, one that was said to be 600 times more destructive than that which tragically struck Hiroshima.

This dismantling also marked the project's completion a year ahead of schedule, in accordance with US President Barack Obama’s pledge to reduce the nation's nuclear arsenal and also coincided with a nuclear disarmament summit being held in New York, USA.

At the conference, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon spoke of the vision of a world where such weapons no longer exist, as he stated, “We know that the world of tomorrow is shaped by the decisions we make today.
A world free of nuclear weapons is a concrete possibility...

As we look ahead, we must keep our eyes fixed on our universally agreed ‘ultimate goal’ of general and complete disarmament.”

We salute the US for this significant disarmament step as we also thank UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for your uplifting reminder. May we all walk together toward a future of shared dignity, respect and worldwide peace.
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