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Now we are more accepting of their presence, due to information about UFOs on the internet, in books. And governments help to release many of the UFO facts, so the people are more open now to their existence, so they feel more easy to come to help us in any way they can, yes?

Welcome enlightened viewers to Science and Spirituality. This week we hear from Macedonian psionic (psychic) researcher Pane Andov. Throughout his life, Mr. Andov, a vegetarian, has had numerous extraordinary encounters with extraterrestrials and unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

In our two-part series he will be discussing his metaphysical abilities, experiences with astral projection, and contacts with the universe. To spread his knowledge regarding such fascinating topics as crop circles, the extraterrestrial hierarchy in the Solar System, and the coming wonderful and incredible changes to Earth and humanity after 2012, he publishes a monthly magazine called “The Sixth Sense” and conducts public lectures.

My name is Pane Andov and I am a psionic researcher and (extraterrestrial) contactee from a very early age. When I was seven, I was taken for the first time. My DNA was changed and I was able to experience certain things that helped me understand the dynamics that are very important for the days that we are living at this moment.

It all began one night when beings from another world came to visit young Pane.

This object started to come closer and closer. I started to recognize that there is some kind of opening and there are beings that are staring towards me. I started to realize that those beings are not human but are very similar to what was depicted in the movie “Contact” and “Knowing” so, whoever is controlling that film industry is getting information from somewhere.

The next thing that I recall is that I was taken to a room where I was closely examined and there were all kinds of laser lights that were going above my body. I didn’t feel any pain but felt warmer and colder sensations in my body as those lights were moving through. It was obvious that they were doing some major changes in my DNA structure. Before they let me go, they transmitted these thoughts in my head. They told me that they have done something to me and I am able to experience certain things like telepathy, out of body experience and similar stuff that will help me understand what needs to be done in these interesting times.

They also transmitted the message that they would be guiding me all the way and giving me the necessary knowledge to combine all the pieces together and to deliver this message to humanity. They told me also that there would be a major role in the process of awakening that I would need to play. The boldest thing that I remember is they actually stated that humanity is heading towards an extraordinary change; that many spirits would return to the stars and something magnificent is going to happen. And after a while, they returned me back home in Skopje (Macedonia).

From that point onwards, Pane Andov began developing his new found powers and gaining profound knowledge about our planet and universe.

I started to experience certain changes in my perception. I started to feel something more like what dolphins are feeling when they dive underwater. And I started to hear voices, which were the thoughts of my mother, brother and friends around, but the most interesting thing was the sensitivity. And if I touched something, I was able to pick up data from it, like I was reading the matrix of that object in some particular way.

But the most amazing thing actually was that I was able to experience awakening while I was sleeping. In the middle of the night I was able to see everything, to hear everything. I was starting to elevate above the bed and as soon as I elevate enough I recognize that my (physical) body actually is sleeping on the bed. I got scared at the beginning thinking I would die.

But after a while, I got encouraged because I noticed that it was not going to be anything bad and I started to elevate more and passed through the ceiling. I didn’t know what to make of it then, but afterwards, after years and years, I learned that people called this experience “astral projection”; where the consciousness is actually using the astral body and separating from the physical body.

The interesting thing was when I went above the roofs, I noticed that there was a light following me all the time in the background. I didn’t feel any threat from that light – it was a protective type of light. As a seven year-old kid it was fun to jump from roof to roof in the neighborhood.

As a young man, Mr. Andov practiced spiritually and further refined his metaphysical abilities.

But when I become a teenager, I was introduced to the esoteric sciences from my uncle who was initiated into Tibetan Buddhism, into qi energy, kundalini energy, martial arts, and what yogis were able to do, staying without food and water for a long time and to meditate and so on.

And I started to meditate for hours and hours and started to explore my qi potential, started to train for out-of-the-body experiences. It took a while when I started to meditate more than six hours per day in the lotus position. That’s when the kundalini energy awakened and I started to experience exteriorization of the consciousness.

Afterwards, my whole perception of reality shifted. I was completely transformed and I started to look more for answers in the space and universe. No one around me was experiencing similar stuff. Those days it was very rare that you could find literature about this phenomena. I knew that this was the way to go and my heart was pointing towards that direction.

I started to keep a diary where I recorded thousands and thousands of experiences. I was most of the time using awakening of the kundalini energy and when this kundalini energy reaches my head, I was able to separate from my physical body and to become present on the astral plane.

Sightings of UFOs have occurred throughout human history. In many parts of the world fantastic lights and unfamiliar flying craft have been observed in the sky. Some governments have closely tracked these events and the UK’s National Archive, the nation’s official archive, has released portions of its “UFO files” on the Internet.

The interesting thing is, I started to realize that on the astral plane there is plenty of activity which today we would call UFO activity. If you look outside at this particular moment with a normal camera and record with normal visible light you will not see much. But if you use another camera which is capable of infrared recording or night vision with some adjustments, you will realize that there are objects moving from time to time in formations. They’re not visible on the visible spectrum. As soon as you exit the biological host and enter the astral dimension, you are able to see all this phenomena and to recognize what is happening.

When I got stronger, I started to move higher and higher but as soon as I got to 40 kilometers of height, I was hitting an invisible barrier, an invisible ceiling; and my astral projection was cut off immediately and I returned back to my physical body. And I was attempting this penetration for a while. I was training with ESP (extrasensory perception) cards to increase my psionic or mental power and it had come to the point where it got stronger, and finally I was able to penetrate through.

As soon as I was able to penetrate out through the atmosphere and look into space, I started to realize that the flying crafts are coming and going from Planet Earth frequently in high numbers. Nothing of this is actually on the news. No one is talking about it and people live in completely different belief systems. This started to become very unusual for me and I wanted to investigate what actually is going on with this planet. Why are we not aware of this activity that is going on around our planet?

This craft here is one that was encountered very close to Jupiter and it was in the asteroid field between Mars and Jupiter. The same craft is visible on many occasions around Earth. Also, balls of light were going inside, down, landing on the planet and leaving the planet but in those times there was no evidence to prove it.

Martyn Stubbs was in charge of one television station in Vancouver (Canada). From one of the space shuttles directly to Houston (Texas, USA) he recorded hours of video transmission. It’s in black and white because it’s in infrared. They are trying to find the (Russian) Mir Space station. More than 100 objects are appearing on the radar and disappearing and they cannot locate the Mir.

STS 80 or the 80th launch of the space shuttle by the US is well known by UFO experts as footage from the mission shows spacecraft from other worlds.

This is from STS 80. Objects are appearing in precise formation and there is a central one that just glowed. Every time when there is a storm above the clouds, there is huge UFO activity. Because when those lightnings appear, there is energy that is released and their technology is based on harvesting this discharge of energy.

Pane Andov, we truly appreciate your sharing with us your amazing experiences with UFOs and extraterrestrials. It is also heartening to hear that our planet is well on the path to soon integrating with rest of the life-rich universe.

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