MC introduces Entertainment segment Sarah-Mai (f): Thank you, Commissioner Avila, Commissioner Horton, and Mrs. Avila. We applaud your initiative to contact Supreme Master Ching Hai, not only to express your appreciation of her as a humanitarian who genuinely cares about all beings, the environment,and the future of the planet, but also for her courageous actions. The perceptive questions posed and the insightful answers from Supreme Master Ching Hai resonated within all of us.

At this moment we would like to thank Vincent Photar, President of Vafcom; Donna L. Montgomery, co-founder of The International Peacehood Society; Jean Hendricks, Executive Director of the HHN School of Performing Arts; Sherri Frank, Director of MAPS; Vanessa Muhammad, co-founder at Metropolitan Area Group for Igniting Civilization (MAGIC); and James Huang, President and Editor for the Chinese American News. Now,we'll begin the entertainment segment of the evening,followed by an amazing dinner, which will,of course, be 100% vegan.

Fred (m): To begin the entertainment portion of our program is Vegan Elite,Alex Arndt. In September 2010, Alex Arndt and The Sonic Universe album “Sonic Paradigm” debuted. The album included wonderful songs such as, “Love Beyond the Room,” “The Inside of a Rainbow,” “Ignite the Light,” and “Love Unconditionally.” In an interview on Supreme Master Television, Alex observed that he sees Supreme Master Ching Hai as a light, a source of light for the entire world. Singing “Love Unconditionally,” let's welcome back to the stage Alex Arndt and Yvonne Smith as backup vocals.

Alex Arndt (m): Thank you. What's up,Chicago? We're going to turn it up a little bit. But thank you for being here and please enjoy this song.

“Love Unconditionally”Performed by Alex Arndt & Yvonne Smith (Vegans)Written by Alex Arndt & The Sonic Universe

To all of life, I'm writing you a letter
I wanna give you all the love you've given me
With arms stretched out we lift each other higher
When giving hands are open they receive
May every hungry mouth be fed
Every child a safe warm bed
All animals treated right
All lonely shadows brought to light.

It's oh so easy to Love unconditionally Being grateful
For what we have and Letting the whole world see
It's so easy baby It's so easy baby It's so easy to Love Unconditionally.

To all of life, I'm writing you this letter
I wanna give you all the love you've given me
May the sun dawn in our lives Peaceful reflections in our eyes
Every leader speaking truth
Imploring faith in all the youth

Walk a mile in someone else's shoes
Keep love alive even when you lose
Embrace the gifts from Mother
Earth Feel the magic of the Universe.

It's oh so easy to Love unconditionally Being grateful
For what we have and Letting the whole world see
It's so easy baby. It's so easy baby It's so easy to Love Unconditionally.

But what does it mean?
It means accepting with an open heart
There's no expectations, no rules or regulations.
It's oh so easy to Love unconditionally Being grateful
For what we have and Letting the whole world see
It's so easy baby It's so easy baby It's so easy to Love Unconditionally. Isn't it?

To all of life, I'm writing you this letter
I wanna give you all the love you've given me.

Alex Arndt (m): Thank you. Yvonne Smith (f): Thank you.

Sarah-Mai (f): An outstanding performance. Ladies and gentlemen, Alex Arndt and Yvonne Smith - please give them another round of applause. An award-winning singer-songwriter from Rio Verde,Goias,Brazil, Sanoeth Schulze, also a vegan,will perform the next song which she has adapted to music based on Supreme Master Ching Hai's poem, “When You Said You Love Me.”

Fred (m): This same poem also inspired the Oscar and Emmy Award-winning composer Bill Conti who set it to music a year ago and it was performed on the 4th anniversary of Supreme Master Television. This evening, Ms. Sanoeth Sanoeth Schulze will perform a Portuguese rendition of “When You Said You Love Me.” Let's now welcome the lovely and talented Ms. Sanoeth Schulze.

Sarah-Mai (f): Before Sanoeth goes on, what did you think of our performance so far?
Fred (m): I think everything is lovely. In fact,there's so many things that I can say.
Sarah-Mai (f): I guess we'll get to that later.
Fred (m): Okay.
Sarah-Mai (f): They're ready to go on. Thank you.

When you said you love me All sorrows go away
On the cloud I soar high Like a swan on the mountain I fly
When you said you love me The sorrows go away
On the cloud I soar high Like a swan on the mountain I fly - I fly- I fly

And you hold my hands tight My heart sings through the night
All the stars shine And the moon dances within me.
Can we keep This magic moment! Can we keep This magic moment!
Can we go Where time stands still Where love is forever new
Where our feelings will never end?
And love is a beautiful song For the whole world to sing along

When you said you love me All sorrows go away
On the cloud I soar high Like a swan on the mountain I fly - I fly
When you said you love me Never let me be lonely
Together we will share The dream that never fades away Never...

When you said you love me All sorrows go away
On the cloud I soar high Like a swan on the mountain I fly - I fly
When you said you love me When you said you love me.

Fred (m): Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Ms. Sanoeth Schulze! Let's give her another round of applause.

Sarah-Mai (f): An award-winning Celtic singer from California with a nearly five-octave range, Moira Greyland is equally at home singing a lead in an opera, playing the harp for a wedding reception, or giving a concert of a variety of stunning vocal selections accompanied on the pedal harp.

Fred (m): Tonight, accompanied on the piano by vegan composer Robin Chiang, Moira will perform “London,” a song that had been adapted into music based upon a poem of Supreme Master Ching Hai by Robin Chiang. Please welcome with a grand applause.

London is a big city It's easier to feel lonely
Especially if you are in love With a special someone that you cannot be.
I told myself just forget him But how? Like climbing mountains! Inscribed in all corners of my heart
Are thousands of years of deep affection! If there is no such thing as reincarnation How come I feel so bounded?

To whom could I tell my troubles? The world keeps silent.
The moon shines The stars twinkle The breeze sends eternal caresses Côte d'Azur is ever blue.
The soft voice The tender lips - inviting - The sparkling jewel of his eyes
The striking regal look That send me to cloud nine And make my heart race Sky high!

I do believe Together we'll make a real difference In our lives and in the world, I do believe
Still I long for the day When our hearts will beat together
And the whole world will rejoice In our reunion forever.
O pray Heavenly Father Do grant it be.

Sarah-Mai (f): Once again, let's give our applause to Ms. Moira Greyland and Robin Chiang.

“A Word with the Buddha Stone-Statue” is a compelling poem written by Supreme Master Ching Hai in her latest poetry anthology, “The Love of Centuries.” Expressing a passionate commentary about the conditions of the time and with an affinity to Buddha, the devoted one pours words from the heart to Buddha,the beloved ascended Master, hoping for a reply, pleading for a resolve, wondering if there will be one.

Fred (m): Here to perform “A Word with the Buddha Stone-Statue” are our Association members from Taichung, Formosa (Taiwan). Yes,and of course, they're all vegan. Let's thank our Association members from Taichung. What a marvelous performance! Gayung Shin is a young, talented vegan singer from South Korea whose music instructors include Korean soprano Mi-kyeong Kim and tenor Antonio from Belgium.

Sarah-Mai (f): This evening, she will be singing one of the poems from “The Love of Centuries” poetry anthology that has been set to music by Excellent Soo, a vegan musician and composer from South Korea,entitled “Precious Stars!” Let us welcome Ms. Gayung Shin.

Stars,stars! How beautiful you are! How precious
Beyond all words Adorning this samsara!
I love to visit you And sing for you
You're so shining You're so enchanting
Why did God make you Soo... beautiful!
From far away I feel your love
Spreading from the sky To this planet of mine.

Stars,stars! How beautiful you are!
I feel your love To this planet of mine. I feel your love
Yet you remain Forever brightened
Forever loving Forever unchanged Forever giving!
We the humans Frail and humble But love and cherish you
Forever we try To embrace you From far away I feel your love
Spreading from the sky To this planet of mine.

Stars,stars! How beautiful you are! I feel your love
To this planet of mine I feel your love I feel your love.

Sarah-Mai (f): A lovely performance. Thank you, Ms. Gayung Shin. Let's give her a round of applause.

Fred (m): Among our distinguished guests today is Dick Gregory. An African American comedian,actor,author, recording artist, Dick Gregory remains one of the most influential civil rights activists,philosophers, anti-drug crusaders, vegans,and advocates of healthy living,of all time. Since 1961 he still uses his performance skills to convey his messages on civil rights.

Sarah-Mai (f): In 1973,Mr. Gregory developed an interest in vegetarianism and became a nutritional consultant, and since the mid 1980s, he has been a prominent figure in the health food industry for his advocacy of a raw fruit and vegetable diet, and by going on fasts, sometimes lasting upwards of 50 days. Mr. Gregory has been credited for introducing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s son to vegetarianism who then went on to influence his mother, Coretta Scott King, to become a vegan. In 1992,Mr. Gregory initiated a program called “Campaign for Human Dignity” to fight crime in St. Louis neighborhoods.

Fred (m): Let's listen to some of his published books “No More Lies,” “From the Back of the Bus,” “The Hood Health Handbook: A Practical Guide to Health and Wellness in the Urban Community,” “Dick Gregory's Natural Diet for Folks Who Eat: Cookin' With Mother Nature!”

Sarah-Mai (f): Mr. Gregory's many talents include his gift of laughter. Through standup comedy, he brings joy and humor to everyday life. Former President Clinton once commented, “I love Dick Gregory. He is one of the funniest people on the planet.” We are honored to have Mr. Dick Gregory join us this evening.

Fred (m): Ladies and gentlemen, let's give it up for Mr. Dick Gregory!

Dick Gregory (m): Thank you. Let me first say we thank and praise God that we've all made it here safely today. I pray to God that your return and my return will be equally as safe. First let me just say, I've entertained all over the world, I've enjoyed it but tonight was something special. Audience (all): Yes.
Dick Gregory (m): Tonight was something special. That's because you're special. You know,we sit and we think about,just as ordinary people, how do you change a planet that has been controlled by money folks and business folks, and I am sitting here - I have been here two days now - and I don't know if you are too close to it to see it,but you bring something special in this room and maybe to this city. I lived here for 25 years, I have never known two days in August to be as nice and as cool as these two days, so I have to “blame it” on you. You know, you think about it.

When you think about love and pleasantness, and I am sitting here and I am thinking about Africa; the biggest news going now is the starvation in Africa. I mean,think about the role you play. We're not talking about arming armies. We're not talking about fighting floods. We are talking about, after all,of the craziness that has happened, you're the group that's going to be left here to feed the folks. Anybody can kill folks with guns and military and tanks; but with love, when you leave here, when this is over and those of you that are looking all over the world, remember you do count. One person with courage is the majority. Think about that. And so I say to Supreme Master, thank you.

When I think about Jesus, when he was on the planet, everything we read that he said is hearsay; that don't mean it's not true, but the technology wasn't there than that's here now. Jesus Christ never traveled within 300 miles from where he was born, and tonight what you do here has gone all over the planet, interpreted in many languages.

We hear people talk about, “Oh the pen is mightier than the sword.” Come on,that's obsolete. What that mean was you can take the pen and write,but with that you can only reach the reader. This here the mic is mightier than the pen because with the mic you reach the reader and the non-reader; that's where we are today. And when you think about the decent people, they just haven't been given marching orders - that's your job. When you think about how many people... When I walked in and I had been knowing it for years but to see that sign outside that talked about one vegan meal will save 3,000 gallons of water.

Think about that. One steak: in order to produce a pound of beef, you have to feed 16 pounds of grain. So we have it in our midst, we don't have to invent nothing; it's already here. It's your job to re-change to reorganize; take the priorities, and then things will change fast and fast and fast. Oh,people don't understand you, they think you're crazy: “What do you mean you are not going to eat no meat?” “Oh what do you mean by that?”

I remember when I used to drink a fifth of scotch every day, smoke four packs of cigarettes every day, my top weight went up to 365 pounds,they called me “brother Greg.” When I got into veganism and don't want to eat anything that has to be killed, they called me a “nut.” “Health nut,” you know? Somewhere… And please understand the importance of water. I didn't realize until recently in America, more people die every summer from dehydration than all the people die in America from floods, from hurricanes, from tornados and winter storms. Something as simple as water.

And so I say to you, please understand what tonight means to a whole lot of people that are kind and nice, but nobody ever told them “If you give up that steak, if you give up this over here,if you give up that cheese, things will change automatically.” I remember someone asked me,they said, “You've been fasting for 40 years. What does your doctor think?” I said,“My doctor's been dead 30 years.”

My next birthday, I'll be 80 years old. Next birthday,my wife will be 75. We don't have a prescription between the two of us. So not only when you change into the vegan, not only do you help free up food for other people, My God,think what you do for yourself. Somebody asked me, “You'll be 80 your next birthday? You look so well. How do you know when you getting old?” You know, you're getting old when somebody compliments them beautiful shoes you're wearing, and you're barefooted.

Somewhere,and when you change that diet, and you find that real love locked down in here, fear goes out the window. All of them little things that we think are just part of nature - fear,poverty - these things are conditioned. The one thing my mother told me when I was growing up, “You're not poor, you're just busted.” “Poor” is a mental condition. Busted is just a temporary situation. And so you have a job to go out and change these situations, in the head,in the mind, somewhere. And you young folks, you all have a big job to do because a lot of old folks, they'll be telling you all stuff that don't even make sense.

When I was a little boy, we didn't have television - it wasn't invented. You imagine how stupid we were sitting around a radio, listening to a tap dancer on the radio. I ran into some old folks the other day,said, “I don't know what's wrong with these young folks today. When we were their age, we didn't have to lock no doors” - you didn't have nothing!

I mean, when I was a little boy, we were so poor and hungry and raggedy, the best day we had in our house was Halloween. That's the day you could wear your  natural clothes,and everybody thought you were dressed for the occasion. “Whoa, look at Richard! Got on shoes look just like feet!” Now I listen to people talking about poverty and let me tell you, we were so poor when I was a little bitty boy, the only time a rat was in our house, he was taking a shortcut to get across the street where there was some food.

Somewhere,when you think about and fear it... you know, we look at TV now, and so many people look at TV, and identify with crises, they identify with violence, and identify with… I got a cousin in Kansas City; he even watched so many TV movies about violence,he got 27 locks on the door, and ain't got nothing in the house. I said,“Boy,if somebody broke in here, they'd leave something.”

So,somewhere, when you stop,thinking- stop and think - we're going through all kinds of transitions now. All the banks are in trouble, the stocks are in trouble. I know people I've been talking to this week, that don't even know what the stock market is, but they're scared. See, fear will do that to you. I've been married 53 years. 53 years, and when I first got married,my wife couldn't handle debt. Fear- couldn't handle debt. “Oh,when we're going to pay Sears and Roebuck?” “You act like we have some money.” We don't have no money and when I get some money, Sears and Roebuck is not my first priority.

They knew I wasn't going to pay for this stuff when I got it. I walked in the house two weeks later, she's scared to death. She said,“Here it is, here it is, Sears and Roebuck, Sears and Roebuck says the final notice.” I looked at it and read it, “final notice.” “Ha,thank God we won't be hearing from them no more.” You've got to stop letting people manipulate you into fear. It's a game.

Three weeks ago, coming back from Europe, and a guy asked me, “Mister Gregory,people are losing their homes and all the foreclosures. How do you feel about that?” I said,“Feel? They took my house when times was good. Are you serious? They repossessed my Rolls Royce while me and my wife were in it, and she was so naïve, she thought they were giving us an oil change.”

So fear,(when) you leave here, understand that we have the power to change this planet, and don't let nobody manipulate you into believing that this planet's going to be destroyed. Only the universal God force that put this planet together will ever be able to destroy it. It don't need no nuclear bombs, it don't need nothing. Let me tell you something, if everybody left this planet today, within 24 hours, the rivers,the streams, the oceans would be clean. Don't underestimate the fact that somebody can scare you, that a bunch of evil old men and a handful of women can change this whole thing with negativity.

No,all they can do is remove us. We can die from impure air. We can die, but once we're gone, you're just like your clothes,as long as you're wearing them, you can't clean them. Once you take it off, the cleansing starts. So,let me tell you who you are. If you don't have a washing machine in your house, go to a Laundromat and look at that washing machine, and then you know who you are.

What cleans your clothes, what cleans that laundry, is a little thing in there called an agitator. And when you leave here, know that's what you will have to be, an agitator. And if you ever took the agitator out and put your laundry in there, all you're going to end up with is some wet,dirty clothes. It is that agitator,and we can be that agitator, with love,not with fear, not with anger.

You can't look at people starving and be angry about it, because that means you have already realized that you don't have the power to change it. We have the power to change it. And so,in our meditation, as we sit through the meditation, think about not the hungry people starving, but see them getting up with smiles on their faces, and understand that there's a love out here that can turn this whole piece around. That's our job,but you can't do it with fear. It's love,love,love, and being lovable. And so as I sit here and say to Supreme Master, thank you, thank you for being here.

First,we've always thought this was a men's job. We always thought, well,the men will come and save it. No,no,no, no,no,no,no. Human beings have no sex,have no race, when love sits in. You know what has to be done, we have the power to do it, and when I sit here and listen to that conversation on the couch... As long as I've lived here in Chicago,I didn't know the importance it played when it comes to water. I didn't know that at all.

And so somewhere, I can't swim. You mean,80 years old and can't swim? I'm sitting there listening to what they doing for water. I might go jump in the water tonight. And so again, let me just say to you, we are changing this. And to sit here and look at the technology, and this,what we heard tonight and what's going around the world, this will never be seen on all the billions of dollars that the corporations have,this.

But it went around the world, and we didn't have to go and say, “Can we get some money to put this together?” We did it. That's the power of love. That's the power that you have; and with the leadership of the Supreme Master who can bring groups together. And I hope that we can get copies of this, and I hope my brother and sister and your wife, I hope you can look and see what the world heard you say, just ordinary people.

You didn't come up here with an army outside, you come out here with you and your wife, and you sit, and once we understand how smart women are… you hear me? So somewhere I just want to say how thankful I am not just to be here, but to listen, to hear the whole conversation about water. You hear people talk about water shortages, and water shortages, but you all put a face on it tonight; you put a face on it, not only the say the planet is being messed up, but here is what we can do about it.

And so for that I thank you, for those of you who's here and spent your time here, I thank you and your message is getting through. I was here 4th of July, when everybody was cooking ribs and eating barbecue,nobody wanted to hear nothing about no “save the planet.” And I got this old crazy cousin, he don't like to do nothing but drink cheap wine and stay high. I woke him up and gave him an apple. He said,“Is it organic?” I love you. God bless.

Fred (m): Thank you,Mr. Gregory. Mr. Gregory, I'm wired up here and they keep telling me I don't smile enough but you did that. You brought out the smiles and we really thank you.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: There was a person named Sima Cheng Zhen. He studied the Tao with a hermit. After practicing for a while, Cheng Zhen went to travel around the country, and he visited many Taoist masters as well.

VOICE: Join us on Supreme Master Television, Friday,September 9, for part 1 of Supreme Master Ching Hai's lecture titled “The Story of Taoist Sima Cheng Zhen” on Words of Wisdom.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: When our brain understands clearly why we practice spiritually, why we have these questions and what the answers are, it will let us meditate peacefully. That's why Cheng Zhen needed to write some books for his disciples.

VOICE: Join us on Supreme Master Television, Saturday,September 10, for part 2 of Supreme Master Ching Hai's lecture titled “The Story of Taoist Sima Cheng Zhen” on Words of Wisdom.

Tune in to Supreme Master Television today for Supreme Master Ching Hai's lecture titled “The Story of Taoist Sima Cheng Zhen” on Words of Wisdom.