*The first question: When going back to the common life after this conference,what's your counsel?What's the first thing one should do?

Oh... It's that you write your name and say that you want to get initiated,to get enlightenment,on the information desk outside. That's the first thing you have to do,and the second,read the requirements for that,and the third,you will get enlightenment,so simple.

*How is it possible to see you privately?Are you staying here to teach for a short or a long time,or you're leaving soon?

I leave on the 11th to Brazil and Argentina because I am on a world tour,but you may see me if there is really something urgent,otherwise you might ask me sometime later,after this. After the lecture you may ask me again in private. If it's something really urgent you need to tell me in private,then you're welcome.

*How can one stop suffering?

By getting happiness. The great source of happiness is the comfort from Godwhich you get after enlightenment and repeating enlightening every daygetting happiness dosesand less sufferingjust like a doctor gives you medicine and you get less and less pain every day,more and more strength.

*What is,exactly,initiation?

The initiation is that… it is an invisible process. It is not to be even described by words. However,I will talk for many hours,but then when you get transmission,we don't talk then. I will talk about how you sithow you get concentrationhow you get the blessing of God and how to behold it every dayhow to avoid pitfallshow to strengthen your faithhow to get bettercloser to God each dayhow to practice that in everyday lifehow to bring God's blessing into everyday lifeand this I will talk aboutbut the method is completely silent. I will transmit it in utter silence and then you will get enlightenment; not that you get nothing. You get enlightenmentbut in silence. And I transmit it also in silenceso there is nothing much to talk about that except you will get  immediate enlightenmentyou will get into contact with God and you will see some experiencessomething to stimulate your faith and your devotion every day.

If you do not see some glimpses of God and hear some of Hiers wondrous sounds,and you may not be able to know Hirm and you will not be sure whether God really exists. So you should have some glimpses of Him and then every day you get blessing from Hirm. You know it for sure,that God really exists,that God really loves you,that God really blesses you.

The method is not to be talked about. I will talk about the concentration,how you sit,how you get blessing,and how you meditate every day. But the method is in silence and you will get enlightenment also in silence,but you will get enlightenment. It is a very short cut to God.  Saves time.

*The next question is: What is love?

What is love?It is this: when you feel very close to someonevery friendly to someone and very one with that someonethat is love. When you feel that despite all your shortcomings and your failures and your ego,someone still protects you,guides you,loves you,and helps you,blesses you,that is love. A love of a faithful friend,a love of a wife or husband,children to parents,parents to children,that is a small part of the cosmic love of God. But God's love is many thousands,millions and limitless more times than this,of our mortal love. I cannot convey Hiers love,but I can lead you into Hiers love to experience yourself and to bathe in it,to enjoy it,and to get spoiled by it. And then you will realize that there is nothing in this world we can compare with that. Even the most,the happiest moment in this life cannot compare to the ecstasy when you are deep in the presence of God's love.

*How can you free yourself from wishes if they are too strong to keep control of them?

This is a very good question. We do not suppress our desires. We hardly can do it; only God can. When we are in God's presence or we contact with God after initiationwe feel less and less desire for anything in this world. We enjoybut we do not desire. It will fill our inner beings to the full. We don't feel we need anythingbut then we will have everything.
I feel happy every moment. I feel fulfilled,satisfied,every moment of my life. It is because Hes fills my inner being with all that I need. You may think because I live in a very big and beautiful temple that I am happy. No!I live in a tent,in a forest. My disciples also all live in tents. You may think that I get a lot of offerings of money,so I am happy. No. I don't take offerings. You may think people come and bow to me full-length prostrate on the ground,so I feel very proud and happy.
No. I don't let anyone prostrate to me. I tell them,『Prostrate to your own God inside. Buddha is within you,God is within you. Develop it yourself and worship yourself because you are so great.』Knowing ourselves to be great and being proud are two different things. When we know how great we arewe become very humble. To be proud in any form in this worldit is a kind of inferior feeling. 
It is just another way of inferiority complex. Because you don't know how great you are,you think you are only that great. You think you are a doctor,so you are proud. You think you are professor,so you're proud. No,you are God. If you are proud to be a professor,that means you look down upon yourself. You underestimate your position in God's universe. So I say it is another kind of inferiority complex,unconscious.

*Once you have seen and felt enlightenment,is it for sure that you have finished your way towards God?

Once you are enlightened,you are not yet finished. You only begin; begin to walk your way Home. Every day we must walk. Enlightenment means now you know this is the way Homenow every day we continue to walk without being astray or feeling lost. So every day we must strengthen this connection with God,and this I'll also tell you how to do. The initiation is only the beginning,and after that the Master has to look after the process of the coming interest,the seekers,until he or she fully develops and then the work of the Master ceases. It is like when you enroll in college,the professor has to teach you until you get a Ph.D. Then you may become also a professor; the same level with him.

*Are you going to show us the way today?

Yes,if we have time,if you are interested. If not,we arrange for another time because I do not know how long we may stay in this college,you see?Sometimes time limit. You cannot wait?No?You feel so eager?Yes,I understand this feeling. I know this,I know this. It is more than when we hunger,more desperate than when we are thirsty. I will try to accommodate your wish. We can only stay here until ten o'clock. Now,if some of you want,we could follow to my place and do it there,but then it will be until after midnight,maybe until two,three o'clock in the morning. If that is all right with you,then it is all right with me. If not,we arrange it in a more spacious time,in one day's time,tomorrow daytime or something like that.

*I would like to have a spiritual life. I live alone with my children. I would like to communicate with you.


*When Jesus said that the only way is through him,what did he mean?

『No one comes to the Father except through me.』

*What did he mean,and what is your position in respect to this statement?

I fully agree with him. What he means is that when he was there,he is the way,he is the light of the world. In fact,he also said so: "As long as I am in the world,I am the light of the world." But he said,"As long as I am in this world." What he means is that when a living master is alive,you should follow the Light from the master,and to go Home.  If the master is gone,follow another one who succeeds him to come down. Therefore,after Jesus had gone back to the Kingdom of God,he handed the key to Peter. No?The key of Peter is here. I have it now.

*How can we follow your teachings from our country here,Costa Rica?

There is no difference. What I teach is no different from Jesus. You already follow some part of it - like Ten Commandments. Then I only add the illumination,the connection with Jesus,with God. Then you may directly communicate with Jesus or with God,then ask Them yourself. You may see Jesus through our meditation,through our transmission. You may see even at the time of initiation,the first minutes of your sitting,if your faith is strong enough.
Some of my disciples have already seen; they only are initiated for a few days. Okay?But also you must know the Ten Commandments. One commandment is that "Thou shall not kill." Now,most of us think we shall not kill human beings only,but God doesn't mean that. God means we shall not kill any living beings,including our young brothers and sisters,like the animals.  So I may request you to understand the deeper meaning of not killing - means to lead a very loving life and not to touch anything,like the Bible says: "Don't eat anything by the eating of which makes your brother stumble and fall." Remember?
And 『don't be among the meat-eaters and the wine-drinkers.』So that's the real meaning of non-killing. Don't kill even animals,and don't eat them. Because if we eat,others have to kill,so it's the indirect killing also. That's the only thing I want to call your attention to,the deep understanding of the Bible's Ten Commandments. Otherwise,nothing else that I teach that is new. I only awaken your inner Self,I don't teach anything new. Okay?You may say the Bible doesn't tell us to eat vegetarian. Right?
I want to remind you of many passages or phrases in the Bible which say we should not eat meat and drink wine,like,『Meat for the belly,the belly for the meat,and God would destroy them both,』- the meat and the belly. 『Don't be among meat-eaters and wine-drinkers." So what does that mean?So,also in the Bible it is said that God was angry once. Somebody required Hirm to give them meat and God used power,magical transformation,to pour down meat like rain to them.
But after that Hes had slain all of them. No?Yes. Also in the Bible,another passage,it said so: "Do not kill the bullocks,the sheep,to make offering to me,"- means to God. "Wash yourself of the innocent blood so that I might forgive your sin. Repent your sin,otherwise I will not listen to your prayers because your hands are full of innocent blood." If God forbids us to kill animals in order to make offering to Hirm,how would Hes permit us to kill to offer to ourselves?Are we greater than God?Thank you.

*Should man create or keep some type of inner energy to reach God?

No,no. If you believe in this school,you may follow them,yes,but our method is not to create anything. It's only to awaken the inner man,awaken the inner power; it's naturally… it's already there.  Because everything man-made is a man-made thing,everything already existing and natural is God-made.