The Mongolian government have done a lot, a lot, already for the country, but they could do more, a little bit more. Like, they could support crop-farming alternatives, like vegan organic farming or other means of livelihood for livestock farmers. Heart disease and cancer cause about half of all deaths in Mongolia, and meat eating is a major risk factor for both of these diseases, and more.
So the intelligent Mongolian people know more and more about the health benefits of the plant-based food, animal-free diet, and there are delicious vegetarian alternatives to the traditional Mongolian foods like cheese and mutton. On January 10, your country established a moratorium on the death penalty to respect life. I really am very thankful for this courageous and benevolent law.

*Thank you, Master. It's an excellent law. I pray this will also be extended to our co-inhabitants, the innocent animals, as well since they have not done anything wrong even; they have never committed any crime. So that would bring tremendous peace and blessing and benevolent energy, for the Mongolian nation, so that they will live free of all pain, disease, and disaster and will live in happiness, peace, prosperity.
And it will also help to save the planet. (*Yes, Master.) You have said correctly, madam. Humans are from God, from Buddha Nature. So the more Godlike, more Buddha-like and kind our actions, the nearer to God and Buddhahood we become, and the more protection from Heaven we can receive.  Thank you, Ms. Oyunsuvd. God bless you. (*Thank you, Master.) Good question.
*We have our next question from Enebish Tsagaach, businessman and mathematic instructor. We welcome Mr. Enebish Tsagaach to ask his question.
Hi, Mr. Enebish.
*Hallo, Master.
* How are you, Supreme Master Ching Hai? I am most grateful to meet you again. It is a great honor for me. The very first time I saw you was during a Mongolian conference in 2009. At the previous conference, I was just wondering about the planet-saving solution of a vegan lifestyle. At that time, I decided to be a vegan. Observing the Mongolian situation at that time, there were no vegan restaurants.
But right now there are many Loving Huts in business. The most important thing that I would like to ask you is: At this critical time, people's consciousness is getting higher, but I think it is not enough. We still need to save our planet. Is there any chance to save our planet before the numbered days end? I mean, the days being deducted every day one by one shown on Supreme Master Television? Thank you very much, Master.
Thank you, sir. Thank you, Mr. Enebish. Thank you. I'm very touched about your concern for our planet, and I'm so happy that you became a vegan. Thank you so much. Buddha bless you. God bless you. Now, the countdown on Supreme Master Television has been going on for a while now, through very certain, fixed and unchanging information that I have been able to receive and to share via television
We can't buy more time like we could before. Very little. Very little time we can buy, even if we can or not, yes. Not sure that we can even buy more time. Meaning, to save the planet, all of humankind must stop the killing and become vegan before we run out of time.  If you watch it, we are now nearing the date of 640, so we are in hot water right now.
So that is why I have been working very hard to find other plans for our planet, and I meditate as much as I can, day and night, apart from what I have to do even, yes. As I have revealed a few months ago, I have earned enough spiritual points to save the souls of everyone on this Earth and to come in the future, like 10 billion souls at the time of their passing, in case we should sadly lose our planet.  
But now, I am trying my best to also save our physical planet, as well as the humans and all on this world. (*Thank you, Master.) I just hope that I have enough time and we all have enough time and that we pray that humans will help and do their part as well. So simple: just be vegan to bring the merciful energy onto our world so we can work together to earn enough spiritual points, so we can change our destiny.
Like all other planets, we must evolve as a civilization and learn to live in love and dignity and peace with each other, because if we don't, we will lose the privilege to keep our precious Earth, which we call home. So the chance to save the planet or not remains, to a significant extent, in humans' hands. I thank you, sir, for doing your part as a healthy, caring, heroic vegan. God bless you.
*Thank you, Master. Thank you very much. We have our fifth question from Noljirmaa Byambanorov, Director of Goo Commodities Corporation.
It's my honor.
* All humans live with our co-inhabitants in one world together. I've just received inspiring and positive information from Supreme Master Ching Hai's books and Supreme Master Television, but people still do not understand what animals are for. How can we expand our love for animals? How can we improve our approach, consciousness, to love with animals more? This is what I wanted to ask you, Master.
Thank you, Ms. Noljirmaa. Thank you for your question. Yes, as I mentioned earlier - and I'm sure you know, since you are wonderfully vegan yourself - we can expand our love for animals easily by simply not eating them. When you love someone, you want them to live, be well, happy, no? So if we want to love animals, just stop eating them, let them live.
Stop raising them in enormous numbers and then killing them en masse. We have to return to our Buddha Nature, to Godlike nature; we cannot say that enough, ever, because we are Buddha, we are God, we are loving and kindness. So we have to stop all the things that are opposite to our nature, and have respect for all animals and all beings on this planet alike. Only that kind of love in action can dissolve the walls of ignorance that we have built up through generations and years.
Just by being vegan, our love circle instantaneously expands to all animals and others.  For example, we have already love for dogs, cats, and birds, etc., etc., but as a vegan, we can proudly say that we love all the species on the planet - all that moves, has a face, has feeling and love, just like us humans. The thousands of species of magnificent animals on our world, on our planet, are here, not to be consumed, not to be eaten, but to provide us and our Earth with a stabilizing, unconditional love, blessing and evolutionary help.  
And as part of this love, they also maintain the delicate balance of all the ecosystems on land and in the seas, and in the atmosphere as well. So even the smallest plant or tiny piece of coral reef affects the lives of all beings on this planet, like the little sardine fish that we should not remove from the sea, because this little fish serves a vital role in maintaining oxygen and avoiding the conditions for dead zones. Every single being on this planet has a noble job to fulfill. So if we kill any of them, we are killing a part of ourselves, slowly or quickly.
As for the reason why people don't understand the truth of what animals are for, we have just been taught a certain way by our culture. That's why. We have been misled, mis-educated, that some animals are for meat, and fur and leather, while other animals are to pet and treat as family members. This is a wrong concept; has to be changed.
You see, nowadays scientists have discovered that sheep, cows, pigs, and horses, etc., are also delightful, sweet, and loving companions with lively individual personalities, and a strong will to live, like humans. They are even raised as family members, which mean they would never be killed. As the Buddhist sutra already has reminded us that “all meats eaten by living beings are of their own relatives.”
As our relatives, our friends, and helpers, animals are here to live out their natural lives in freedom and dignity and peace, just like the way we want. This way, they may send out the most loving and blessing energy to benefit our whole planet. They were never here for humans to kill and be violent toward them, to harm them in any way. They are here for us to love, respect, and be loved. Thank you.
*Thank you, Master. Thank you.
You're welcome.
*May Heaven bless the world and Mongolia and all the humanity.
And bless you more.
*Thank you. Our last question is from Baigalmaa Tserensodnom, the office manager of Ellehcor Corporation. We welcome Miss Baigalmaa to ask her question.
*Beautiful Master Ching Hai, welcome to Mongolia. We feel your love and blessings crossing mountains and rivers to us. Thank you for sparing your precious time to speak with us. We know that you have been in intensive meditation recently. Do you have any spiritual notes to share with us today? We are so elated and elevated while we listen to your newest spiritual notes on Supreme Master TV. Thank you very much, Master.
Hi! Thank you, beautiful lady. You are vegan, right?
That's wonderful! Buddha bless you, and the animals love you, and I love you.
* I also love you.
Thank you.
Thank you for being vegan, and thank you for listening, Miss Baigalmaa. I'm glad that my spiritual diary notes have helped you and some other people. I just hope that everyone can live in harmony, peace, and loving kindness with animals and all nature around us. I hope that people will stop mistakenly thinking that animals are food, skin, fur, or mere economic resource or cosmetic substance, but to receive the full blessings that they so freely give. And by doing all this benevolent change into a vegan diet, we will really save the planet and all lives on Earth. Thank you for your question.
*Thank you, Master. Thank you very much. Most compassionate, beautiful Master, we are blessed and elevated beyond words by your loving answers. (Thank you.) On behalf of the Mongolians, we'd like to ask: What would you like to advise and what would you like to share with us about how will we prevent the “zud” and disaster in the harsh cold winter, and what would make it more peaceful and heavenly, our country? And that's on behalf of Mongolia, generally.
Everyone loves their country, and the Mongolians, of course, the same, and mostly all of us want to save this beautiful planet and help our beautiful country to develop more in peace, harmony, prosperity and happiness. I understand this very well. Even if I'm not Mongolian, I feel very sorry for the people in times of trouble and disaster.
I wish I could do more to help all and each, every, being on this planet. But I need help from everyone. Everybody, help a little bit, just a small change to vegan diet. Instead of that piece of meat, we put in another piece of vegetable protein, which is more nutritious, less disease-laden, brings us more health, more happiness, more prosperity, more protection, more blessing; and that will save all the suffering and trouble for Mongolia and the world. Very easy: just be vegan and do good deeds.
*Yes, Master, thank you.
Thank you.
*We will do our best. Dear Master, we feel this precious and live moment is really a blessed chance for us to convey our most precious yearning - this is to extend our most sincere invitation to our beloved and enlightened Master to visit Mongolia, country of a blue sky where heavenly hearts live. Master, we hope you would consider our invitation, according to your loving grace. We will pray Heaven to make our wish come true. Thank you, Master.
Thank you. Thank you for your invitation. Let's see how things are going in the future, okay? Thank you so much - and I love Mongolia. I love your people. Very good people, very good people, yes. Very talented, very virtuous.
*We can feel your love across the oceans and mountains. Thank you ever so much for all the work you've done for us, including today's joyful occasion. We love you very, very much, Master.
I love you too. Thank you for inviting. And thank you for all the efforts to introduce the book, the poetry book. I hope your people will enjoy it, the work that you have done with so much love and so much devotion. Thank you. Buddha bless you, Heaven bless you.
*It's your blessing, Master, it's your blessing.
Hope you like them.
*Beloved Master, we have entertaining performances
More entertainment?
*We would really like to ask you to join with us to watch the entertaining performances of today's event, if you wish so, Master.
Okay, I watch as long as I can, otherwise I have to go back to my meditation quota, okay? My meditation hours are, at least, it's as important as watching your programs. I really love the Mongolians' talented and artistic nature. Last time, you overwhelmed the whole world with your program. I really loved it. If I cannot watch it all today, I will watch them another day when it's on Supreme Master Television. Please forgive me. I really love it, it's just I need to meditate more, okay?
*Yes, Master.
I tell you, I normally should not even be here. I tell you I have to meditate like, for example, at least from 7 to 11 o'clock, , and then from 11 to 12 maybe have something to drink or a little something, and then from 12 go back to meditate again until at least 5 o'clock or 6 o'clock.
*Yes, Master, we understand.
See, after 5 o'clock and then maybe, or 6 o'clock, and then from 5 to 7, I have to do all the homeworks that people ask - the correspondence, anything that the disciples or non-disciples required my attention, and then after that, maybe a bite of something and then have to go back to meditate again. If I can stick to that program, that would be more beneficial to the world. And really I have to, but sometimes it's less than what I desired. Now I save whatever time I can to meditate. So please forgive me if I have to leave, okay? I love you so much, but that's why I leave, okay? Thank you.
*Thank you again for your acceptance of our invitation to join us and blessing us with your unconditional love and boundless wisdom. We so much love you.
* Thank you so much
Thank you, thank you.) for being here with us. ( Thank you.) And we really enjoyed your loving answers and your grace. (Thank you.) And take care of yourself, Master.
Take care of yourself, too. God bless Mongolia. God bless Mongolia, Buddha bless Mongolia. I love you.
*Thank you, Master. We love you so much.
*Thank you, beautiful Master. We love you so much! Thank you.
Love you.
*Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!
*Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!
*For this event I'm invited as a representing artist who is working for children, representing other writers. This event was very helpful for me to gain sincere motivation to give children: how to understand and love Mother Earth and how to keep children's hearts pure as we talk, and keep nature as it is, untouched by people.
*I'm very grateful to be participating in this, “The Love of Centuries Mongolian Book Premiere.” In order to save the planet we should do different types of activities, right? But Supreme Master Ching Hai works
without losing any time. She works to save the world and uses different ways and methods to help people understand. So, through her poems I am able to understand. It's one of her special methods, and I understood it very clearly today.
* Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!
Not all birds are normal birds. Some birds are kings and queens and princesses. They have rank.