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Welcome, friendly viewers. Dance is a beautiful form of celebrating the love of life we feel deeply inside. In particular, folk dance is one of the most spontaneous and creative expressions of this joyful spirit. And the folk dance of each culture is unique.

Today, we have an opportunity to get to know more about the vibrant Lebanese folk dance, thanks to the exquisite work by the Molaiah Dance Troupe from Lebanon.

My name is Ahmed Makhlati. The Molaiah folk dance troupe. This Lebanese team currently consists of 12 people. They represent the customs and traditions of all the Lebanese society with all its groups and regions.

Peace be upon you. I'm Hanadi Chentav of Molaiah troupe which is a Lebanese folk dance troupe. We keep up with evolution, we make our dances more innovative. It is true that we preserve the cultural character, heritage of the Lebanese people and our country, but we try to be even more sophisticated through the clothes and dances.

The lively performance we have just enjoyed is a genre of Lebanese folk dance known as Dabke. Dabke means “stomping the feet” and refers to a line of dancers dancing rhythmically, following the improvisation of the lead of the line. Performed in colorful Lebanese costumes at most or all joyous occasions in life, Dabke represents the most popular dance forms in Lebanon till today.

Dabke consists of six different types that embody the Lebanese people’s spirit from different regions of the country. Along with buoyant, precise dance movements are distinct bright costumes.

We are trying to bring together all groups and regions as we would like to give a portrait of each region.

Each dance piece has its customs, traditions and folk dress.

Different religions, different denominations, each religion has different denominations. We like to show every culture, every people, every region in Lebanon, what is their heritage, and reflect that in our dances through an artistic way.

Joyful, delicate, musical and vibrant, Dabke folk dance is the pride of Lebanese people and their living cultural heritage. It is also the most immediate way to convey the love and good wishes of Lebanese people across the borders of languages.

We have only belief in our dance, our performance, our culture, our love. We are coming to express our love and our cooperation and our pardon with the people with open heart and extended hand.

I hope we will continue to perform and to enhance the cooperation.

Our heartfelt appreciation, Molaiah Dance Troupe of Lebanon and all your exceptionally talented artists! May Allah bless you in your peace-promoting endeavors as well as the beautiful diverse people of Lebanon.

Friendly viewers, thank you for your pleasant company today. Now, please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for Words of Wisdom, after Noteworthy News. May your dance of life be happy, lively, and peaceful.