Extraterrestrial groups were also contacting the governments asking only to dismantle all the nuclear weapons and technology for mass destruction and they will provide the necessary protection and guidance.

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This week, we present the conclusion of a two-part series, featuring Macedonian psionic (psychic) researcher Pane Andov. Throughout his life, Mr. Andov, a vegetarian, has had numerous extraordinary encounters with extraterrestrials and unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

To share his knowledge regarding such fascinating topics as crop circles, the extraterrestrial hierarchy in the Solar System, as well as the coming wonderful and incredible changes to Earth and humanity after 2012, he publishes a monthly magazine called “The Sixth Sense” and conducts public lectures.

In 2006, together with my beloved wife Svetlana Andova, we started the magazine called “Sesto Setilo” in Macedonian language, or “Sixth Sense” in English which deals with ancient civilization, secret government projects, psionic research, and UFO phenomena. We cover a lot of topics and increased the awareness of people in that region.

What about the presence of extraterrestrial life here on Earth? We asked Mr. Andov for his perspective.

Some of the extraterrestrials are from other systems. But there are groups of entities that are also living on planet Earth. To the best of my knowledge, we are dealing with more than 3,000 species. So some species are even older than the human species on Earth. There are species that are coming and going all the time and there are species that are staying for some time and they leave. There are different agendas; they just avoid contact with the human species and they live underground in their bases and they live underwater also. And most of the time they are just avoiding any contact but we can see from the generated video documentation and evidence that they are here all the time.

Mr. Andov says he has been in contact with extraterrestrials since the age of seven. As the years have gone by, he has developed an ever greater understanding of their messages for the world.

I started to pick up their thoughts and they were guiding me all the way. This image, most of it is on infrared and this is me where I was meditating in the room. You can see this huge entity, huge orb coming from the Sri Yantra (mandala).

You can see the orb was penetrating through the wall and exiting. Those orbs of light are always there following me. So this is a seminar that I was doing in Melbourne (Australia) recently as you can see, the orbs are always following me. You can see the intelligent movement of one flying. The interesting part was that as soon as I was able to tune into the frequency I was able to transmit and receive data.

Pane Andov says that beings from other realms have informed him that the period from December 21, 2012 onwards marks the end of an age and the beginning of a new magnificent and wonderful one. He has been told there will be a fantastic change in human DNA that will lift our collective consciousness to a higher level. What will prompt the amazing transformation is a tremendous amount of energy coming from the very center of the Milky Way Galaxy that will arrive in our Solar System at the end of 2012.

This is my purpose here. I was actually in a position to communicate with this intelligence directly like we are communicating now. And many of those messages are directed to the closing of the cycle and what we need to do because there is an extreme energy that is coming our way from the galactic center.

Mr. Andov advocates that humanity pay close attention to crop circles as they contain much information about the spectacular changes ahead for people on Earth.

When I started to work, particularly on the decoding of the crop circles, I started to experience a direct contact with extraterrestrial intelligence that is making the genuine crop circles. So there is a difference between the manmade ones and the genuine crop (circle) designs. And for example, with the manmade crop (circle) designs, the plant is broken most of the time by the physical force.

To the best of my knowledge, more than 30,000 crop circles have been created in the last 20 years or so. Many of those are not discovered, but the military satellites are picking them up everywhere. They are actually recording those images, trying to decode the messages behind them.

In most occasions, those crop circles are appearing very close to the Asian horses – those white horses like depicted in the image on the right. And as you can see in this image they are always very close to Stonehenge, to some mounds because those points are above something that is active since the time of Atlantis - like a dimensional vortex that existed there and that is why those genuine crop circles are appearing in greater abundance.

Just to satisfy the skeptic’s view of this, this is the best of what man can do with the crop circles. This was filmed in New Zealand. So you can see there is a light they are using. You can see from the left, to create this stuff, it took many hours - to produce a crop circle with this precision. But after this is finished, you see they have created a huge mess with footsteps everywhere and the crop is much destroyed and damaged. It is completely obvious that this is done by mechanical force. The demonstration didn’t match completely with what was found in the genuine crop circles.

On many occasions, eyewitnesses have caught sight of balls of light hovering over fields where crop circles suddenly appear. What is the relationship between these mysterious lights and the formation of crop circles?

Flying crafts are above the field and they are influencing the crop with electromagnetic or microwave energy. In these images here, you can see where those lights actually went through and again on many occasions, those balls of light were filmed everywhere above the fields. This is a genuine phenomenon that we are talking about.

Take for example the research of Dr. Eltjo Haselhoff. His research was that balls of light are actually creating these crop circles. He proved that this crop found inside the genuine crop circles is acting in a particular way. Just like when you have a light bulb in the room and beneath the light bulb, the source of the light is strongest. So that is where the crop is growing higher.

Dr. Haselhoff has published a paper on crop circles in the internationally recognized science journal on plant biology, Physiologia Plantarum. Dr. Haselhoff’s work was peer reviewed by other scientists before being accepted by the journal for publication.

He had explained perfectly about this phenomena and this paper was examined by the scientific community. It was accepted that some of the crop circles are created by balls of light.

This is real research. This crop, this plant was bent almost 90 degrees, in just a split of a second. And also the crop grows bigger and is getting healthier. Some of those crop circles are impressive – extremely big and this particular one appeared in the middle of a storm when it was raining. It’s amazing.

If you are telepathically sensitive, you immediately feel the energy coming from these (genuine) crop circles. The other thing that is very interesting is, with the genuine crop circles, once you go inside with the compass, the compass will start to malfunction.

A question that frequently comes up with regards to crop circles is why the messages are not simpler to understand and why this particular communication medium is being used. Mr. Andov says that this is because during US President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s administration in the 1950’s, a treaty was signed between certain extraterrestrial groups and the USA concerning science and technology exchange.

So in this treaty there was a line (a clause) that no other extraterrestrial group is allowed to directly interfere which means no direct overtaking of the television signals, no direct overtaking of the radio signals and no direct appearance and changing the course of where humanity is heading. Those (extraterrestrial) groups that are willing to help are writing directly to the Earth. That is why they are creating crop circles, they are not writing in English but they are writing in the cosmic language, in cosmic mathematics and geometry.

And the idea is that a certain amount of people are open to this information and are following the crop circle phenomena and are working on decoding the messages. So still the message will go through. So this is one indirect way of communicating. And most of the crop circles are pointing towards the end of the (2012) cycle and the importance of certain things that people need to understand.

Supreme Master Ching Hai has given the world great insight regarding the activities of UFOs and extraterrestrials on Earth, as in this October 3, 2010 videoconference with Supreme Master Television staff in Los Angeles, California, USA.

One of it is to help to promote peace, yes, promote peace and stop war. They also stop comets from hitting us, etc., etc. So, you see, many times we heard that the comet almost hit the Earth and then it veered to the other direction into space, harmless space, and so it didn't harm the Earth. They also help heal many sick people wherever they can, whenever they happen to have a chance to do that. And they also soften war-like aggression and trying to induce people into a more peaceful state of mind. So, their activities are so many, so many.

Pane Andov, we salute you for helping the world gain a better understanding of extraterrestrials and their messages for humanity. May you successfully continue your benevolent work, including the sharing of your vast metaphysical knowledge with others.

For more details on Mr. Andov, please visit www.PaneAndov.com DVDs and e-books by Mr. Andov are available on the same website

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